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So, as I mentioned, there was a mini-RTT at my FLGS on Tuesday.  I really, really wanted to play Eldar with the list I posted, but fate and laziness (mostly I didn't want to drive home before hand) conspired against me to make sure that my Eldar stuff wasn't in my car. So I ended up playing the cheese below:
Laziness made me do it!!!

Inquisitor Coteaz
Purifiers x 5 w/2 psycannons
2 squads of Henchmen warrior acolytes x 3 w/psyback

Let me tell you, that's a lot of shots @500 points.

Mini-recaps after the jump!

Game 1
The first game was against a gentleman by the name of Robert. He was an old school player returning to play in 5th edition. His rules and codex knowledge were tight though. He had done his homework.
His list was something like this
2 infantry squads with lascannon and plasma guns
2 with missile launchers and melta
1 with an autocannon and a grenade launcher I believe?
A PCS with a lascannon and 2 plasma guns
I'm not sure if that adds up to 500, but he had a lot of dudes so it was hard to keep track.

The first mission is seize ground with 3 objectives. We deploy one centrally and one on opposite sides of the table 12" from the center. Deployment is pitched.  Robert wins the roll off to choose deployment and has me go first. I deploy all of my guys up to the line with the warriors in razorbacks. He deploys all of his guys in cover and tries to seize but fails.
The first turn I pour all of my fire into the autocannon squad and mostly wipe them out. I put a few shots on his other squads but he's got cover everywhere and makes his saves. On his turn, no one moves. They all fire their heavy weapons at anyone in los. I get a shaken Razorback and a lost purifier out of the deal.

Second turn, I advance my purifiers up the middle towards that objective and move my left RB to claim that objective. The other moves up to get some clear shots at his right most squad. during shooting, I blast a couple dudes out of one of the ML squads in the open, kill off some from a lascannon squad, and put some shots into the other lascannon squad. Wtf is target priority??? haha  On his turn, he moves the ML team into cover. During shooting, he immobilizes my right side RB and kills another purifier thanks to a failed cover save. Most of the rest of his shooting was saved by cover.

My turn 3, don't move my purifier so that I can get heavy shots. The dread puts around in the back and the razorbacks don't move. Especially not the immobilized one. During shooting, I kill a bunch of guard from his left most squad but no one wants to fail leadership today. I think I wing some shots at his PCS too, but cover is good.  He moves the ML squad up towards the central objective and moves his left squads towards the objective closer to him. During shooting, he gets off FRFSRF on the ML team and lays into my purifiers with his whole army. I think I lose everyone but the psycannons at this point. Including Coteaz, who failed 3 out of 5 2+ armour saves.

My turn 4, I move up my 2 purifiers and get ready to assault the ML team. The dread is doing parkour through terrain in my backfield. During shooting, I kill a bunch of dudes, including most of his command squad. I'm not sure why I wasn't firing at them earlier since they are the easiest target to kill. The psycannons fire and he wisely removes the dudes to put me out of assault range.  On his turn, he moves the ML squad up to shoot my guys and get to the center objective. The left guys move up and claim his objective. During shooting, he punches my razorback with the grenade launcher but I manage to get cover. He assaults my purifiers and I kill a couple dudes, but he puts a bunch of wounds on me in return and I fail 3 out of 5 armour saves. Good times!

Turn 5, I get the warriors out of the right most RB and move them towards the objective. If he can kill or deal with them, then I will surely lose! The other warriors disembark and hang out on the objective and their razorback goes tank shocking onto his objective. He DoG's with the grenade launcher and punches my RB again! But he only gets a 1 on damage so I breathe a sigh of relief. The RBs shoot and kill a couple more dudes and the dread kills some but nothing major. the warriors run to get on objectives. His 5, he moves some dudes around and tries to pour all of his remaining fire into my central warriors, but I got to ground and cover all of the wounds! He assaults my guys with his remaining 4 or 5 guys from the ML squad and we both do two unsaved wounds to each other. It's a push! Lucky me, that's for damn sure. We go on to turn 6 but we get called for time. I win it 1 claimed to 2 contested!

Review: That game was a lot rougher than I thought it was going to be. He had a lot of shots. They may not have been of the best quality, but they kept coming. Also, the sheer number of bodies he had made it tough to wipe any particular squad.

Game 2
The second game was against a tourney regular at the shop, Derek.  He was playing Travis' Orks, as he didn't bring an army.  His list looked like this:

2 squads of 10 shoota boyz with a big shoota


6 commandos w/a PK
10 lootas!!!

Deffdread with 4DCCW!

This mission is a modified seize ground with 5 objectives... but, any non-vehicle unit can score! Deployment is pitched. We place objectives and they lean heavily towards one side as they only have to be 8" apart.  I win initiative and choose that side :)

I deploy my guys up to the line and try to block firing lanes from potential loota spots. He deploys all his guys in cover as close as he can and puts the lootas about 10" behind a big blos terrain piece. Commandos outflank.

