Monday, March 26, 2012

Just another day...

That the preview of Dr. Who series 7 is out!!!!

A couple things about the trailer
  • DALEK!!! The Daleks have been mysteriously absent from Matt Smiths run on Dr. Who. There was one briefly in the last couple episodes of series 6, but that is not enough to fill my Dalek quota! MOAR DALEKS PLZ!
  • Cowboys... It looks like Matt is still wearing that cowboy hat for some freaking reason. And now he is battling alien Jonah Hex? Wtf is going on here? 
  • Cleopatra???  If I'm not mistaken, I think that's supposed to be the notorious Cleopatra that is mentioned over and over again throughout the series. Which brings up the question, Where's River Song? 
  • There's no preview of the new companion that I noticed. Maybe they haven't got any good scenes in yet, but it seems weird with the big announcement that they wouldn't even show a sneak peak
  • More Dr. who!!! I'm just excited that the 7th series is under way and more episodes will be coming our way in the near future!
Later this week, I will be recapping some of the masters series games I got in this weekend. 2 down, 6 to go!


  1. Daleks have popped in a few time in Matt Smith era: 3 episode of Season 3 was a dalek episode, which had them reborn (which is cool, since they kinda put them at the brink of extinction, which while a big victory for the Doctor, would have obviously made it harder for them to invade planets and shit.
    They later appeared to trap him in the Pandorica, and the last remaining Dalek chased them through the museum.

    Since then though, you are right, very little Daleks... but then again that means we might get a good Dalek storyline this series, we can only hope.
    The lack of the new companion makes sense, since she isn't slated to appear till the 5th episode or some shit, so they probably haven't shot too much with her yet. Previews are typically the first 3-5 episodes.

  2. Ahh, true that. Victory of the Daleks was one of my favorite episodes. I have the Daleks for victory! poster at my pad, haha. But that was more than two years ago and there has been barely a whisper of them. The Dalek in the Pandorica episode was weak. I didn't like the Pandorica thing at all.

    Yeah, it looked like the majority of the preview was from the same couple episodes. Hopefully there will be much less silence this season. Those things are lame. Only slightly better than Cybermen imo.

  3. Fuck that, I love the Silence (the actual fucking aliens). The way they use them was extremely cool in my opinion (ie. noticing the marks on their arms before the characters did always sent a shiver down my spine). Thought they were very good bad guys.

    Word round the campfire is that there will be an angel episode (also rumours are that will somehow tie into the end of Amy/Rory, not sure I believe that though). And I would expect Daleks to come back strong. Cybermen are cool as kinda supporting type characters, but as villans they suck bad. I thought they used them effectively in "A Good Man Goes to War" as not so much bad guys, but sort of neutralish.

    1. I dunno, by the end of that season I was pretty tired of them. They never seemed to do anything but get fucked up. Oh, they killed that fat lady in the white house. good job guys.

      I do like the angels, but mostly because blink was one of the best episodes ever. The only cybermen episode I liked was The other doctor. But not because of the cybermen, just because that was a cool episode.

  4. I dunno, they mind controlled the shit out of everyone in the first 2 episode ark, then got killed.
    When they came back in the last episode, due to the whole time fuckery, they killed some fools in the pyramid with a tarp. They killed Rory too. They seemed like such an insidious and creepy villan, it felt very doctor who (and VERY Stephan Moffet).

    Also, yeah, Blink was too good.

    1. But Rory always dies. That's nothing surprising. The thing I'm most confused about is... Is he still a plastic man? Does Amy bone a mannequin every night? Wouldn't the just make him a giant sex toy? These are the things that I think of when I watch Dr. Who

      I wish they would've made an episode where the Dr. met her while he and Martha were chasing Gargoyles. That would've been a good call back.


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