Friday, March 2, 2012

Soft Scores and losing like Men! BAO Team Event.

The Bay Area Open Team Event was Dok and I's first endeavor into the doubles world.

After hours of deliberation we decided on the following lists:



Librarian - Fear of the Dark / Shielding

5 Death Company with 1 Power Fist
Death Company Dread with Blood Talons

Heavy Support
StormRaven - Assault Cannon / Multi-Melta
StormRaven - Assault Cannon / Multi-Melta

Blood Lord Soldado (Myself, duh!)

Psycher Battle Squad +4 Psychers in a Chimera with Heavy Bolter and Multilaser Turret
Psycher Battle Squad +4 Psychers in a Chimera with Heavy Bolter and Multilaser Turret

Veterans + 3 Meltas
Veterans + 3 Meltas
Veterans + 3 Meltas

Fast Attack

Results after the break!!

So on my way to set up for game 1, I dropped all my shit and it broke all my Vendettas. Yeah, that sucked...


We got paired up against a full Chaos Space Marine army, Team Chaos Undivided.

1 of each marked squad, a Lash Prince, 2 x 2 Oblits, a Landraider, and Abbadon!!

We were a little over aggressive and it got a vendetta eaten by the Lash Prince, but nothing in Chaos Space Marines stands up to Mephiston. There was a few crucial moments, but it was well in hand. Team 3forint gets a 9 point Victory!  (Full Points)


US: As above.

Birdmen (Ironically)
GKs / Ravenwing.


2 Psyflemen Dread, Purifiers in LasBacks, Crowe, Vindicare
2 Typhoons, 1 Tornado, 1 big bike squad with plasmaguns and a Multi-Melta attack bike, 1 small bike squad with flamers and a Multi-Melta attack bike, oh and Sammael! All the crazy special Chars. came out to play!

This game is long end of the table deployment. The Ravenwing all reserved out. GKs reserved the purifiers.

We moved up and blew up the 2 dreads, 1 LasBack and the Assassin on turn 1, and it was all downhill for them.  Basically game over by turn 3. Tabled on turn 5 with like 1.25 hours left.


We are at the top table now with max battle points scored and we get paired with Warboss Rus and Dave Fay. They have Black Templars and BW Orks.

Dave has
3 5 man squads of Terms with 2 cyclone ML's and tank hunters ... and 2 5 man squads of dudes with 1 Lascannon each.

Rus has 3 Battlewagons, each with 18 boyz and 1 KFF Big Mek.

The deployment was crazy and a lot of the game came down to us going first.

It was a very hard game, it came down to the wire with time and everything, but it resulted in us tabling them on turn 6.

One would assume that the guys that got Max points for all games would have at least placed in the top 3, but alas, we did not. Painting and various other things accounted for 25 of the 52 possible points and with me having a very poorly painted army, we only received half points, leaving us 3 points out of the prizes.

Warhammer isn't only about killing your opponents! Even though we were at the top table, we had no real chance of winning it seems.

I would like to thank all of our opponents for great games. It was fun to play some of the top local So Cal talent. I am disappointed in the results of the event, but I appreciate the opportunity, so thanks for that. It was ironic that 2 of the 3 teams we beat ended up getting prizes. The key to success in teams events is losing to Team Dok / Soldado!!

Tomorrow is the start of the 2 day singles event. I think Dok has a good chance with his GK. I have a little less faith in my Orks unless my dice stay hot!!

Top Teams were:

Yakkface and Jankaithin (How the fuck do you spell that?) with Tau / Nids??? WTF!??!?!
2nd place was a Mexican guy and his amigo.
3rd place was Dave and Rus

Some dude got $100.00 for wearing a tench coat and a Nazi hat. (That happened!)

Best painted was the Chaos Dudes we beat in game 1.

More to come from the Bay Area Open!!!

(P.S. I hear nerds in the hotel hallway)

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  1. More like black tamponlars, amirite!! Those were some good games, but it is a huge burn that we were out of it from the beginning since our shit wasn't painted well enough.


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