Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Dark Angels rumors!

This may be a bit of a stretch, but it seems reasonable enough to me when combined with the white dwarf spine...

Some of the painting kits were leaked today and they showed off the colors, the how to paint book, the dvd, the hobby starter kit, new brushes, and the paint sets for fantasy and 40k. Now, according to the limited amount of research I just did on Google, every other 40k paint set has included Ultramarines colors and figures. The previewed paint set on the other hand...

BLAM! Dark Angels!

This doesn't prove or disprove anything, but it does make a strong case for a DA codex in the near future. Stock up on your deathwing and robed marines now! They might be flying off the shelves pretty soon...


  1. Kanluwen over at Dakka helped identify the colors on the box for those who couldn't make them out (like me)

    From top left to bottom right and comparing it to the color chart:
    Ushtabi Bone
    Mournfang Brown
    Imperial Primer
    Mephiston Red
    Athonian Camoshade
    Caliban Green
    Runefang Steel

  2. Definitely a strong indicator of the Dark Angels being in the starter set for 6th Edition as well, since it makes far too much sense to have your paint set match your starter set (and the past precedent of the ultramarines ties into that).
    Anyway, nice work sleuth!

    1. Yeah, it correlates to fantasy as well. So, if GW follows their pattern then it's looking good.

  3. Replies
    1. You wouldn't know shit about cool if it whipped it's cool ass dick through your lame ass face!

  4. Of course since it's GW all "logic" goes out the window....

    But you would think that Black Templars would get updated before Dark Angels?

    Also, what's the precedence for Marine vs Chaos Marine in a starter box? Or am I just used to Marines vs Alien?

    1. Afaik, it's never happened. It's always been marines vs something. But this gives them the chance to include X number of marine bodies and then include kits to modify the bodies to either Chaos or DA.

      That would be unfortunate for those who like to split the starter box, but it would fit in their current trend of releasing multi-purpose kits. Ala the Catacomb command barge/annihilation barge and the ghost ark/doomsday ark, etc.


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