Monday, March 12, 2012

Necron, wtf is a necron?

This weekend I was lucky enough to be able to find some painted wraiths, scarabs, and immortals at my flgs for a pretty decent price. And with the upcoming escalation league that the store is running, I figured why the hell not and I picked them up. My buddy also has an extensive collection of everything not marine, so I figured I could patch any holes with his collection.

Also, Necrons and BA can ally... right?
Tyranids are for bitches, amirite???
The first couple matches are going to be at 1000 points so I wanted to talk about some of the units that look good to me and then what I plan on trying for the first game. Check it!

The necron book seems to be one with a lot of synergistic units. They rely on one another to put out their full  effect. This is cool as it opens up unit interactions that are pretty powerful! But at the same time, once you lose key pieces of your interactions, your power level diminishes a lot. Some pieces of the puzzle do not stand well by themselves.

There are the obvious interactions like Scarab farm, then there are the ones that are a little less obvious. A phaeron lord with an orb, a maxed block of warriors, and a vieltek can cause some serious hurt on anything you put in front of it. Add a Triarch stalker to the mix and you have a beastly shooting unit.  A Triarch stalker and any tesla unit (that's not already twin linked) can net you some more 6's as well.  Then there's writhing worldscape/orikan/tremorstaves which slow your opponent down to a crawl! These are all interesting and some are quite powerful, but I want to talk a bit about the units that stand well on their own.

Necron overlord w/warscythe and CCB:  The "surflord" as he's called on the internet. With the ability to move flat out, av 13 front and side, and the symbiotic repair ability, these guys are extremely hard to take out at range. Factor that in with a solar pulse or two and this guy is definitely getting in your opponents face.  The price is a bit steep at 180 points, but the surflord has the ability to run roughshod over a static gunline. Whether it be troops or vehicles, he's going to be killing something. And if you can skim over something with only a 12" move, you have a better chance to hit and you can jump out and charge something! Then get back in and do it again! The surflord is definitely an A+ unit.

Wraiths: Wraiths are an unusual unit. They are a hardcore, fast, CC unit with initiative 2... Luckily they have the ability to take whip coils that will drop models in B2B to 1. They got a little nerfed with the last faq that said reduced models still get their I  bonuses, but I think these guys are pretty excellent for 35 points a pop. Really, their only weakness is to stuff that can instant kill them, but with a 3++ they won't be dying very fast.

Annihilation barges: Another stand out unit that doesn't need support. The Annihilation barge can lay out firepower equivalent to a psyrifleman, with the chance to do even more for 45 less points! The only downsides to the barge are that it's not fast so you can't move very far and fire all weapons, The tesla guns are AP-, so glances aren't going to do much, and the range is fairly limited. Even with those limitations, this is by far the best standalone heavy support choice in the codex.

Necron immortals: Out of the two troop choices, the Immortals have far more staying power and potential for damage output. I think they are best run with Tesla for troop killing (an area Necrons sort of lack), but I haven't tried them with Gauss.

Overall, I think the Necron Codex is very powerful. At least on par with the second tier codexes, if not higher. From what I can see, the main weakness in most lists is going to be punching high armour value targets and killing elite infantry en masse.  A squad of hammernators is not something I would want to see across the table from me as a necron player.

Here's the list I plan on bringing to the first week of league play. Let me know what you think!

"Surflord"  Overlord w/warscythe, CCB
Royal court - Cryptek w/harbinger of destruction, solar pulse

Fast Attack
Wraiths x 5 w/whip coils x 2, particle caster
Scarabs x 10

Immortals x 10 w/tesla
Warriors x 5

Annihilation Barge x 2


  1. I think,

    Annihilation barges are rediculous.
    Surflords are OP


    Wraiths are useless.

    Also, night fighting is silly.

    1. I think the barges are a bit undercosted, that's for sure. How are surflords OP? They could be pretty good against your Orks, but being good against one army doesn't make something OP.

      Wraiths are useless? What do you mean?

  2. In my opinion, anything that does damage in the movement phase is OP.

    Deffrollas come to mind. They do allow you to get into the multiple KP a turn from a single model and that is pretty rare in this edition of 40k

    My example of this would be my BW tank shocking 3 units and a tank. Broke one unit off the table, flat out killed a 3 man henchmen squad and blew up a razorback in the movement phase. Granted it situational, still OP. 3kp and wounds on a 4th unit...

    While the surflord doesn't have the potential for damage it still wreaks havoc and is incredibly hard to kill, as you stated. Also No cover vs. Surflords = poop!

    Wraiths are I2. That's not good. Whip Coils can be shenanigan'ed around. My issue with them is they are hard to kill. 3++ is what it is, but they aren't exceptionally tough, and they don't kill all that great. Rending is inconsistent at best. I feel like wraiths are a massive tar pit and not a hammer. If that's what you are going for with Scarabs and Wraith tarpits, then you got that on lock down. Scarabs are a harder hammer than wraiths in my opinion, and that in general is pretty lame. At least GW finally made a decent swarm... lol

    1. Oh yeah, I2 also makes you more vulnerable to unlucky rounds and sweeping advance. You know what beats 3++? Removing all your models because you had 1 bad round of combat. I realize that can happen to anyone, but I2 makes you more vulnerable to that. I think I said the same thing twice... whatev's

    2. Wraith's are fearless. You must know as much about necrons as you do about mega-nobs. Noob!

    3. More like Mega-noob! Amirite!?!?!

  3. Well, you say Op, I say design mechanic. A lot of people confuse the two. Just because another army doesn't have something similar doesn't mean that it's op. Just a different mechanic.

    Deffrollas are definitely situational. Your opponent has to specifically line things up for you to get multiple hits like that. Sounds like a poor player to me.

    Wraiths are definitely a tarpit. I wouldn't disagree with that. But one round of good rolling and you will wipe an opponent off the table. And they have the survivability to hang out until you get that round of good rolling. They also have weight of attacks and mobility to get where they need to be.

    The scarabs require a large investment in points to properly be a "hammer". the base is 600 points for three squads of three spyders and 10 scarabs with no upgrades anywhere. You also lose all of your heavy support to 9 MCs who most likely won't kill anything on their own. I'm not saying it's a bad mechanic, it's just costly.

  4. It is costly, but that shit ate my whole fucking army in 1 turn. Literally.

    1 unit of scarabs wiped out my entire chaos army while the rest of his stuff his in the back. There are very few armies that can deal with that efficiently.

    I guess Wraiths are fearless also, at least they don't die to SA, but still are not the killiest unit.

    When the Tritarch Stalker (spelling?) models come out they are a lot more synergistic with the rest of the Necron forces, and also bad ass. Wraiths will continue to be mediocre at best.

  5. Well, like I said, the necron codex has a lot of synergy. I think the assault list is the best of the bunch right now. Imagine if you had a sacarab farm list against the IG guy you played at the BAO. You would've most likely raped his face off. Night fighting and constant spawning of dudes that will eat multiple tanks is IGs nightmare.

    What wraiths do in this matchup is provide cover for the scarabs and eat shots. Also, they kill the shit out of tanks with s6 rending attacks.

    Necrons seem like a very meta army. They can be designed to absolutely rape mech lists or provide a ridiculous amount of firepower at 24". I personally like the mech raping version for now and I think wraiths are a key part of that. You need something to tie up deathstar type units and the wraiths are best for that imo. You don't want scarabs going against paladins or hammernators. You will get killed as fuck.


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