Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GW is modifying their prize support structure

From Warseer:

"xxRavenxx wrote:Very exciting news for the world of retail.

If you meet certain criteria (Essentially the criteria is being a reasonably sized hobby store), you will now receive the following:

£500 of stock per year for demoing to customers, placing terrain on the table, etc.

£100/200 (I forgot the given number) in stock to give prizes out for competitions.

Trophies. Made specially by
GW to give out to winners. (Which presumably will be fairly cool.)

So yeah.
GW move to give people free stuff for participating in organised play, and in stores. I think its a lovely move on their part. Long may it continue"

So, more prizes, more terrain in stores, and trophies... I like the first two, but I don't think I'll be putting RTT trophies up on my shelf next to my first place Battletech:TCG ribbon from the 1997 Strategicon...

edit - From my l33t inside informer Travis
(The prize value)Works out to the same as far as amounts go, just modified how I can use it. A rare case of GW making a change that did not reduce value and instead increased versatility.

That being said, it's the same amount of prize support we've been getting for like the last five years, so on the whole the value has gone down factoring for increased model cost. Such is life. With GW I'll take a "not directly negative" move any day!

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