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The Realm RTT game 3: Kanz and Manz

This weekend Soldado and I decided to take a trip out to Brea, CA for a 1850 point RTT. I really wanted to practice my potential 1750 list so I basically just moved some things around to get it to 1850. Here's what I played. 

GM w/MC sword, incinerator, rad grenades
Purifiers x 8 w/D. Hammer, warding staff, 4 halberds, 2 psycannons
Ven Dread w/2 autocannons, psybolt
4 squads of Warrior acolyte x 3
2w/ razorbacks w/psybolt, searchlight
Stormraven w/TL multi-melta, TL Assault Cannon, Searchlight
2 x Dreadknight w/Heavy incinerator, Personal Teleporter
Dreadnought w/2 autocannons, psybolt
Game 3
Dok Vs Greg: Kanz + Manz wall 

The third game of the day was against a newer player by the name of Greg. He was playing a Kan wall list and trying to figure out what he was doing with his army. I love playing new players like this because it gives me the opportunity to hopefully teach them some things about how the game works, some strategy, and what is best in life. Here’s his list (approximately)
Big mek with KFF and a power klaw
Mad dok grotsnik
15 lootas
6 mega-nobs with 2 kombi-rokkits and a kombi-skorcha
30 boyz with cybork bodies, a couple big shootas and a power klaw
30 boyz with big shootas
Deff dred with 3 dccw and a skorcha
15ish grots
3 rokkit buggies
3 kanz with skorchas
3 kanz with kustom mega blastas

I don’t have his exact list, but that’s a close approximation. The mission was a weird amalgamation from the supposed  6th edition leaked rulebook. There were 3 objectives along the center line of the table and you scored victory points for having a non-vehicle, unembarked unit near them at the end of the game turn. Troops get you 3 points. Everybody else gets you 1. This is a terrible mission if you’re not ready for it. If the leaked 6th edition book is true, then army lists will be far different than they are now. By necessity they would have to be!
The deployment type was pitched battle and Greg won the roll to go first and let me deploy. I deployed refused flank on the right hand side of the table in hopes that we could limit it to two objectives that mattered. He deployed across from me, with the kanz and the deff dread closest to the right hand objective. Grotsnik was with the cybork boyz and the big mek was with the grots (which seems pretty risky imo). I then infiltrated my assassin on the far left objective to try and cheese some points. Unfortunately, none of the objectives are in cover, so holding them will be hard. This is the only game I remember to use grand strategy to full effect. I get 3 effects and give hammer of righteousness to my dreadknights and the purifiers. 

He tried to steal the initiative and fails so on to turn 1! I move my warriors a bit cautiously but enough that I can get to the objectives turn 2. I move both the dreadknights up 11 so that he can’t reach me and the dreadnoughts stay still. The SR moves flat out across the table but I keep it on line with my dreadknights to avoid getting charged. I get a couple heavy incinerator shots across the board and kill a couple orks and grots, but they make their ld. I kill all of the rokkit buggies, and a couple of the front rank cans with shooting from the SR and dreads, but he still has plenty. On his turn 1, he moves all his guys forward (as Orks do). He shoots down my assassin with big shoota shots, puts a ridiculous amount of loota shots on my SR and ends up getting 2 weapons destroyed (Multi-melta and AC of course)  and a stun. The manz move up and put their kombi rokkits into the SR, but they don’t do much. The kanz with the KMBs shoot at a DK and put a wound on one.

