Monday, February 13, 2012

Pandora, Painted!

Well, mostly. I still have a bit of work to do on the facial area, and get her on a base... But that's as much as I got done last night. I think the snake things are looking pretty good. as well as her hair/legs. Faces have always been difficult for me though, so I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with that. Check her out so far!
I decided to paint her as the art showed since I really don't know that much about the lore. I figured I would get it as close to the box art as possible both as a challenge to me and so that people who saw it later wouldn't wonder why I painted her in a different faction's colors, haha!

Getting her hands on was definitely a challenge. I'm not exactly sure I even got them on right. But it looks decent enough as-is. I wish it came with a little sheet explaining how to put them on though. I had to get a bit creative and chop off a part so they would even fit. The Gloves? that come on her hands are way bigger than the arm nubs. But that's really my only complaint with this model. The sculpt is really cool. (Why I bought it in the first place)

I think I might pick out the boots in a different color. They don't really look like they are there. You can barely see the laces. I need to do some highlight work on the face and the boobs area and then get her on a base and she will be my first Malifaux mini that is complete!


  1. Why is her left thigh so much bigger than the right? Could you sand it down or something?

  2. It's just covered up by her box...
    Hehe, I said box


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