Friday, February 17, 2012

Necron Battleforce available for pre-order...

But it looks kinda crappy

To save you the time clicking on the link, it comes with
  • A doomsday ark/Ghost ark
  • 5 canoptek scarabs
  • 5 immortals/deathmarks
  • 20 warriors
 I don't know how they always seem to miss the mark with these. Maybe they put in the things that are selling the least in an effort to bundle them away? All I know is, I haven't seen a battleforce that even halfway tempted me to buy it in many years.

The SM and DE megaforces on the other hand... They actually contain a nicely fieldable force with a minimum of dross. Those are a decent way to get into the hobby with a relatively competitive force without having a bunch of models you will never use.

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