Thursday, March 22, 2012

40k Masters series!

Game Empire Pasadena and Game Empire San Diego are running an interesting event this year. It is called the Warhammer 40k Masters series

I'll steal the recap from the link above

"The Warhammer Masters Series is intended to provide players in the Southern California Area a venue to show their stuff against the best of the best in Warhammer Fantasy and 40k. The series will be divided into a Northern Conference coordinated from Game Empire Pasadena, and a Southern Conference coordinated from Game Empire San Diego. The series is organized after the fashion of a professional sports league. Players will be split into divisions and will have a schedule of games laid out at the beginning of the season. Over the course of the season, players will compete with opponents both in and out of their division, record their glorious victories (and occasional defeats, perhaps!), and have a lot of fun!"

What, no dynamite?

The basic breakdown of this league is as follows
  • All games are 2k
  • You have to play every player in your division
  • Missions and terrain are random each match
  • At the end of the normal league, the top players go into a playoff. Then the winners of the north division and the south division playoff against each other!
 This is a cool attempt to determine who the best player in SoCal is. It would be awesome if the guys up north were in on this as well, but there would need to be at least two more stores involved. Oh, and the prize for the overall winner is cold, hard cash!

I'm gonna be doing battle reports on each of my games in this series against some of the best players around. Check out my opponent schedule

Andy V. - Imperial Guard - I've never played against Andy, but he wins a lot of tournaments and is a cool guy so I imagine this is going to be one of my hardest matchups.
Allan H. - Grey Knights - Allan, aka Blackmoor, is one of the best 40k players in the country, if not the world.  I did beat him up fairly good the last time we played, but his dice were mad at him, haha!
Lee H. - Space Wolves - Lee is an excellent Space Wolf player. I don't think I've ever actually played against him but I hear he is awesome.
Casey H. - Dark Eldar - Casey always has unfortunate dice against me, but is a really cool guy who reads this blog so I can't talk crap. Hi Casey! Haha!
Derek P. - Blood Angels - Derek recently switched from Deathwing to Blood Angels and I am really glad. I have terrible luck against deathwing. I'm not sure what's in his Blood Angel army besides girl marines, so this will be an interesting BA on BA matchup.
Travis S. - Orks - Travis is going down! I'm going to paint some shark teeth on my stormravens so they can be jawesome all over your face!
Rob P. - Dark Eldar - I don't believe I know Rob, but I only play armies that are good against DE. Or at least that's what Casey would say.
Greg - Orks - I got to know Greg over at the Realm at an RTT a couple months ago. He's a really cool guy who is about 6 months into playing 40k. I didn't think he had 2k worth of dudes when I talked to him last, so he must be upping his game. 

All in all, this is going to be a lot of fun. I haven't been able to play at 2k in a while with all the BAO practice, so this'll give me the chance to unleash some big armies and kill a lot of shit! And then, when I meet Dave in the finals, his dice can betray him again and I will walk away with $500 in my hand!

You're going down, sucker!


  1. I wish I was able to get the time free to play in this. I will be in the next round though, mark my words!!!

  2. Travis got skerrred and moved himself out of my division! So my last three opponents got shuffled around due to a couple more people getting in the league before we started in earnest.
    So now it's
    Tom G with Dark Eldar
    Ishmael with Blood Ravens
    And Rob with Dark Eldar as my out of division matchup instead of in division
    So basically two orks got moved out for two pretty good matchups for me. Sweet!


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