Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chaos Space Marines: Plague Marines getting a fresh coat of evil!

Greeting followers of Chaos!

Most of the stuff you have seen from me over the last year has been about Orks and while I love me some Orks I am pretty excited about the rumors of the upcoming Chaos Codex.

So with the future in mind, I decided to put in some work on my favorite objective holding unit, my Plague Marines.

Here are a few pics of them at about 80% done. I will post up a finished picture when I get their rhino done.

In this pic I have just base coated and drybushed. Not a lot going on

Highlights on the gun and a few touches on the armor

After the initial highlights I wanted to try to bring them to life with some more details, but I am just not that great of a painter, lol

The suns set on Tatooine

Champion with Fist, Icon and Combi-Melta... Good lord that's lot of points!

I pondered doing some OSL on the plasmagun, but I realized, I have no idea how to do that!

Added some rotting flesh coloring to the iconography, dunno if I like it.

Group Shot.
My next project will be my 3rd Demon Prince. I got 2 of the plastic ones, but those are boring so I am trying to make a centerpiece model for my army.  Here is a preview shot of him with like 1000 colors on it.

Its going to be Slaaneshi, hence the claw, but I am a little hesitant to put a whip on him, since Lash may not be the thing next codex. I may magnetize the right hand to hold a sword or a whip... this is yet to be the determined.

Hope you enjoyed my first painting update, there should be quite a few more in the future. I am working on some Ork Rokkit buggies as well I will be posting in the next week or so.


  1. The champion looks boss. I really think you need to do some lighter highlighting on the other dudes though. You are having the same problem I am. Your colors are blending together too well.
    Also, I think you should be ok adding a whip to the Daemon prince. I don't think whips are going to go out of style in Slaanesh

  2. Yeah, but if they give demon princes real options in the new codex, then he might need a sword (See Blissgiver). Also, there are no good whips for that size model and I'll be damned if I am going to sculpt one. AANNDDD... Whips are a pain in the ass to transport!

    The highlights are better irl... my lighting sucks. I am going to build a camera box in a couple weeks. I need m0 lamps!

  3. Daemon weapons can take any form. Fluff ftw!


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