My turn 1, I move the purifiers up to get shots on his lootas and move the rest of my guys around to get shots on his boyz. My side is littered with little boxes and crates and shit so my vehicles have to take dangerous terrain with every move. The RBs both shoot at boyz and kill enough to force leadership. The purifiers shoot at the lootas and kill 3 or 4. And the dread fires at boyz and he makes cover. We move on to leadership tests and the boyz fail! But bosspole saves him... and then the Lootas fail! He tries to bosspole, but I'm no fool when it comes to Orks. Lootas don't get no bosspole! So they fall back 7". Not quite off the board, so he has a chance to rally. His turn one, he moves the dread up behind the blos terrain and moves both squads of boys up into cover. The lootas regroup into terrain :( During his shooting, the deff dread runs and the boyz bust shots at my prufiers. I lose 1 and coteaz takes a wound. 2+ ftw!

On turn two, I move the purifiers back out of charge range of the dread.  The RBs move around a bit and the dread does too. During shooting, I explode his dread! Psycannon to the dome! I kill a couple boyz with the rest of the shots, but not enough to do anything major. On his turn 2, the commandos come in and outflank behind my purifiers. (Outflank is pretty good when your table is only 3 feet wide, right?) His ohter boyz move up. He busts a bunch of shots on my purifiers, kills two and forgets to waagh. He goes to charge the purifiers and Coteaz and I cast sanctuary. He loses two to dangerous terrain. I go first and the purifiers wipe up the remaining boyz. The nob and coteaz go simul.  He tries to put one hit on coteaz and hits... but fails to wound! Nothing is going Dereks way this game :( Coteaz ends up killing him and I consolidate.

On turn three, I seperate coteaz and have him go after the boyz. His other boyz didn't make it into terrain and I wipe them up. At this point all he has left is 5 or so lootas and 4 boyz. He takes his turn and fires the lootas at Coteaz and of course I roll a 1 for his armour save. He dies. Wah wah. Derek then extends his hand as he can no longer win.

Review:  This was a fast and furious game where he started in a bad position. He had to come to me to win and it was just a meat grinder. Killing the dread and keeping the lootas from shooting the first turn pretty much sealed the deal for him.

Game 3
Casey!  Casey is a buddy of mine and a frequent opponent at the game store. We've even done a couple extra credit battle reports outside of tourneys. Today he is playing his Dark Eldar with the following list:
Haemonculus w/liquifier
Trueborn x 4 with blasters
Wyches x 9 w/agonizer in a raider.
5 warriors w/blaster in a venom w/dual venom cannons

This mission is modified KP. Troops are worth 1 and everything else is worth 2. We totaled it up beforehand and we both had 10.  Prolly the only time GK and DE will field equal KP, haha. Deployment is spearhead.
He wins the roll off to go first and castles his guys behind cover. I hide my guys the best I can behind a rock and a pipe thing, which kept my dread out of los. Purifiers+Coteaz in a little ruin on the rim of the spearhead bubble.  I try to seize twice with Coteaz's special rule and it fails me both times.

His turn 1, he moves the trueborn venom into the central ruin and they disembark onto the second level.  The raider moves around the backfield, angling for a good lance shot.  The other venom moves up a bit.  During his shooting, the blasters and venom cannons tear up my purifers.  Killing three and putting a wound on Coteaz. I make cover against the lance.  On my turn, the dread moves to the other side of the pipe with a venom in his sights. The RBs both hang out as they have good shots on the trueborn. The purifiers hang.  During shooting, the RBs wipe out the trueborn, the purifiers fire at the venom with troops in it but only shake and weapon destroy it, and the dread fires at the same one and pops it. He passes morale.

KP Dok - 3, Casey - 0

Turn 2 he moves his raider to get a clean shot on my RB. The warriors move to hide and the venom moves to put more shots on my purifiers. The raider has a pretty clean shot on my front RB and blows it to hell. I lose two guys inside, but the last guy stays strong and doesn't pin or run. The venom unloads on my purifiers and I have a wounded coteaz and one psycannon guy left when the smoke (Do venom cannons make smoke?) clears. My turn 2, I separate coteaz and head towards the warriors. The psycannon guy breaks off to get sight on the venom.  The dread jumps back over the pipe to get shots on the raider. And the RB moves to get a clear shot on the venom. The lone warrior acolyte hides behind his buddies RB, begging to be let in.  During shooting, The dread has one arm that has a clear shot on the raider and both of those hit and punch, exploding it in a glorious shower of elf parts.  They take their pinning test and he rolls box cars!!!  The psycannon man does nothing to the venom, but the RB brings it down. I try to assault the warriors with Coteaz but he doesn't quite make it.

KP Dok - 6, Casey 1

Turn 3, he moves the warriors to shoot at my purifier. That's all he has atm since the wyches can't move. During shooting, he unloads on the purifier and I make all the saves. On my turn, I move my guys around and shoot at the wyches a bit. I assault the warriors with coteaz and wipe them up.

We play the next turn but he can't really do anything to me at this point so we call it there.

Dok wins!

I believe I'm the only person to go 3-0 so I win best overall with the most points! Awesome! Apparently when I take a real list to these 500 point things, I do pretty well.

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