Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bay Area Open 2012 Day 2

So with day 1 wrapped up I was pretty confident going into Day 2.

With my only loss coming from the person sitting at the top of heat, I didnt feel all that bad about that loss.

The day opened with me paired against Orks!!!

Game 5: Pitched Battle Deployment vs. Josh Harris's Orks (Won best painted)
We didn't do anything, at all really until about turn 4. It was a bunch of maneuvering to not get rolled over. In the end, I ended up winning by 1KP in the final turn. It was very silly, and orky chess match!

Game 6: Spearhead Deployment vs. Allan Hernandez's Paladins (I HATE GK!)
He combat squaded everything, rolled a 5 for +3 scoring units and proceeded to school me. Paladins are hard for orks and I played poorly. I think I have a strategy to beat him next time... I think....

Game 7: Pitched Battle vs Demitri Amero's Necron DeathStar.
This game was a headache. He deepstruck his deathstar unit in front of all my wagons, and I charged him with my whole army. From turn 1 to turn 7 we were locked in. It was pretty lame. My lootas killed a few Heavy Destroyers this game, which was their crowning achievement for the tournament. I wont this game on turn 7 with him just about tabled.

Overall, it was a great event and I ended up placing 13th. Should have been tied for 8th but I forgot to get my painting scored. God damn painting was the bane of my life this weekend. I guess it was just bragging rights difference between 8th and 13th, so whatever, but the weekend is a culmination of rookie mistakes and not following the simple instructions.

Word of advice to people playing in major tournaments; Follow the instructions!!!!

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