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BAO 2012: Team event recap

I'm finally returning to a place where I can talk about this shit rationally, so without further ado... The BAO Team tourney recap!

Me and Soldado decided to head up to the BAO tournament a day early to take on the team tourney. The team event is basically 1000 points per person using the same force org chart. Only one person needs to take an hq and both need at least 1 troop. With that in mind, we decided it would be awesome if we took a bunch of planes! Also, Mephiston!
My army!

My list
Librarian w/fear of the dark, shield of sanguinus

Death company x 5 w/power fist
Death company dread w/blood talons

2 x Stormraven w/multi-melta, autocannon

Soldados list
Soldado's Army minus some dudes in the case

2 x Psyker battle squad (both with an overseer and 8 psykers) Both w/chimeras w/heavy bolter, multilaser

3 x Veterans w/ 3 x melta guns

Fast attack
3 x vendettas

When it comes to blood angels, I don't mess around. I'm either killing everything or you're gonna win :) This army was inspired by top gun and we were gonna dress up in shorts and go shirtless to re-enact the volleyball scene, but then we thought better of that. It was prolly best for everyone that we didn't.

Our tactics for these list is basically vrrrooommmm!!! planes! Other than that, we thought a bunch of planes would give us a definite mobility advantage. Soldado's shooting combined with my CC elements and supporting shooting from the SRs is pretty strong. The supplementary combo was weaken resolve/fear of the darkness.

Check out after the jump for some recaps of the games and some pics of our first battle

So, on the way to our first game of a three day stretch of warhammer... Soldado drops his entire army on the floor... All of his planes crash before they have even seen a table top. This does not bode well. Luckily our first opponents are super cool guys and let him take his time getting his stuff back together


Game 1 vs Chaos Undecided

The first game has four objectives (one placed by each player) and a secondary objective of killing a marked unit. Our opponents were playing a combined chaos list, so basically 2k out of the same codex. Their list looked something like this
Daemon Prince

Plague marines w/ rhino
1k sons w/rhino
Noise Marines w/sonic weapons and the heavy weapon thing
Khorne berserkers In the land raider with Abaddon

2 x 2man oblit squads
Land raider

They divided their troops up and marked one of my stormravens and one of the chimeras for destruction. We marked both the rhinos since they were controlled by different players. We won the combined roll to go first and deployed!
Flying stands are standing in for planes until the get their shit together
They deploy opposite
Their army is excellently painted and they end up taking the painting prize home at the end of the night.
I deploy Meph and the DS dread in one SR and the DC with the lib in the other. They have Abaddon and the berserkers in the LR and the other troops in the respective rhinos. Oblits take up flanking positions and the noise marines are in the far ruin. 

Soldado scouts up his birds to screen mine. We weren't thinking that clearly and moved them up pretty much right in their face. On our turn one, I moved up my SRs flat out and wrecked the LR with some multi-melta love. We stun and immobilize the 1k son rhino. The rest of the shooting was pretty much ineffective... somehow.
Abaddon comes out to party!

On their turn one, they move the DP and abaddons squad up to meet the birds we moved too close. The other guys hang out in the rhinos and the oblits do the truffle shuffle. During shooting, not much happens. We either make cover or they don't punch.

In assault however...

Abaddon rolls a 6 for his daemon weapon and lands 4 hits on my SR. That's why he's the boss. The DP takes down the vendetta as well with a big meaty punch. Everybody piles out and gets ready to party!

On our turn 2, I move Meph over to deal with the DP and get the DC + lib out to deal with the plaguers. Soldado moves his stuff away and tries to hide his scoring units. During shooting, I unload into the zerkers and abaddon to soften them up for my dread. I also put a couple wounds on the DP to soften him up. I think we kill an Oblit in the left squad as well this turn. On to assault! I charge the dread into abaddon, meph goes into the DP and the DC + libby go into the plaguers.