My turn 2, I move the closer dread in position to assault the deff dread and the other one shunts back to put hurt on the lootas. Both my RBs move up to get on the objective and I disembark a unit behind the RB screen within scoring distance. I fortitude the SR and move it into terrain so I can assault the big squad with cybork and I immobilize myself. The guys get out within charge range though so it’s all good. During shooting, the dreadknight rips into the lootas and kills 8 with re-rolls from hammer of righteousness. The purifiers, Coteaz and the GM tear into the boyz, but with 5+ invulns and fnp, they are tough to take down. The SR shoots a couple missiles but they don’t do much. The dreads put the hurt on his kanz and take the ccw off one and shake the others. The closer DK fires on the deff dread and the grots and wipes up everyone but the big mek. In assault, the closer DK charges the deff dread as that was the primary target, and the purifiers get into the beefed up boyz. The DK wrecks the dread before it even gets to swing! In the other combat, cleansing flame kills one ork after fnp, but my attacks manage to kill a bunch. On his attacks back, I lose 4 purifiers , then at I1 coteaz and grotsnik kill each other. He loses combat, but sticks around as he is down to 8ish guys and no longer fearless.  On the bottom of his turn, he moves the MANZ over to the middle objective, tries to move the middle boyz out of the terrain, but rolls low, and then moves the Kanz so that they can assault the dread in front of them. The Big mek moves back to join the lootas. His shooting puts a grip of wounds on the DK, but I make all my saves somehow. In the assault phase, he charges my closer DK with his remaining 4 kanz and they end up killing him off without him putting much damage on them. He made a bunch of 5+ to hit and I miffed a bunch of 3+. Good times! In the purifier assault, I end up killing the rest of his guys on i1, but I am down to the hammer guy, a halberd guy, and the GM. Those beefed up Orks are hard! At the bottom of the turn we calculated objective points.
Dok  3 - Greg 1

On my 3, I moved the purifiers over to tie up those Kanz. I can’t have them messing with my objective! The DK in the back walks into terrain to finish off the lootas and the dreads move to get better shots at the kanz. During shooting, the dread kill the last kan from the first squad and wreck one from the back squad. The DK kills a bunch of lootas, but they don’t run. The RBs fire at the MANZ and put a couple wounds on them, but they don’t really care as they haven’t taken any fire this game. In assault, I wipe up the lootas and big mek with the DK, and the purifiers assault the kanz and wreck one after 2 hammerhands. They remain locked in combat though, as there is one Kan left.  On Gregs turn, he continues to move the boyz towards the far objective, but they are rolling like crap for terrain. The Manz hang out on the objective. He runs his guys a bit, but they are still not in a hurry. During CC, the Kan kills my purifier with the halberd and I shake him with the hammer. At the end of turn 3:
Dok 6Greg 2

On my 4, I try to catch those boyz that are trying to get away with my remaining DK, but he’s already shunted so I only go 12. The RB with dudes in it, moves toward the middles objective, but as away from the Manz as I can. The dreads shuffle around to try and get shots at the boyz. During shooting, I kill some boyz with the DK and the dreads, but not enough to force a ld. In CC, the kan kills my hammer guy, and the GM whiffs. On his turn, he moves the boyz towards the objective full speed now that they are clear of terrain and the Manz towards my DK. He calls a waagh and “fleets” the Manz to my DK and the Boyz towards the objective. He’s not quite there yet though. He makes it into assault with my DK and I wound him a couple times, but he makes all of his 5++ (sigh). They put an ass-ton of PK attacks on me and I can’t make 10 5++ saves… so he goes down. The GM and the Kan both stare at each other intently.
Dok 9Greg 2 (I still have my warriors on the objective, Greg moved his guys off to assault me)

On turn 5, I don’t have much to move, so the RB goes towards the far objective and the other turns to fire at the Manz. I can’t see the boyz any more through terrain so the rest of my army turns on the Manz. I fire pretty much everything at them and end up killing 1 with an autocannon shell. The GM and Kan have a break dance contest. No clear winner is determined. On his turn, he moves the Manz, but they only go 2”. Go go always moving in DT! He finally gets his boyz on the objective and they hang out. The GM and kan slap wach other a bit, but nothing continues to happen.
Dok 12 Greg 5

We roll to continue and… it’s a 1! The game ends with me as the winner. I only got a major victory instead of a massacre though since Greg was able to get his boyz to the objective on the last turn. Not much happened in this game after turn 3 as most of our tools were dead! And unfortunately dreads are not super useful against 2+ armour guys. It was a real fun game though and Greg was a cool dude. We got to talking a bit about the game after and I hopefully gave him some good advice on how to work his list.

At the end of the day, I ended up coming in third place behind an IG player and another GK (Pallies: counts as 1k sons) player.

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