Friday, February 10, 2012

Skyrim DLC?

Well, no not quite. But this week at DICE 2012, they showed a clip reel of the stuff they have been working on after skyrim was complete and some of the stuff is pretty impressive.

A short recap of the potential features and the video after the jump!

Spears - Could be cool, but the combat doesn't really need to be any easier
Kill Cams for Magic and Ranged Combat - How about an option to turn them off?
Paralysis runes - Again, this would be cool against larger groups as a caster. But 1v1, they don't really need any help
Dark dungeons - Is that going to make the game more fun?
New commands for followers: Combat style, etc. - This might be interesting. It could make followers good for more than carrying loot and taking hits
Set favorite equipment settings for followers - Good times. That way they don't equip the dwarven battlehammer of soul devouring... When they are a mage
Adopt a child - ...
Build your own home - Awesome, do I get to take out the trash too?!?!?
Spell combinations - Use flame and raise zombie to create a fire zombie - This should've been in the original game imo. You could craft crazy spells in the previous games and this game was definitely missing that.
Goblins - Goblins!!!
High-level Draugrs - Awesome! Like I have been saying. The game reached a certain point where everything was easy. It was after I got the stun perk as my caster and after I got a decent weapon as my Orc. I literally just waded through all the enemies. Which is fun, but can get boring. More powerful enemies would help alleviate that.
Mounted combat - This seems cheesy. Most things can't move fast enough to catch you on a horse. Drive by attacks would be lame
Dragon mounts - While this would be freakin awesome for a while, I don't know how this would balance out in the game.
Kinect voice-activated shouts - Nah man. Just nah. Some people may want to pretend they are the dragon born and shout at their tv, but not me.
Fat giants - This made me lol
Ice and Fire arrows - I've never used arrows so far, but it would be cool if you could combine them with spells as above.
Werebear - FUCK AND YES!!! The werewolf is kind of whatever, but with this and the potential lycanthropy perk set... I would werebear all god damn day!
Lycanthropy skill tree - Awesome sauce
Become a flying vampire lord - This would make being a vampire slightly worth it. Right now it's slightly meh.
Giant mudcrab enemy - Make sure you watch the end of the video. Epic mudcrab is epic!


  1. Dark dungeons sound like a terrible idea. I already got stuck in a couple cause the switch for a door was on an unlit section of a wall, the only way I could see it was to mouse over it. The rest of this sounds pretty awesome.

  2. You get to take out the trash at places you don't even live. Wouldn't the trash be more interesting and filled with corpses or magic?

  3. Are you saying you're going to start filling the trash with corpses to make it more interesting? Now that's love!


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