Thursday, March 15, 2012

Game Empire RTT: Game 1 BA vs C:SM

This last Saturday my flgs had a 1850 RTT tourney. After the BAO, I decided I had enough of GK for a bit and decided to break out my Blood Angels!

Here's my list
Librarian w/shield, unleash rage

Assault terminators w/hammer, shields
Sang Priest w/power weapon

Assault squad x 10 w/2 melta gun, power fist
Assault squad x 5 w/melta gun, melta bombs, Rhino
Assault squad x 5 w/melta gun, melta bombs, Razorback w/Las-plas

Fast Attack
Baal Predator w/assault cannons, searchlight, dozer blade 
Baal Predator w/assault cannons, searchlight, dozer blade

Stormraven w/Multi-melta, assault cannon, searchlight
Stormraven w/Multi-melta, assault cannon, searchlight 

The first game of the day was against Albert from dracusjournal with his excellently painted Celestial lions Space Marines

His list:

2 x ironclad w/heavy flamer in drop pods (He was using contemptors as his ironclads. They are very cool looking and they look awesome in the gold paint)
7 x assault terminators in a LRC

Tac squad x 2 w/flamer. missile launcher, fist, one in a rhino, one in a pod
Scout squad w/combi-melta, fist

Fast Attack
Land speeder storm

Predator with lascannon sponsons
Bling, mothafuckin bling!
Albert's army is very well painted. He even has the celestial lion shoulder pads and rhino doors from forgeworld! They are spendy, but definitely add a unique feel to the army.

The mission for this game was a modified BAO. 2 40mm objectives in CnC deployment and 3 25mm objectives in seize ground deployment.  There was some other wackiness that got you points, but the main objectives were the objectives.  The mission deployment was dawn of war and Albert had the initiative.  He chose to go first and away we went!

He deployed one of his rhinos out to push me back and put Vulkan in the LRC with the termies. I had the priest in the SR with the 10 man assault squad, and the lib in the other SR with the hammer termies. I deployed nothing and kept everyone in DoW reserve

Turn 1, 2 of his dreadnought pods came down and scattered back about 7". The LRC moved up into the middle terrain and immobilized itself! The storm moved straight up the middle.
On my turn one, I moved everybody on. The rhino moved up front and popped smoke to screen his buddies. The AM SR moved up the right side to deal with his scoring unit and the termies SR moved up the left to flank him. Then shit got crazy!!! Or, I shot down the storm and killed a couple scouts... that was pretty much it for turn 1!

The aftermath of turn 1. The scouts are hiding behind the cup looking thing in the middle. My big objective is off screen to the bottom right and Albert's is under the LRC. The little ones are in a line across the middle.
Turn 2, Albert moves his forces up. Both dreads move up and run. The troop rhino moves up onto one of the objectives and the predator pivots. The other drop pod comes in as well in the backfield by my big objective. He combat squads and tries to put shots into the rear of my rhino, but to no effect. Shooting from his pred drops my SR even through the cover save for flat out! I suck at cover saves...
On my turn, I make a pretty aggressive move that will later come to bite me in the ass. I move the termies and Meph up on the left and the assault marines get out of the SR on the right.  The assault marines in the backfield get out of their rhino to deal with the tac squad that came out last turn. During my shooting, I wreck both ironclads, the tac Rhino, and kill a couple tac marines from the pod. I attempt to assault the tac marines from the rhino, but fall short. The 5 man from the rhino charges his 4 man tac squad and even with furious charge, I only kill one guy. With 3 attacks, the tac squad kills one of my guys... This is just a preview of things to come, haha

On Alberts turn 3, the termies come out to play...
Dead vehicles everywhere!!!

