Friday, April 20, 2012

Hordes : The Beginning! OOOIINNNKK!!!

With little hesitation, I have decided to venture in to the War-ma-hordes arena for a second time.

I was a little disappointed with the way my initial foray went, but a lot of people, who's opinions I respect, tell me that the game is awesome. I will give it another round.

I chose to go with the later end of the Warmahordes amalgamation of a word, so I decided to go with Minions. I realize this puts me in a precarious position as far as model selection and diversity goes, but I think if I stick with this game for any amount of time, then having a base in the section that allies with other armies will give me more diversity later. Will it work out... Fuck if I know!! Ha! Trying to plan for the future is a silly prospect!!

What I did like was bad ass super pigs!

OOOOOOIIIIINNNNKK!!! is almost as good as WAAAGGGHH!!!!


A little painting after the break for those so intrigued to click!

I was looking over the model line and I was like

WAATT!! Giant Pigs with freaking RPGs!?!!? This is something I can get into, so I made the initial purchase of 1 Gun Boar as entrance to the last 40k RTT I played in.

I cleaned up the flash and got some primer on him.

Pretty well constructed. I was going to pin the gun to the dudes back / shoulders but instead I broke my drill bit and stabbed the nub into my finger so I decided to skip that part.

The sculpt is pretty simple and I was looking around yesterday for a color scheme.

I like red armies. (Except Blood Angels, Fuck you Dok) I like Khorne, I liked Khador, and I am drawn to Skorne. I was told that Skorne play a lot like the Khador I didn't like though so I decided against that.

With that in mind though, they will probably be the first "real" army I branch out to so I decided to make my paint scheme line up with them a little.

I am pretty decent at reds by now also, which is a huge plus for me.

I am thinking of Black / Grey pigs, rather than brown, and some strong reds on the armor with lots of brass.
BLOOD FOR THE BLO... oh wait.

Here is the first stages of paint on the Gun Boar.

I need to the flesh fur and straps, but I am pleased with the cannon and the red areas.

I will hopefully get to the skin and fur this weekend.

Til next time!


  1. The red areas look pretty clean so far. Maybe you should do them as black boars like Scott had?

  2. Just starting on Hordes myself so will be keeping an eye on how you go!

    1. Nice, there will be more of that content coming up. We will get some battle reports up once we get our armies going.


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