Monday, April 2, 2012

More Dark Angels news: WD Spine Image part 4!

Which one is the darkest angle???
The latest white dwarf was released this weekend and of course it brought us another part of the "mystery" that is the image on the spine. Here's a look at the compiled image as of April's WD. 

The fourth part of the image actually creates more questions than It answered! Why are there two plasma coils? What's that glowy thing on his chest? Is that a hilt of a sword... Of secrets?

I'm still fairly convinced that this is Azreal, but the double plasma is kind of throwing me off. Maybe that's new wargear in the next book? Or It could be a plasma blaster. Forgeworld has been tossing those around pretty liberally lately.

For those that don't know a plasma blaster has the following profile

Plasma Blaster R18"  Str 7 AP2  Assault 2, Get's Hot!

This would be a serious upgrade for marines everywhere. Especially those of the assaulting type. A 6" move and 18" range puts these at the same max distance as a regular plasma gun but with twice the effectiveness over 12".   Also, since the gun is assault, infantry would still be able to mix it up in CC!

I'm not sure what they are going to do after they reveal the face... Hopefully one side is a robed DA marine and the other side is Cypher! That would be a pretty sweet teaser for the rumoured DA/Chaos starter box for later this year. At the current rate of reveals, I think the full image should be done  around September... Here's hoping!

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