Monday, April 16, 2012

Kingdom Con results and unit rankings

I ended up 4-1-1 over the weekend in San Diego and I wanted to take a minute to review the units I took individually and maybe think about any adjustments I need or want to make to my list. 

Before I get into that, I want to just real quick give a shout out to the folks that placed

Best Painted: Israel Sanchez’s Tau
Renaissance  Man: Dave Fay’s Black Templars
3rd Best General: Doug Johnson’s Battlewagon Orks
2nd Best General: David Key’s Scarab Farm Necrons
Tournament Champion: Cooper Wadell’s Tyranids

The top 3 all ended up 5-0-1, which is an excellent finish for 6 games. If I could've beaten Dave's necrons, I might've been right there! I ended up as best Blood Angel, but in a last minute change, they announced that they didn't have the budget for the best of army prizes. Wah wah...

But, I'll get 'em next time! On to the unit grades!

Mephiston - B+
He did a lot of the heavy lifting in my matches. The only time he failed me was in the match I lost vs necrons. He whiffed on killing 5 scarab bases and then failed his one armour save to lose it to entropic strike! Wtf Mephiston! But in every other game he had a huge impact. At the very least, he's a scary presence and pushed my opponent back out of his threat range.

Librarian - C
The man himself did not do much during any of my games. Shield didn't come into play that much during the tournament and I failed 3 critical fear of the dark psychic tests... So, I gave him a mediocre score because he did fear of the dark a critical grey hunter unit and a combat squad of paladins.

Furioso - B
I might have played the furioso a bit aggressive in my matches but it seemed to pay off for me more often than not. Most opponents have to react to him coming down, otherwise he will tear their backfield up. I think I need to use smoke when  I land against shooty armies more often. Giving him up to one melta gun to kill 2 long fangs isn't that awesome. Other than the effect of making him pull all two of his units of hunters back. 

5 man assault squad - C

They scored, they died. They didn't have a huge effect on any of the games. The las/plas razorback was pretty key and did a lot of wounds on peoples faces. I might look into investing in more of these turrets. At least so I can have the option of switching the tops of my rhinos.

10 man assault squad - D

The ten man squad wasn't that awesome. They were best when they didn't get out. I think I expected them to do more than they actually did in CC. More often then not, they just got out of their rhino, shot some meltas and then got charged like bitches. I might switch the rhino to a drop pod, but the rhino helped me win more games than these guys did, so I dunno...

5 man scout squad - A

They hid, they scored, they got red thirst 1/3 of my games! Basically they were the rock that held my CnC objective down. 

Baal preds - B+

Baal predators just don't die. The only game I lost them was against the first GK player. The assault cannons just tear through both infantry and tanks alike. I really like the addition of the heavy bolter sponsons. They add a bit more range and a bit more anti-infantry to my list. 

Auto/las preds - A

These were the real all-stars of my list. They killed most things that they touched and took hardly any damage the whole tournament. It's very difficult to get through av 13 at that range, apparently. Most people are rocking s8 shots and those aren't very good against av13. I do need to keep something in the backfield to keep away CC units though. Maybe that's where my ten man should hang out? I'm not sure, but the predators are here to stay.

Rifleman dread - B-

The dread was alright. I don't know if I will run him again, but he did add a bit of consistency to my otherwise hot or cold rolling.  He killed some things, but I was definitely missing the s8 from the grey knights dreads. They mow through av10. S7 ones are only ok.

All in all, I really like how my list performed. The only game I lost, I lost to my rolls. My necrons opponents dice were on fire, and mine were not. I think with decent rolls I could have beat him, but it was not to be. The draw game against Shane was completely due to my mistake, but that was a super intense game and I was drained as hell after it. Both of these guys were real good, but I feel I could've won those games. I'll be tooling around with my BA a bit more this year, with maybe a quick GK tournament or two to mix it up!

I think I might replace the 10 man squad's rhino with a drop pod to have a late game scoring drop, but I will have to play with that idea. The magna grapple on the dread didn't do too much, but I think it would be excellent against MSU armies. The rifleman might hit the bricks since he's painted to my GK scheme. I would love to replace him with another predator, but I'm all out of chassis.

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