Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Forge world Decimator Preview - Pics and Thoughts

First and foremost, WOW!

It's an amazing model!!! Its everything a devoted Chaos Lord has ever wanted in a dread!!

Big, Scary, Menacing, fucking skulls and spikes!! HELL YEAH!!!!

As with most models ForgeWorld, it looks bad ass, but do the proposed rules live up to the hype?!?!

4 attacks base with Str 8 power weapons. Not to shabby. 2 D6, you picked the highest for armor penetration, Hmmm!! ReRoll to wound ( OMG CHAOS DREAD LIGHTNING CLAWS!) Nice!! In assault it can be a monster. Add Mark of Khorne (+2 A on the Charge) and we have a troop slaughtering machine / Light armor Decimator!!! The downside to this is I 2. I 2 puts you in the threat range of going after non-PK nobs and at the same time as Necron lords. Str 7 attacks in Melee can hurt you and you are at a lower I than all standard SM Dreads. Hmmmm this is very sad, and will limit how effective your CC Decimator can be.

This leads me into the section of the Decimator that makes me feel funny in my belly. The shooty Decimator!!

It has 3 gun options, but only 2 are worth considering, as the Petard is Pertarded!! (See what I did there?)

Butcher Cannon is  Str8 Ap4 Heavy 4!!! Can have 2 of those!!!! OMG!! 8 Str 8 shots is better than 6 Str8 Attacks! This is a fact!! It can do some serious damage at range, coupled with Unholy Vigour which allows you to ignore Weapon Destroyed on a 5+ and Mark of Nurgle that gives you a reroll on that! It has demonic possession built in so you are firing at BS3 but, 8 Shots!!!

This is the ultimate in Chaos fire power. It also comes in as an Elite, so it doesn't take up the valuable Obliterator / Defiler / Vindicator / Havoc / Landraider?? slots

The other option is for the Storm Laser. Which is Str 6 Ap3 Heavy D3+2. A potential 10 AP 3 Shots is any DOA player's nightmare and can also terrorize a Dark Eldar skimmer heavy list.

The other combinations of guns / claws / Marks seem sub-optimal so I will neglect to mention them on purpose.

Also, did I mention its awesome looking?!!?

Its also very big. I intend to order 1 to use a chaos Dread in tournament play and a 2nd for "friendly" games :) 4 Butcher Cannons for me please!! Thank you!

Here is a link to the experimental rules

May the Blood God guide your Axe!



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