Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Battle Report! 1500 points of Orks vs GK awesomeness!

For the third time, me and Soldado decided to throw down some Ork on GK madness.  I'm trying to figure out a 1500 point list for an upcoming GT so I asked him to try a couple practice games against me!

Check out game 1!
And game 2!

Here's my list. It's pretty standard purifier spam, which kind of bores me to play, but 1500 is a hard point level for GK. The optimal list is probably henchmen spam... but fuck that. DCAs are a crutch!

Castellan Crowe
Xenos Inq w/psyker upgrade, psyko-troke

5 man Purifiers w/2 x psycannons, 3 x halberds, Razorback w/psybolt
5 man Purifiers w/2 x incinerators, 3 x halberds, Razorback w/psybolt
10 man Purifiers w/4 x psycannons, 5 x halberds, 1 x Daemon hammer, psybolt, Razorback w/psybolt
5 man Strike Squad w/psycannon

Dreadnought w/2 x autocannon. psybolt ammo
Dreadnought w/2 x autocannon. psybolt ammo
Dreadknight w/Heavy Incinerator

I think Soldado tried to squeeze in a bit too much at 1500 without enough support. Check out his list

Big Mek w/power Klaw, KFF

Nobz w/ stuff, Battlewagon w/deffrollas and other stuff
19 boyz w/nob, power klaw
19 boyz w/nob, power klaw
10 grots w/herder


Battle wagon x 2 w/deffrollas and other stuff

We played the BAO mission since that's the format the tournament is going to be in. With 4 points given for each mission won, and 2 for each one drawn.  We rolled deployment and got spearhead... I hate spearhead...

Also, the pics came out a bit fuzzy at first because Soldado had his grubby paws all over it! 

For possibly one of the first times ever, Soldado wins the roll to go first! He picks the NW table corner (Everything is from my perspective btw. I'm an egomaniac!) and lines up his wagons on the spearhead bubble. He starts the kopta towards the middle to the north of his wagons and keeps his grots in reserves.

Multi-colored wagons of doom!!!
I deployed opposite of him in the SE in a kind of spread out, shotgun blast deployment in an effort to dodge multiple hits from the deffrollas. I choose to deep strike the strike squad (crazy, right?) and deep strike the Dreadknight since he doesn't have a teleporter. Check it!
Grey Knights love christmas trees, it's a fact
I combat squad the 10 manner and put the psycannons in the area terrain with the christmas trees. The incinerator dudes are behind the trees. Crowe is behind the big ruin. The 5 man w/halberds and the hammer are in the razor behind the big ruin with the Inquisitor.

Bonus! Check out Soldado's messy ass garage!

Our 40mm objectives are in our respective corners, and the 25mm objectives are in a line along the middle of the table. One is on the third story of the ruin in the pic above, the other is in the christamas trees, and the last is mid-table on the other side of the table.

Soldado decides to scout his Deffkopta, but I've been psychologically warfaring him the whole time. Convincing him I'm going to seize the intiative. So he scouts behind a ruin in the NE quarter instead of straight at me. Buahaha! I try to seize and fail.

He moves his deffkopta at my purifiers in the trees and moves his wagons behind the ruin in the middle.
He then assaults my psycannon group of purifiers...
This is what happens
I shuffle my dudes around to try and get shots on the yellow wagon side armor and score a weapon destroyed with all of my shooting. Including 16 psycannon shots... I heard psycannons are good at punching AV14, right???

Not for me...

Here's what things look like at the bottom of 1
Notice Crowe Creepin up the left... He so sneaky!!
Soldado's turn two, he rolls for his reserves and his grots come in on his CnC objective. He moves the yellow wagon with the shoota boyz up 7" past the middle ruin. The other wagons swing up and put their butts on the side of the yellow wagon about 13". He doesn't disembark anything and decides to open up some whoop ass on my purifiers in cover.  Shoota boyz shoot a lot and kill 3 of my psycannons... Booo
The shootas mowed down the trees as well. Orks hate christmas... Wait.. Was the Grench an Ork???
On my turn, the Strike Squad came in...
Ohhai Grots!
I move my dreads a bit to get a better side angle. The other psycannon crew jumps out and the incinerator crew motors up in their face and jumps out. Crowe jumps out from his hiding place intent on rending a wagon down!

