Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Realm RTT game 2: Chimeras go boom!

This weekend Soldado and I decided to take a trip out to Brea, CA for a 1850 point RTT. I really wanted to practice my potential 1750 list so I basically just moved some things around to get it to 1850. Here's what I played. 

GM w/MC sword, incinerator, rad grenades
Purifiers x 8 w/D. Hammer, warding staff, 4 halberds, 2 psycannons
Ven Dread w/2 autocannons, psybolt
4 squads of Warrior acolyte x 3
2w/ razorbacks w/psybolt, searchlight
Stormraven w/TL multi-melta, TL Assault Cannon, Searchlight
2 x Dreadknight w/Heavy incinerator, Personal Teleporter
Dreadnought w/2 autocannons, psybolt
Game 2

Dok V Soldado(playing IG) in the case of the exploded chimera
Game 2 was against my buddy and sometimes co-blogger Soldado! He just recently picked up a guard army and he wanted to take his spin on guard… out for a spin! This is the list he brought
Company Command Squad w/4 x plasma guns, Master of the Fleet w/plasma pistol, Chimera w/ heavy flamer
Company Command Squad w/4 x plasma guns, power weapon, Chimera w/ heavy flamer
3 x Veterans w/lascannon & 3 x meltaguns - Chimera w/ heavy flamer
Veterans w/3 x flamers & demolition charge- Chimera w/ heavy flamer
Fast Attack
3 x Vendetta
Heavy Support
2 x Manticore Missile Launcher

Pretty standard as far as guard goes. No hydras as he didn’t have them in time and he decided to use lascannons in his veterans squad to give them a bit more oomph from their rides.

The second mission is modified KP. 2 points for everything with an AV, 2 points for hqs, and 2 points for any model with 4 or more wounds. Yikes, that’s a bad mission for guard under any conditions. Oh, also the deployment is dawn of war… 
Looking at it before the game, Soldado has a total of 31 KPs to give, to my 24. So it’s not that lopsided, but chimeras are definitely easier to kill than most things in my army.
We roll to go first and Soldado wins the roll! I’m not sure why, but he gave me first turn and deployment. I roll grand strategy and get to pick two units. I choose hammer of righteousness one the dreadknights and forget to do my re-rolls all game! I pick my side and put two empty razorbacks in the middle of the table about 18” from each other so that I can push back anything he wants to deploy. He puts out two empty chimeras on his table edge. One on my left hand side and the other towards the middle. 

I take my first turn and move everyone except the warriors  and the assassin onto the board (they stay in real reserve, with the assassin outflanking). The dreadknights shunt 30” in towards the chimeras, the SR moves flat out to the middle of the table, the dreads walk on, and the RBs rumble back a bit. I spotlight his left chimera with my RB and wreck it up with my DK and the SR. The other one gets spotlighted by my other RB and the dreads immobilize and stun it. On his turn 1, he moves everyone on (except Marbo of course) and castles on my right hand side away from the dreadknights. He spotlights my Stormraven and shoots the shit out of it. A lot of shots later, it’s sitting on the ground, wrecked. My guys pile out and try to avoid getting manticored. One manticore gets to shoot, but scatters badly and ends up killing one guy.
KP count Dok 2 Soldado - 2
On turn 2, I move my dreadknights towards the action, the guys from the wrecked SR move up to get shots on his dudes and the dreads move to get better los on his planes. One of the warrior squads comes in and I stick him in the back left corner out of los and range of pretty much everything. The assassin comes in and outflanks on the right side even after he makes me re-roll. I stick him behind the manticores and start grinning wickedly.  The back DK runs to get closer and the front one goes to smash the immobile chimera. The assassin puts a turbo-penetrator up the butt of one of the manticores and wrecks it. The dreads shoot down one plane and shake another. The purifier squad stuns the chimera full of flamers and the SR continues to be dead. I assault the immobile chimera and wreck that shit. Soldados turn and things are looking grim. I brutalized him a bit that turn and my assault units are approaching his line. He moves the remaining manticore away from my assassin and moves the CCS with the plasmas over towards him. The shaken vendetta goes flat out towards my dreads.  The other chimeras move around for position and try to get shots on my dudes coming in. Marbo pops up by my purifier squad and it’s Soldado’s turn to have a wicked grin. In his shooting, In his shooting phase, Marbo Whiffs (scatters 4”) and only wounds one guy! Sucks for Marbo. The plasma CCS puts holes in my assassin and the other guys put a lot of shots on my DKs, and it takes a wound from a lascannon.
KP count Dok 8 - Soldado 3
Turn 3 and I have a decent lead on soldado and a lot of chimeras to kill before I sleep. I move my DKs into assaulting/burninating range of the chimeras. Coteaz breaks off and heads towards Marbo, and the purifier unit heads towards the chimera line. Some more warriors come in, but they don’t do anything this game so I won’t mention them again, haha. During shooting, I manage to wreck a couple more chimeras (The flamer squad and a melta squad), but other than that I think I just shake a vendetta. In assault, I charge his flamer squad, but only the GM can get in, so everyone else goes on the melta vet chimera next to them. I end up killing three guardsmen with the GM and wrecking the chimera. Somehow, the guardsmen stick around in combat to keep me from getting shot!  Coteaz gets in Marbos face as well. Marbo hits and wounds 4 times, but I make all my 2+. I then smash him with my hammer. On his 3, he moves the vendetta on my side of the table 12” into terrain to get a better shot on my vendread and immobilizes himself. Soldado is not having all of the luck in this match. Also, a bunch of dudes get out of chimeras to blast my dreadknights. During his shooting, he brings my one dreadknight down with twin-linked plasma and melta. The vendetta gets it’s shot at my vendread, but it only glances and shakes him. The Manticore shoots and misses this turn. He moves a chimera on the chaos altar that Cotez fought Marbo on and they try to melta him down. He goes to ground and makes all of his cover saves!
KP count Dok 16 - Soldado 5
On Turn 4, I move my other dreadknight in a pincer with my grandmaster. The remaining purifiers hang out to shoot psycannons on heavy. The razorbacks move around a bit, but don’t do any tricks or anything. In shooting, the purifiers bring down a chimera with one of the CCS in it. The dreadnoughts bring down the Vendetta with the other. I flamer and kill a bunch of dudes in both CCS and they both make LD.  On his turn, he orders the melta squad out of the chimera and the CCS to twin link and they shoot down my other DK. The other squad from the last chimera shoots at Coteaz and I don’t make all my saves again. The manticore pops its last missile and shakes my dread.
KP count Dok 20Soldado 8
On turn 5, I move a few things around, but I have such a big lead that I don’t try to push it too hard. I end up shaking his chimera and making his ccs run off the board. As well as killing the majority of the melta squad that took down my DK. On his turn, he doesn’t have much so he rolls his shots, but doesn’t kill anything. We roll to continue and it’s a 1. Game, set, match, Dok!
Final score Dok 23 Soldado 8
This was Soldados second game ever fielding IG so he made a couple mistakes. He should have still taken the first turn, imo. That way he would be set up to shoot at me as I make my way across the board. or if he remained going second, I think he prolly should’ve come in by my DKs and tried to burn them down with all his meltas. They did a lot of damage to him in this game and they consistently impress me when I use them well.


  1. I think Soldado would do a lot better if he didn't roll so many 1s for his plasma weapons =).

  2. I told Dok we need to have a dice rolling practice session.

    Dice were a huge enemy of mine that whole event.

    1's all over, 1's for plasmas, 1's for damage on dreads... *sigh*

  3. Sometimes you gotta roll a 1.

    Also, hey!

  4. It's the loneliest number that you'll ever roll...


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