Thursday, February 23, 2012

War Gamma base review

While I was at OrcCon, I got to talking to a gentleman named James from War Gamma Alternative Battle Miniatures. We discussed the coolness of his line and how well they were painted. As I was about to walk away, I decided that I would pick up a couple sets of his bases for my GK army.

These are the bases in question
I wouldn't want to camp there...

I thought these in particular would look good with GK. As if the daemon world they walked on writhed with their every footstep. Also, they remind me of El Mirage...  Only with ghostly faces instead of drunk people and race cars!

Check out the pricing and my take on the painting scheme after the jump

What really caught my eye on these was the price point. All the sets of bases were $6 out the door. What do you get for $6 you ask make believe internet reader that I am talking to in my head? I'm glad you asked!

13 28mm round bases (infantry size)

6 40mm round bases (Terminator size)
4 60mm round bases (Dreadnought/Monstrous creature size)

5 Round cavalry/biker bases
I had to wash them, that's why they are shiny in this pic
This particular base style can be bought on the wargamma website here.
They also have these awesomely creepy looking skin world ones. Hellraiser style!
And then more in the realm of normalcy, winter is coming!

They also have some cool looking terrain pieces, a Thunderwolf cavalry mount stand-in, and a spore pod for Tyranids. Timely, I think :)

After the con, I took these bad boys home and threw some paint on them. Check it out
60mm dreadnought base
Clockwise from top left 40mm, cavalry, and 28mm

A couple of homies hanging out on the finished product!
Overall, I think my photography skills could use some work! Other than that, I really like the bases. I think they will give my GK a finished look that they were lacking before. The only complaint I have, is that he did not have any of the big oval bases available for Stormravens or Dreadknights! Get on it James! I'll take 4!

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