Having the same squad markings is for bitches!
In shooting, I bust some shots at his grots and he goes to ground. Making 3 of 6, 6+ cover saves... The grots also do not break. They are the hardest grots ever!  The dread on the south table edge lines up a narrow shot on the yellow wagon and wrecks it with all the cover in the world! Shoulda saved those 6's, Soldado!
LoS? I has that
The boyz hop out on the north side of the wagon with the klaw in the east most front. Everything else besides the incinerator crew shoots at the HQ+nob wagon and ends up exploding it! At this point, Soldado has not made many cover saves. Keep that in mind later when his attack rolls make up for that!
My dreads are much betta tankbustas :)
I drop both the incinerators on the Nobs and do 4 or 5 wounds in total. At this point, he makes a lot of Feel no pain rolls and 5+ invulns.  Crowe assaults the wagon and does a spin attack. He hammerhands and rends! on a 4...
And I get a 1 on the rending roll...
And a 1 on the damage roll...
Wah wah...

On his turn 3, he moves his last wagon through my incinerator purifier and their razorback. Wrecking the razorback and doing nothing to the purifiers. The slugga/choppa boyz inside jump out. Ghaz and his crew move towards the incinerator squad. The shoota boyz roll out towards Crowe with some kind of crazy hair up their ass.
I knew I shoulda killed that one too!

The shoota boyz open up on Crowe and I fail one armour save out of 7! Crowe is a bad ass! Or statistically average... Ghaz calls his WAAGGHH!! Ghaz and nobz fleet to spread out to multi-assault the incinerator squad and the remnants of the 4 psycannon squad. The slugga/choppa boyz out of the last wagon fleet to the 5 man psycannon squad and their ride.


He assaults Crowe with the shoota boyz, the two squads of purifiers with ghaz and the nobz, and the 5 man squad and the razorback with they boyz. Soldado then remembers what cleansing flame does to Orks :)

Crowe kills 10 boyz in the first round with cleansing flame and no retreat and decides to defend since the Nob is not in assault range. Even with re-rolls to hit, Soldado can't get a wound through his re-reollable 2+! Btw, Soldado's 6+ is on fire when he makes 4 out of 7 no retreat saves!

Notice the lack of fucks Crowe gives. He'll take em all!

The incinerator and psycannon purifiers in the middle get cleansing flame off twice and put a grip of wounds on his squad. I end up reducing his numbers and remaining wounds a lot, but he eats me for breakfast with all his power klaw attacks.

Here, there used to be Purifiers...

The other assault versus the 5 man goes as it should (as far as I'm concerned, haha). He kills two purifiers and I kill a bunch of Orks between cleansing flame and no retreat saves.  He whiffs on the razorback since it moved 12"
That's how we roll!

On my turn 3, the Dreadknight deep strikes in from reserves by his HQ group. The dreads move further away, and the last purifier squad jumps out of the razorback to move over to help their still alive buddies. The strike squad moves to eat grots, buahahahaha!!!

The Dreadknight blasts the nobz and the wagon and puts a couple more wounds on them. I think at this point everyone but Ghaz has taken a wound and he is down to 4 nobz. The strike squad shoots the grots and he has actual cover from me now, so I only kill a couple. The dreads blast the last Battlewagon and explode that shit!

Ohhai Ghaz!

I charge the slugga/choppa boyz with the inquisitor and purifier crew and get a 6 on the psyko-troke! Unfortunately he only fails 4 of his 9 initiative tests.  And then I kill 4 models with halberds... Guess which ones he removes? I also fail 2/3 psychic tests on 11! He kills a couple of my guys and he's down to just two boyz and the nob.

Psychic tests? Who need psychic tests???

The Strike Squad charges the grots and they kill them. Surprise! 

Crowe and the boyz throw down again and I kill some more boyz. He ends up getting past my re-rollable 4+ with the klaw and consolidates towards the middle objective with the remaining 3 boyz and Nob.

"I regret noootthiiiiiinnnn..."

At the bottom of turn 3, I have his CnC objective, mine is contested, he has one seize ground (With the nobz in the christmas trees), and the KP count is Dok 5 - Soldado 4. A very close game!

On Soldado's 4, he moves his Big Mek and Ghaz towards the Dreadknight. The Nobz move to back up the solo Nob in combat. They Boyz move to get the middle seize ground in the big ruin.

Ghaz and the mek charge into my Dreadknight.  I kill the Mek, but Ghaz smacks down the Dreadknight. I guess the Dreadknight loses the rubber match!

He's just resting his eyes...

The back-up Nobz prove to be super effective and wipe both my remaining purifier squads.  He only has two wounded Nobz out in the open after combat though.

That's quite a few 40's I'm gonna have to pour...

My turn 4, I move the dreads to get shots at the dudes in cover. The razors move to shoot the remaining nobz. (Since I really can't hurt Ghaz.)

I shoot down the Nobz and kill two of the remaining Boyz. They make morale though :(

Blurry action shot!!

