Monday, February 27, 2012

White dwarf spine image?

For those that don't know, The White Dwarf magazine has been running a very special image on the spine of their magazine for the last couple of months.  The first revealed what looked like a robed foot. The second confirmed it. And now the third piece of the puzzle has been released!
It's fairly clear in my mind that this is a Dark Angel. It seems even clearer that this is none other than...

Azreal, Grand Master of the Dark Angels!

On the WD spines, you can make out a couple things.
1. The plasma coils are underslung on the gun, indicating a combi-plasma
2. The skulls with the spikes protruding are coming from the back pack
3. There is almost certainly a robed and winged figure on the combi-plasma and above the spiky skull.

Now if you compare the first two to the picture of Azreal above, you see that he does in fact have the exact same skull icon on his back pack and he does in fact have an underslung mastercrafted combi-plasma. The "Lion's Wrath".  If the next one shows a part of a winged helm, then it will be locked in for sure, but I'm about 98% sure with just this much. The back pack skull is clearly the same and no other model in the current range has the same.

I just hope that the rumours of a combination DA/fallen codex are true. I have my cypher model on order! I can't wait to bust out my new and improved dark angels on the field!

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