Friday, March 9, 2012

Bay Area Open Singles recaps

For 40k singles, I decided to return with Grey knights since they performed so well for me last year. It looks like a lot more people had the same idea though. Here's My list.

It's a little different from what most people are playing, but I think the Grand Master makes all the difference in the BAO style mission. I used him to make my dreadnoughts and dreadknights scoring almost exclusively, but that made up for his points cost in almost every game. What I didn't really consider was how big of a target it made those units.  I still played just as aggressively with them, when maybe I should have held them back a little more and focused on the mission.

Check after the jump for recaps of my games and my thoughts on the tourney overall.

Game 1 vs Chaos: 2 Dok/Doc's enter, one Dok/Doc leaves!
My game one was against a gentleman named Doc! No shit! he was playing a CSM list with 3 squads of plaguers w/rhinos, 3 squads of 3 oblits, and a sorceror with lash. Lining up against him, I thought I had this in the bag. This prolly lead me to a bit of over confidence and over extending of my units.

I moved my SR and one of my DKs into his grill on turn 2 after dow reserve and he proceeded to rape my dk with precision deep striking oblits and then take down my SR with a well placed krak grenade from the plaguers. I wiped that squad with my purifiers, but that left me pretty much in the open. He lashed me and put a grip of plasma cannons on me. I had cover since he was firing through his own unit and I thought I would be clever and go to ground since he was gonna charge me anyways. He was more clever and just sat there and shot the shit out of my squad. Basically getting free wounds and taking that squad out of action for the next turn. So after all these mistakes, he was up on kp, had his CnC objective, and one seize ground and was contesting one of mine.  Luckily we went to turn 7 and my surviving DK tore through his squads of oblits like a fat kid through a gallon of ice cream. I ended up removing his contesting unit and taking seize ground. He took KP, and we tied on CnC.


Starting the day off 0-0-1 was not what I had planned on, lol

Game 2 vs Black Templars: The second time I've ever played against Black Templars
Before going to the BAO, I had never played against BT. After the BAO, I would have played them threes times!  My second round opponent had a LRC, a shooty term squad with 2 cyclones and TH, a 7 man assault squad, a Grand Marshall kitted out, a emperors champ with accept any challenge, a las/ML dread with TH, and 3 initiate squads with lascannons and around 8 dudes.

A side note, we played this game on Levi's awesome Ork table that he brought up to the event. Thanks Levi!

He is short on troops and they are a bit weak so I decide to go after them. I make both my dreadknights score. I get first turn and move my dks a bit more cautiously. Just close enough to get some flame wounds on one of his troop squads. I end up wiping on of his troop squads with good shooting. I shake his LR, but that doesn't do anything against them. I think I take a weapon off his dread as well. We continue moving and I continue killing his troops until about the third turn. He charges my purifiers with 7 preferred enemy termies and my DK with his Marshall. At the end of that assault round, the GM has 2 wounds on him and there are no assault termies left. I have taken two wounds on the DK and lost 2 purifiers...  Bad turn for him. However, a couple turns later, his GM will take some crack and kill my DK, kill that entire purifier squad, a razorback and the squad inside... and then camp on top of a fountain because there was nothing in range to kill, lol!
The game ended with us tying on KP, and me having seize ground and cnc, having killed all of his scoring units with the DKs.


That's more like it! 1-0-1

Game 3 vs Grey Knights: Grey Knights are OP!
Game 3 is against the gentleman I played in the final table last year, James. This year he is playing a brutal henchmen GK list with 2 squads of dca/crusaders, with a SR and a LRC. then a bunch of scoring guys backing them up.
To cut this one short, I deployed stupidly because I forgot about mindstrike missiles and there was 0 terrain on my side of the table. I really should have got a judge to re-arrange it, but I was not thinking obviously, haha! So James ends up putting 3 wounds each on my DKs on the first turn and it's downhill from there. I can't put any meaningful results on his vehicles and he explodes everything he looks at.


Well, 1-1-1... at least I'm consistent! The funny thing is, that everyone I know at the tourney with the exception of Soldado is 1-1-1 at this point. Weird!

Game 4 vs Eldar: Buahahaha they shall name me Dok, slayer of guardians, and you shall not pass!
Game 4 was against a gentleman playing a somewhat strange Eldar list. One squad of warwalkers with starcannons, 5 or 6 squads of storm guardians with double flamer and a warlock with destructor. All with Wave serpents with EML. Farseer with doom and a falcon I believe? The idea is to get doom on a squad and then overload it with template wounds. This negates the guardian's BS3 and ensures you get a lot of wounds on anything with a lot of models. The only problem against my list is that I only have one squad over three models!

He gets first turn and I make the DKs score again. He moves around but his missiles don't seem to want to punch anything. the game goes on like this and I'm wiping up wave serpents left and right. His war walkers outflank and kill the shit out of  one of my doomed dreadknights! I then get into them with the purifiers and clean them up in a turn or two due to extreme whiffing! I then get my other DK into combat with 4 guardians and a warlock and he stays there for 3 turns! And ends up taking 2 wounds in return from the mightiest of warlocks ever! That guy did not want to die and he did not want my dreadknight to get by him. He is the Gandalf of the Eldar!  The game winds down and he only has one squad and a WS left at the end. I take all three missions!


