Monday, February 6, 2012

The Realm RTT game 1: The realm hates on 3 for int!

This weekend Soldado and I decided to take a trip out to Brea, CA for a 1850 point RTT. I really want to practice my potential 1750 list so I basically just moved some things around to get it to 1850. Here's what I played. 

GM w/MC sword, incinerator, rad grenades
Purifiers x 8 w/D. Hammer, warding staff, 4 halberds, 2 psycannons
Ven Dread w/2 autocannons, psybolt
4 squads of Warrior acolyte x 3
2w/ razorbacks w/psybolt, searchlight
Stormraven w/TL multi-melta, TL Assault Cannon, Searchlight
2 x Dreadknight w/Heavy incinerator, Personal Teleporter
Dreadnought w/2 autocannons, psybolt

Game 1

GK vs BA all jump
My first opponent was a cheery fellow by the name of Todd. He was playing 4 squads of assault marines with meltas, a scout squad with a ML, a librarian, 3 priests , a squad of sanguinary guard, and 3 devastator squads. 2 with missiles and 1 with lascannons. The mission was spearhead deployment with 5 objectives. After placing the objectives, they scatter 2d6 with the possibility to go off the board. We placed them fairly centrally and three of them scattered, but not enough to matter. I won the roll to go first and deployed fairly aggressively along the spearhead bubble. I got a 2 for Grand strategy and gave both my dreads scoring. I kept two of my warrior squads in reserve.  He deployed his devastators up on hills in his fairly open deployment zone and his AMs a bit back from the bubble with lots of FNP coverage. He infiltrates his scouts to my right in a forest and I infiltrate my assassin into a ruin to my left.

We begin the game, wish each other luck (this is where I messed up, haha) and he tries to seize the initiative. He rolls a 6! Luckily, I have Coteaz so I make him re-roll. And he rolls a 6 again… This would be the story of this game. Todd’s dice were on fire! So he takes first turn, immobilizes and weapon destroys my stormraven, kills my vindicaire and puts himself into a good assaulting position for turn 2. I attempt to rally my guys to kill him and move both my dreadknights up into battling position. The one cooks almost the whole scout squad, leaving the ML guy alive. I do a whole lot of shooting and don’t manage to do a lot. His FNP rolls are on fire and I think I kill 1-2 marines. I try to assault the closest marines, but I’m just shy of the lead guy.

As we go into his turn, my ass is flapping in the breeze. My purifiers are pretty much standing in the open, my dreadknight is standing there 6 and ¼ inches from two squads of assault marines, and 400+ points of my stuff is already dead. Woo hoo! He moves his guys up, detaches his librarian to move closer to the combat that’s about to go down to help with the hood, and in general, puts a lot of shots on me. When the dust settles, the DK has taken three wounds, the purifier squad lost 3 guys and the ven dread is immobilized. He assaults my DK (and kills it) and my unit of purifiers with the 2 HQs and I forget that I have sanctuary and rad grenades! I’m pro at GK! The GM kills two Sang guard and they kill him. The AMs hit and wound a bunch of times, but I make all my armour but one (The warding staff). I kill an AM or two with force weapons and we both kill some with the PF/Damon hammer. It ends up being a tie combat!
On my turn 2, I move up my other DK to assault his squad. One of my warrior squads comes in by the lone scout, getting ready to tear him up. I shuffle around my RBs and dreadnought to try and get shots on his devs. During shooting, I kill some devs from the front squad, kill a marine with the heavy incinerator, and the warriors don’t do anything with their laspistols to the lone marine. I charge the marines with my DK and kill 4. He does no wounds to me. They of course fall back and I don’t catch them so my other DK is now standing there in the breeze. In the other combat, I kill the guard and he wipes me up.

His turn 3, he moves the two assault squads up to get my DK. The other squad goes after the regular dread. The scout comes after my warriors!!! During his shooting, he puts 2 wounds on the DK, meltas the Dreadnought down, and destroys the other weapon on the SR. He assaults my DK and wrecks his face with Power fists. I end up killing 3 more out of that squad so he only has a couple guys left. The scout charges my warriors and kills one… But I kill him back! Super profit warrior all-stars! On the bottom of three, I don’t get my last warriors in, but I move the RBs back to the table edge to try and avoid his AMs assault range. I disembark one unit to try and get in the SR (since it crashed on top of an objective) but they are short. I shoot the ven dread at his diminished AM squad and wipe them up. Or so I thought. Turns out he didn’t see the one melta dude that was mixed into the other squad. The rest of my shooting is at the devs and they FNP the shit out of my shots.

On his 4, he moves to assault my SR and my warriors. Then the other squad moves to get at one of my RBs. The last man from the other squad moves to get my 2 man warrior squad champions of doom! During his shooting, he puts some hurt on my RBs and weapon destroys my vendread. He Multi-assaults my warriors and SR with his squad and the other warriors with the lone melta gunner. The warriors by the SR lose two and hold strong in CC. The SR takes no damage from his fist. The other warriors lose a guy to his AM and then the last standing one punches him in the knee and he goes down! That’s one ML and one Melta gun for those warriors! On my turn 4, I tank shock his dudes away from my objective and the last warrior squad does not come in. The ven dread takes shots at something and kills nothing. In my assault phase, he kills the last warrior and wrecks the SR :(

On his 5, he moves up to shoot at my last RB with melta, he moves the other squad onto the SR to claim that objective and the devs turn a wicked eye toward the solo warrior. He shoots, explodes, and kills the RB and the warriors inside, fires 4 lascannons at the solo warrior and he fails his cover. The vendread takes a couple hits but I think he’s just shaken. On my 5, I bring in my warriors onto the objective closest to my table edge to contest it. The vendread shoots something but it doesn’t matter. If the game goes another turn, I will be tabled, otherwise I will lose one objective to one contested.  I roll to continue and my luck continues! I roll a 1!  I must’ve called that a warding staff save, haha.
So it ends up being a minor victory for him even though he was beating my ass the whole game. Awesome for me!   This particular list is very hard for me to fight against as he has me beat in almost every area. I think I need to be a bit less aggressive in this match up. And especially not get seized on twice!

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