Abaddon is mighty once again and punches my dread 8 times. Yes, he rolled a 6 this time. He gets wrecked and Abaddon doesn't break a sweat strutting forward. I put a bunch of wounds on the DP and he's left with 1. The DC vs plaguer combat is very strange. The libby kills one, then they put a wound on the libby, and nothing else does anything. All fnp and misses.

On their turn 2, they move abaddon and buddies into the PBS chimera area and the squad that came out of the wrecked vendetta. You do not want an abaddon in your back field. Nothing else really moves. During shooting, I go to cast shield of sanguinus and peril myself on double 1's. So the power goes off but the lib dies. We had to get a judge to figure out what happens, haha. They don't end up doing anything too serious to my SR though. In combat, they multi-assault the PBS chimera, the vendetta, and the vets.  Abaddon and his buddies wreck the Vendetta and break the squad.  Mephiston kills the DP and consolidates to go abaddon hunting.  The stupid plaguer/DC fight goes on with no casualties on either side.
Nothin like the taste of nurgle deamons in the morning!
On our turn 3, soldado holds strong with the guys that came out of the vendetta. The last troops in the other vendetta get out in an effort to kill the last oblit on the left side and wipe them off that side of the table. Meph heads over to play with Abaddon and the SR moves to kill it some rhino.
Stand and deliver melta!     

We shoot everything in the army at the solo oblit and... it lives! This is gonna be bad for that side of the table.  The vets blast everything at abaddon and his boys and kill two berzerkers. Then, assaults!

Big boss fight!
Meph gets in on Abaddon and busts his face in. I consolidate towards the rest of the troops. The Plaguers and DC finally put a dent in each other. One guy on each side dies,

Their turn 3, the oblit moves up towards the vets. The rhinos move around a bit and the noise marines move down to get better shots. They don't have much at this point so this is a fast one. During shooting, they put some shots into the planes, and immobilize the last vendetta. In CC, I finally hit with my fist and kill all but his plague champ.

On our 4, we move to get some objectives. Meph goes after the noise marines. The SR goes flat out onto their objective by the 1k sons. In shooting, meph fleets and we put some shots into the rhinos to finish them off.

Go perspective shot!

 Meph gets into the noise marines and kills all but the champ. The Dc finally kill the plague marines! It only took five rounds of combat!

Their turn 4, they move the 1k sons out of the rhino area to try and claim their objective. The oblits shuffle. During combat, Meph kills the last noise marine and consolidates up.

On our five, we shoot out the 1k sons and meph goes to get the oblits. We move to get some objectives, and the other team extends the hand. We win!

Mephiston says hello!

We get both objectives and all the bonus points for a full 12

Game 2

The second match is divided into 2 foot areas long ways.  Then each team gets one of the long edges to deploy. The primary mission is whoever has more scoring units in the middle of the table wins. The secondary is "pick on the weak". Each team picks one player and the kps they get from them count towards victory. We talked about this one before and we were pretty sure we had this no matter who we played against. This mission is all ours!

So our second opponent is Grey knights/ravenwing. We pick the GK as the pick on the weak and win the roll off to go first. For some reason, the GK player deploys almost everything on the table and the ravenwing player deploys nothing. So... all we have to shoot on turn 1 is our primary target...

Soldado scouts up and I flat out up. We shoot at all of the stuff on the table and we have 4 kp already. 2 dreadnoughts down, vindicaire assassin, and a razorback. The only thing on the table of theirs at end of 1 is Crowe and a razorback.

Their 1, they shoot the lasback at something and miss. Crowe moves.

Our 2, I get my DC out to charge crowe. We blow up the razorback and the DC gun down Crowe with bolt pistols!

Anyway, the rest of the game, they come in piecemeal and we blow them off the table. We end up tabling them in a very strange game... Getting max points for the second time.

Game 3

The third game we are paired up against Dave Fay and Russ Adderson playing BT and Orks. They are some of the best 40k players on the west coast and they have been tearing it up all day.