That's more like it! finishing the day off 2-1-1 makes me feel a little bit better, but I'm super tired at the end of the day and my feets were killing me! We were supposed to meet a bunch of guys over at BJs afterwards but I got lost on the way over there due to being tired as fuck and Soldado blabbing in my ear about some shit. totally turned the wrong way and just said fuck it! I passed out like a  mothafucka when we got back to the hotel, let me tell you! 

Game 5 vs Black Templars: The best part of waking up, is Dave Fay in your cup!
Game 5 is against 3 for int's new best friend Dave Fay! We had an epic game against him and Warboss Russ in the 3rd game of the team event, so I was excited to get to play against him and at the same time dreading it. He has a mean black templars list with emperors champ with Accept any challenge, 3 squads of shooty termies with dual cyclone and tank hunters, 3 squadrons of 3 land speeders with typhoons and heavy bolters, and 2 5 man troop squads with melta. That's 30 missiles a turn... 12 of them being s9 against vehicles. Eat that, space wolves!

I luckily win the roll to go first and make my DKs score since those are what will be hardest for him to take down. He only starts his termies and the champion on the board. I shunt both of my DKs up to get into flame range (which might have been a mistake to use so early) and unload all of my shots on the Termies. Killing a couple, but not enough to hurt them too bad. He makes all his LD. He shuffles around in the ruin his guys are in and unloads everything on my SR to little effect! I think I take a weapon destroyed and a stun. On my turn, I get into two of his diminished squads with my purifiers and characters and kill all but two. I lose Coteaz here because I charged like a dummy. I believe on his turn, he gets both troops and a squad of speeders so it's up to his 1 and a half termie squad to take me on! I end up killing all of his dudes but 1 and the emperors champ with only my GM and the warding staff left. I move one DK over to help the GM and purifier and the other over to put some hurt on the speeders. I end up smashing his dudes in CC, killing a couple dudes from the flamer and then another from the speeder explosion. Oh yeah, I blew up some speeders as well :)
The game ultimately came down to one warrior acolyte standing on my CnC objective in a wreck and Dave having two speeders to shoot at him. In a continuation of how this game went for him, he moves up one speeder onto a wreck and immobilizes himself with a dangerous terrain test... Which then turns him into a wreck. So now he has one speeder to do the job. He fires a heavy bolter and two missiles at my guy and misses 4 of his shots. One HB hits... and fails to wound! I dunno if that's my luck or his, but either way I was happy with it! If that guy would've died it would've been a draw. But he didn't so I won on KP and Seize ground and we tied CnC.


3-1-1 is more like it! This game came down to the wire and kinda revealed to me a big weakness of my list. If my opponent can dedicate a decent amount of firepower to my scoring guys, then they aren't going to live. I think i need to be more careful where I put my objectives in the future. They may be in metal boxes, but that's not going to stop 6 missiles! 

Game 6 vs Eldar: More like flaming dragons, amirite???
Gae 6, I played the same gentleman that I played in round 6 last year!  Eldar with 30 fire dragons... 8 WS hulls and the avatar. With a farseer and min avenger squads.  And just like last year, I take apart his Wave serpents and leave his guys stranded. It's almost a tie, but I manage to wipe his contesting squads at the last turn.


30 fire dragons is a lot and held me out of the middle of the table for a while. But once I removed his mobility, the eldar troops folded to shooting. 

Game 7 vs Blood Angels: There's no game like a drunk game
Game 7 was against a cheery fellow by the name of Sirus. Neither of us really had a chance to win overall as far as I know so this was a relaxed game for me. Also, beers! I made a couple mistakes I wouldn't have made if this were earlier in the tourney. I moved my scoring DK up way too aggressively and it just got dead. i charged Mephiston and should have been able to kill him, but I didn't put quite enough attacks on him. This was the lynchpin of the game, as Mephiston got Sirus 5-6 KPs. If I wouldn't have multi-charged his razorback, I definitely would've killed him and probably won... but mistakes happen.  Mephiston went on to cancel everyone of my powers in that combat and pretty much wipe me up. It ended up being a draw luckily since we went to turn 7. I was able to get him off my CnC objective and get him on KP. He ended with seize and I ended with KP. Tie on CnC.


I made a bunch of poor plays and Sirus was quick to capitalize on them.  He was an excellent player and had a beautiful Lamenters army. Of all my games over all three games, this was the most fun. We were laughing and bullshitting about buddy cops for a good two hours! 

After the dust settled, I finished 10th place overall

Not quite as good as last year, but there were more people this year and it seemed like the competition ramped up a lot! The only criticism I have on the singles event is that ties seemed really prevalent. Like I said, almost everyone I knew came out of day 1 with at least one tie. Maybe there wasn't enough mission awareness or maybe it's just super easy to tie, I don't know. But I do know a lot of good players were ending up with ties all over the place, so it's not a question of skill.

I don't know what the solution to that is. Maybe someone will come up with something as the format matures? I hope so, since it looks like this mission will be in more and more tournaments.


  1. God damn buddy cop! If you ever make the trek to Sacramento/great escape games, look me up -we need a rematch! Good game dude!


    1. Hell yeah, man! I don't know when the next time I'll be up there is, but beer definitely needs to be involved. Buddy cops for life!


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