Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bay Area Open 2012 Day 1

Here we are in the first day of the Warhammer 40,000 championship of the Bay Area Open 2012. I have the say its a veritable who's who of gaming and the competition is INTENSE!!!

On the day I am 3 wins 1 loss, my loss coming at the hands of Christian Allesio's ( Forgive my spelling) 6 Hyda IG, which is an absolute NIGHTMARE for my Battlewagons!!!

Quick recap:
Each of the games is played with a set deployment and the Bay Area Open mission, which is a combination of all 3 book missions at the same time!

I brought my standard Battlewagon Rush list.

Game 1, Dawn of War Deployment vs. Mech Eldar with a Farseer and Eldrad.
It was a tight game, I failed a lot of KFF saves, but in the end I eeked it out.

Game 2, Spearhead vs. IG. I was tabled... Really dead on turn 3.... Fuck IG!

Game 3, Pitched Batlle vs. Mech Eldar... (sooo much Eldar.).. with and Autach
He reserved out and came in piecemeal. I almost screwed up and handed him the game because the turns went by so fast, but I got it...

Game 4, Dawn of War (I HATE DoW) vs. Grey Knights (I HATE GKS!)
It was a non-standard list, and the game rested on a very close roll with Ghaz to charge and barely barely barely make it. It was so close we called Reece over to make the call for us. Damn close! Battlewagons wreaked havoc through his lines and Ghaz cleaned up like 6 KP. He was tabled on turn 6.

So with Day 1 behind us I know I am in for an uphill battle, lets hope my KFF holds strong and Ghaz can continue to kill everything!

Another report tomorrow after the event, I think...

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