Kff Mek
2 squads of 19 boyz and a nob with PK. 1 squad of 18 and a nob with PK
3 battle wagons with rollas, boarding planks,

(Dave didn't have to take an emperors champ as per the TO's)
3 squads of tank hunter terminators with 2x cyclone missile launcher
2 squads of 5 man initiates with a lascannon

This is a pretty rough list against us. Dave could solo all of out planes in two turns if the rolls were good for him and bad for us. And then Russ can mop us up with boyz and wagons after!

The deployment for this one is real weird. Every player rolls a d6 and then picks a quarter. They then deploy in the order they picked quarters in a spearhead type deployment. Then you roll to see which team goes first. Figuring this shit out and coming up with a good way to deploy took quite a while. On the roll, Dave went first, I went second, Soldado went third, and russ went last. We ended up taking the two right hand quarters and they took the left quarters. We had to deploy pretty carefully as to avoid getting charged the first turn. 

I wish I would've got pics of this game, but it was hella intense. But in the end, it was all about who got first turn. Which was team 3 for Int!

On the first turn, I moved my SR flat out to the side of the wagon with the KFF mek. Soldado moved his birds around a bit to get side shots as well. First turn shooting and I explode his KFF wagon and wound 12 of his boyz in the explosion!! Russ saves one, but that's just enough to be susceptible to weaken resolve :-p Mephiston moves up the table edge to put some pressure on the termies.

On their first turn they move the wagons up and the termies shuffle along the table edge. They move a wagon to my SR and disembark the boyz. They move to try and surround the bird and run to almost encircle it.  The other wagon moves up to boarding plank my other SR and wrecks it. Daves shooting brings down my SR and the guys have barely enough room to pile out the back.

Our two, I move the dread, the DC and meph to take care of the boys squad. In shooting, we take down the other wagon that still has boys in it and take down some termies with lascannons. We get some PBS blasts on the boyz but not enough to bring them under half.  I charge the boyz with everything and lose a DC to difficult terrain. I end up wiping the boyz and he kills of my DC. 

Their two, the wagon rollas meph and puts a wound on him. They move the termies further away from him. Russ moves his boys up to the PBS chimeras to multi-assault. 

During shooting, they end up glancing two of the vendettas and shaking them. Go Extra armour! In assault, Russ multi-charges the PBS chimera and the vendetta. The vendetta goes down to a power klaw and the chimera gets stunned and immobilized.

Our three, I move the dread and mephiston to take out the last wagon. The lib moves over to get Los on his termies for some fear fun. Soldado shoots up the boyz in front of him and they lose enough to get under half. Then soldado weakens their resolve and they bone out.  In assault, I fail sword of sang and fail to hit the damn thing with both of my guys anyway. 

Their three, both of Daves reserve dudes come in and move in on the far corner. The termies are now firmly in Russ' quarter and are aiming for shots at the troops that came out of the vendetta. The boys run some more. The wagon deffrollas the dread and I try to DoG and end up D. During their shooting, they put mad cyclone frags onto the vets but they go to ground and don't break.

Our four, I move meph to the dudes that came on and get in their grill. The lib moves out in the open to get range on the other squad with fear. During shooting, we kill a couple more termies with shooting and wreck the wagon. The intiates get feared off the table! Meph gets in the other intiates and wrecks them.

Their four, they kill my lib with a missile to the dome. there are only a couple of termies left on the board now.

Our five, we shoot down some more termies and meph gets to charge one.

Their five, Dave ain't no punk bitch and charges meph with the last of his termies. Meph kills them and we have tabled them!

That's our third game with full points!


Unfortunately after all that work, we wound up with 4th place.  Apparently painting was worth 40% of the overall score and Soldado has 4 kids so he only had time to meet the minimums. Let me tell you, almost nothing has been as disappointing as fighting that last game and then getting nothing! But fuck it, we'll be back with a fully painted army ready to whip dick through bitch ass faces next time!

Grats to our first round opponents who got best painted, our third round opponents who got third overall, and to my boy John and his friend for taking first overall with Tau and Tyranids!

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