Monday, April 23, 2012

Adepticon final results! Plus a bonus rant!

For those who don't know, Adepticon was this weekend and it's kind of a big deal.  Check out the top 16 for the 40k singles:


Warhammer 40K Championships (Top 16)
Alexander Fennell – Necrons
Tony Grippando – Grey Knights
Mike Mutscheller – Space Wolves
Justin Cook – Grey Knights
Bill Kim – Chaos Daemons
Jose Mendez – Dark Angels
Joakim Engstrom – Grey Knights
Doug Johnson – Orks
Brett Perkins – Imperial Guard
Paul Murphy – Grey Knights
Tony Kopach – Space Wolves
Dave Ankarlo – Grey Knights
Brad Chester – Grey Knights
Nick Nanavati – Grey Knights
Reece Robbins – Eldar
Tim Gorham – Grey Knights

After the jump, I will break down the armies and give some of my "thoughts" on the tournament

That's 1 necron, 1 chaos daemon!, 1 eldar!!(go Reece!), 2 space wolves(booo), 1 dark angels, 1 IG, 1 Ork, and 8 Grey Knights!  Including the eventual overall winner Brad Chester. You can watch the final game between Tony Kopach and Brad Chester here. And you can find Brad's GK list here.

It's pretty interesting that there were so many Grey Knights at the top tables. I'm not familiar with the missions, but they must have been at least somewhat favorable to GK players. The worst part of GK players doing so well, is that a whole new wave of anti-GK sentiment is brewing up again. It's pretty ridiculous. I can only speak from my experience, but higher level tournaments on the west coast are not dominated by any codex in particular. They are dominated by the same players who play their armies well.

The worst thing about this is that it just becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. People will whine about Grey Knights being OP, which will cause some of those people to pick up GK to see what all the fuss is about, leading to more people playing GK, which leads to more people whining about all the people playing GK.  Seriously, stop it!  I know the internet is 4 porn, but it also seems to be 4 bitching and complaining.  If you go back and look at the list of the top 16 above, you will notice that there are still "lower tier" armies on that list. Piloted by excellent generals who are able to navigate through the mire of "unbeatable" Grey Knights and come into the top 16.  There is even a Chaos Daemon player in the top 16!

Look, I accept that the GK codex is good. I wish more codexes were as good! I still think SW is by far the best overall book. With equal rolls and equal skill on both sides, I think a SW army will beat a GK army 7/10 times. I also think Necrons is far under-represented. Whether that be because the bandwagoners are still playing GK or because the full range isn't supported, I don't know for sure. But I think they are on a similar level to GK. They just play differently due to being a xenos army.  

Really, the world would be a better place and people would be overall much better players if they spent more time figuring out how to improve their skills and less time whining about OPness. 

Haha, I said Pness.



  1. I agree with you 95%.

    The players make more of a difference than the codex, but the GK codex is pretty strong. I don't think it's as bad as people say, but it is good. The fact that as many people made it to the top 16 with the codex shows a little of that. It can be said that, yes these people would have made it anyways, and that since the most played army at Adepticon was GK that it made sense that more people would be represented in the top 16 but, these skilled players chose Gk's because they knew Gk's had an edge. That's the bottom line. If the players had the skill to make it, they also had a reason to chose GK's.

    Also, Dugg is my hero for wooping so much ass with Orks lately.

    Makes me feel even better about my showing at the BAO. lol!

    1. There's a bit of interesting hyperbole over on dakka in the stupid "GK are the most OP dex in a century" or whatever thread that showed that the majority of people playing GK in the top tier were playing SW last year. Which backs up my bandwagon theory a bit. People want to win so they jump to whatever people are perceiving as the best book. Besides that, they are good player so they make it to the top tables.

  2. "majority of people playing GK in the top tier were playing SW last year. Which backs up my bandwagon theory a bit."

    That doesn't backup the bandwagon theory. That essentially shows that "top-tier" players, wanting to win, see something inherently stronger with the GK dex, over SW. OR top-tier players are possibly getting bored with SW, and looking for a viable alternative. Peeps on the bandwagon, are the lurkers at the LGS that no one wants to play hahaha.

    I get that people want competitive 40k, heck I do. It's a great game, with a wonderful fictional world.. but it's just not there. There was a former employee posting on Reddit that essentially stated that GW's sentiment was, if you wanted a competitive mini.war game, play something else (that's balanced, and designed for it). He went on the state that GW didn't want anything to do with competitive gaming. (bols the article and link).

    1. I feel that if you switch armies because it's the "new hotness" (paraphrasing) then that is absolutely bandwagoning. It's not necessarily a bad thing to take what you feel is the strongest army to a competitive event. But basing that feeling off of shit you read on the internet and not actual skill and/or playtesting is what I'm railing against.

      I absolutely agree with you on your second point. Even our own Soldado was told the exact same thing when he went to interview for a managerial position. He suggested that they support the tournament section of the game and they flat out told him that they don't care. At this point, the tournament circuit is 100% supported by the player base who want to play their favorite game in a competitive environment. I don't think that is wrong and I think GW are absolute fools for not taking advantage of this section of the player base.


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