Tuesday, March 20, 2012

'ard boyz is cancelled?

That's the rumour at least.

uh-oh, it's the wtf die!

I never was able to play in 'Ard Boyz, since it always was scheduled on my sweet, sweet yearly beach vacation, but I'm kind of disappointed to see it go. The word around town is that it always brought out the douchey of the douche since there was no comp to keep people in check. But I've been playing in no comp events almost the whole time I've been playing tournaments for 40k and I haven't really ran into that many douches.  Comp seems like more of a hindrance than anything. But that's a story for another day.

There are good things and bad things about 'ard boyz going away. On the good side, that clears up several months for the indy circuit to squeeze in more tournaments, hopefully it will get rid of 'ard boyz scoring as something that influences TO's (I'm not a fan of having to table my opponent to get max points. That doesn't seem fun), I don't have to even remotely consider 2500 as a point level, and I don't have to try and fit it in at the end of my vacation! 

And then there's the potentially bad things... This could mean GW is going further away from supporting a tournament structure for their game. Possibly leading to imbalanced rules since they are not prioritizing them and an overall decline in the game.  This may sound crazy, but when Soldado was interviewing for a position with GW, they told him to his face that GW does not prioritize tournament play. Their first priority is the new customer (read: teenager) with the rich parent. The tournament player has an established army and doesn't make as many bulk purchases (in their mind).

This seems to me like GW is shooting itself in the foot. People who play in tournaments seem to be the people you would most want supporting your game. They are passionate about the hobby and travel all over the world with their little plastic men to play warhammer.  Why wouldn't you support someone who is supporting your company?  Obviously, tournament players are in an abusive relationship with GW.

If GWs only goal is profit, then they are still fucking up! It's not like the indy tourney organizers run these events for their health. I'm sure they are turning a tidy profit.

In my personal experience, going to magic tournaments is what turned the corner for me from part time nerd to professional nerd. In my perception, It went from some nerdy card game we played during lunch at school to something that people all over the world were doing! That's a pretty crazy feeling for a young kid to have. You now belong to a global community of people who are enjoying the same thing that you are.

Fostering a community and supporting the player base are what I think GW needs to do to get it's ass in gear and stop being a monolithic corporation and bring itself down to the fans level.


  1. It is certainly disappointing to me to see one of the few GW sponsered tournaments go away. Not because I have or ever would play in it, but as you said, it is a symptom of the overall lack of fucks they give to the concept of 40k as a GAME not just a product. Love their system and models, hate the company... so so much.

    1. Yeah, it's hard to have love for a company when all they seem to care about is cash. I mean, I understand that the purpose of a business is to be successful and make money, but alienating customers doesn't win you any fans.


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