Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time to switch it up Orks to Guard

I am over orks!

They are unreliable, and the inability to provide decent covering fire has lead me to give them up.

Let me elaborate:  Lootas suck ass!!!

The current meta is: Grey Knights.

What do lootas do vs greyknights - Maybe bust a rhino or 2. They have a slim chance to affect a Storm Raven and they themselves are very vulnerable to all that Grey Knights have to offer.

Battlewagons - Battlwagons cannot protect all their sides Vs. the massive amount of Str 7 shots the GK army puts out and being open topped is the equivalent of making all the GK guns AP1. Battlwagons die too easy to GK and ...

Nobs suck Vs. GK. Everyone having power weapons / force weapons makes the shenanigans of a hammer Nobz squad almost useless. Stupid painboy being useless, Stupid Instant Death all over....

- also a byproduct of sucking - No psychic defense. But that's not solved by moving to Guard.

So Imperial Guard is going to be my new primary army.

Details of that after the break!
So I was milling over the top tier 40k Armies and currently the meta ( I hate to keep using that word, I feel like such a tool) is:

GKs of a few flavors - Fuck that. That's for bitches! Points at Dok!!!
Newcrons - I think they are viable, as the scarabs / Spider non-sense is devastation.
Space Wolves - Overall Good
Mech Guard
BW Spam orks - What I am retiring!
Kan Wall
Venom Spam
AV 13 Spam BA
Nidzilla - ... I guess
Chaos Space Marines - I have these as well - SUCK!!!

I am getting down to the shit end of competitive here...

I chose to go with Mech Guard.

Here is my current list:

Company Command Squad w/ Chimera - 4 x plasma guns - Chimera w/ heavy flamer and Master of the Fleet – 1 Power Weapon
Company Command Squad w/ Chimera -4 x plasma guns - Chimera w/ heavy flamer – 1 Power Weapon


Veterans w/ Chimera - lascannon & 3 x meltaguns - Chimera w/ heavy flamer
Veterans w/ Chimera – lascannon & 3 x meltaguns - Chimera w/ heavy flamer
Veterans w/ Chimera - lascannon & 3 x meltaguns - Chimera w/ heavy flamer
Veterans w/ Chimera - 3 x flamers & demolition charge- Chimera w/ heavy flamer

Fast Attack

Heavy Support
Manticore Missile Launcher
Manticore Missile Launcher

I am taking this to a RTT this weekend to get a feel for how it all works. 

I plan to replace 1 vendetta with 2 Hydras if I can ever get my hands on the models.

I like the shootiness of the army. I like the mobility. I do not like the lack of punch in Close Combat so we will see how it goes. It's a huge paradigm shift for me, not playing an assault based army so well see how it goes.

I will post back next week to let you all know how it went at the tournament.


  1. 100% of the time I have fielded a stormraven against Lootas, it was shot down by lootas.

  2. Also, you don't just feel like a tool... haha


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