Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The armies of the Bay Area Open!

I got a chance to run around a bit on the first day and get a bunch of pictures of the awesome armies that came to fight for the top spot at the Bay Area Open 2012!

Check them out after the jump!

First up, an excellently painted thousand sons army! Winner of renaissance man and third best painted overall!

Next up, a very nicely done deathwing army. Proudly displaying the cool turn counter that was in the swag bag this year!

These Grey Knights are not fucking around. The models were painted super nice, which made the gore spattered display board a good opposing backdrop.

Some very nicely done Tyranids and pretty much how I would paint mine if I had any desire to play bugs.

This all-slaanesh army is freakin beautiful. It was up on the final table for best painted, but didn't quite make the top three.

This Tau army looked really good. Also, it came with a whole freakin Tau base! With built in rail gun emplacements and everything!

Here's a custom table that the guys from our first match in the team tourney built. It had a cool working volcano that they had going at different times during the tourney.

And finally, this is the army of my first round opponent, Doc! His CSM are painted very well and he plays them like a pro. I've never seen anyone use Oblits as well as he did. More on the singles tourney later this week!

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