On his turn 5, He moves Ghaz towards my dread on the Eastern table edge, but slow and purposeful keeps him off me.

Why so slow, Ghaz???

On my 5, I move everything to shoot at the boyz. If I kill them, I think I'll be doing ok... What I fail to do at this point is count KP. Unbeknownst to me we are tied. So, like a dummy, I don't move my dread that Ghaz is getting closer and closer to.

Epic strike squad of epicness!

I shoot and kill the Boyz!

Bottom of 5, I have CnC and Soldado has no chance of getting it. No one has seize ground. We tally up the KP and I'm up 9-8. I roll to continue... And we do!

On Soldado's turn, he walks ghaz up to my dread and punches it's face off. For some reason I thought he was up on KP, so I decided to try and stretch my dudes (Unsucessfully I might add) to a seize ground objective. We play on to turn 7 and I do no wounds to Ghaz :(

But, I do win!
CnC - Dok
Seize ground - not claimed
Kill points - Tied at 9 a piece! 

This was a super bloody game and the dice were turning on both of us! Soldado missed some key cover saves turn two, but I missed some key wounding rolls turns 3-5! Pretty much once he got into assault, nothing could stop him.

A cool thing I have seen in other battle reports is unit ratings. I would like to give that a shot and see if I can represent my units effectively in this game
Dok's unit grades

Crowe - B+ 
He got a glance on a wagon and greatly diminished a boyz squad. Can't really ask for more than that!
Xenos Inquisitor - D-
He tossed some grenades and made a successful hammerhand check, but he died like a bitch when the nobz came to play. He really had little to no effect on the game
5 man Purifier squad with psycannons - C
They took some shots and killed some Orks in the back field. Pretty average
10 man Purifier - C+
The psycannons were pretty ineffective, but the other half of the squad laid down some hurt. They protected the home objective as best as they could. 
5 man Purifiers with incinerators - B-
They did a bunch of wounds to the nobz in shooting and CC. I threw them out as sacrificial lambs and they ate a WAAGH!!ed Ghaz. Their chances of living past that turn were slim to none, and they proved it was the latter!
Strike squad - B
These guys only get a B because they won me the game. It doesn't take an action star to kill some Grots, it just takes some dudes. And they were those dudes!
Dreadnought (South table edge) - A+ 
He wrecked two wagons and lived to tell the tale. He's definitely the hero of the day. Every turn of shooting was effective! Except when I was wasting shots on Ghaz at the end! 
Dreadnought (East table edge) - A-
He wrecked a wagon and killed some key dudes. He only gets a lower rating because I forgot to move him and Ghaz wrecked his ass! 
Dreadknight - C-
Meh. He came, he flamed, and Ghaz put him down. He did trade KPs and put wounds on the Nobz. So not bad, just not super effective. 

Soldado's Unit Grades

Ghaz – A+
Killed everything he touched and was my only model left standing. I don’t understand any person that says he’s not amazing. Dreadknight, Dreadnaught, and an assist on the shooty half of the combat squaded Purifiers. +2.5 KP
 Big Mek – D-
Kustom Forcefield failed every save. Worst 4+ ever…
Nobz – B+
Nobz killed quite a few dudes, but they are notoriously bad vs. GK. Still they managed to get allocated to death rather than ID’d all over so there is that.
Shoota Boyz – C
Shot down 3 of the Psycannons on turn 2. Killed Crowe, but took too many losses to survive the game.  Meh.
Choppa Boyz – C+
Put in quite a few hits on 2 Purifier squads and the nob wiped up the 2nd ½ of the combat squaded Purifiers. Ork suck vs purifiers, but they did their best considering.
Deffkopta – F
I used him all wrong, and he literally did nothing but die. Fail. I think this guy alone cost me the game. I think in spearhead vs. people that castle I should outflank regardless of going first, unless there is a very very clear target.
Battlewagons – C
3 Battlewagons lived passed turn 1, on turn 2, all but 1 died, but I was already close to where I need to be. If the KFF didn’t let me down I might have made it farther. The one that got to move on turn 2 exploded a Razorback with its ram hit (Not the Deffrolla) so at least it got its KP back. It also got to deliver the choppa boyz into the backfield and left the harassment begin.


  1. It was my closest game yet Versus your goddamned Grey Knights.

    I made a few simple mistakes, Like I shouldnt have stood that yellow dude on top of the building and Been in everyone's LOS.Might not have made a difference.

    I have some new ideas on how to use my CnC objective and Grots, but that will have to be tested later....

    Goddamn KFF sucked ass...

    1. I think keeping your guys in turn 2 was a good plan, but you prolly should've moved away from Crowe. He doesn't care about no shoota shots.


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