Mephiston and his pals admire their handiwork

His termies move up to play with my termies, Vulkan and the tac squad move up to battle my AMs, and the scouts move up to tangle with the termies as well. They crazy! The predator shoots at Meph and puts a wound on him, the drop pods shoot at my termies and kill 1... The scouts shoot at my termies and kill 1... The LRC shoots at my SR and shakes it... The tac squad and Vulkan fire on my AMs with fnp and kill three, including my priest...  pretty good round of shooting for Albert! He assaults the termies with his termies and the scouts, and the AMs with his tacs. I think he loses one to DT. What ends up happening here is that Albert wipes both of my squads! Wtf assault chapter?!?! I kill his scouts, but they fist out my Lib.  I kill 0 tac marines and 0 terminators. Awesome! In the remaining combat, he kills two more AMs since the other reduced combat squad joined in the fray.

I move Mephiston the hell out of there since he is just tearing ass through my assault squads like the are nothing! He goes to help my remaining scoring units. The Baals and the las/plas move to the right to put shots on his scoring unit that consolidated back into wrecks. The SR moves flat out to the back to get a multi-melta shot on the LRC. During shooting, I kill some tac marines and rip off the multi-melta from the LRC. F that! Meph jumps into the combat and kills himself some marines. They both consolidate back towards my objectives.

Bottom of turn three. Note the lack of any of my shit!

Hey guys!

His turn 4, he moves the termies up through the ironclad wreck and doesn't get far. The predator turns to fire on my SR, and the tacs hold strong. The LRC is out of range of anything, so he does nothing. The pred stuns my SR but it goes down to shaken thanks to Extra Armour. The termies run, but don't get very far. Not too bad this turn. I guess if I just stay out of combat, I'll be ok! Somehow Codex: Space Marines out assaulted the shit out of me!
On my four, I move Mephiston to the drop pod to keep it from shooting my guys on the objective. I move the 2 remaining dudes back into their Rhino and I move the Baals further to the right in hopes of making a last minute grab/contest of the objectives in the middle. The razor with my other scoring unit hides a bit. I shoot and kill some more tac marines, but they hold strong. The SR moved flat out into the predators face and stuns it I believe. Needless to say, Mephiston wins vs the Drop pod :)

Mephiston versus drop pod. Epic!

Shake it up!

4 men left!
On Albert's turn 5, he moves the termies closer and closer to my objective. The tacs don't move for some more missile action and the pred doesn't move because it can't! The termies run and the tac shoots a missile but it doesn't do much

On my 5, I move the Baals  and the razor in striking range. The game ends on turn 6 automatically with no Random Game Length, so I know what I need to do. I move Mephiston to the back of the termie sqaud in an effort to get them to pile back and give my objective some space. The SR Moves flat out to get a better shot on the pred. During shooting, I somehow manage to kill two of his termies that had been so hot on saves. I also manage to wipe out the rest of his tac squad with some lucky rends. I don't recall what happened to the predator. We move on to assault and his termies fail their Leadership for taking shooting casualties!!! Get out of here termies! And that pretty much sealed the deal for me. Without them to come after my objective, Albert had no chance to keep me from winning.

Mephiston enjoys long walks on the beach and escorting marines off the board
On Alberts 6, he moves to try and keep me from getting further objectives, but I already have a major victory at this point. I try to figure out how I can work a massacre out of what I have left, but losing my big scoring squad hurt a lot. I live with a major and shake the mans hand! it was a very fun game even though the middle turns sucked for me!

No marines here...


  1. It was a good game man! I think my biggest mistake was taking 1st turn. I was honestly surprised that I was able to get the upper hand in some of those assaults.

    1. Sometimes the dice just don't go my way, haha! How'd the tournament in lancaster go? Did you end up at Kinetic?

    2. Shenanigans on your dice sucking. That only happens when you play Eldar!!

      Sounds like a good match though. Way to assault it up Dracus.

    3. Let me tell you, my dice were not doing me any favors during that tournament. The only reason I beat Allan in the third game is because his dice did it for me!

  2. "Mephiston likeslong walls on the beach and escorting marines off the board"

    Love it!

    1. Lord of death is just an honorary title. He's really a sensitive guy on the inside!


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