Monday, March 5, 2012

Day of rest

Let me tell you, even after sitting here all day and relaxing/watching Dr. Who (new episodes on netflix, woooooo!!!) I'm still tired as hell from 3 days of warhammer 40k madness in the bay!

Friday, me an Soldado played in the 40k doubles tourney with BA/IG with dreams of grandeur and riches beyond our wildest dreams. What ended up happening was not so much that. More on that tomorrow.

During the singles event I went a respectable 4-1-2 and Soldado went an excellent 5-2. Tying with 4 others for best Ork general including Grimgob and warboss Russ! That's some good company to be in and an excellent showing from the Ork codex in general.

The Overall winner was IG, with GK taking second and SW taking third. That's pretty much the breakdown of top power level codexes which is what you would expect to see at an event with no comp.  They haven't released the numbers yet, but the make up of the tourney was pretty strange from what I saw.  A good number of GK players, 5-6 eldar players, and only 3 necron players. I'm still surprised how few necron players are showing up at the tourneys. There have been none at the local RTTs and very few at the bigger events.

I'm not sure if that's due to the models not being widely available or if people just are not interested in them. But it seems like a weird phenomenon as the codex is excellent. Maybe robots just aren't people's style?

Either way, it was a really fun event, but really tiring. I'll be recapping my games and showing some pictures of the excellent armies at the event. Until then, I'm gonna watch me some more Dr. Who and rest up!

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