Monday, April 23, 2012

Ohhai new necron releases!

A couple images for the upcoming Necron 2nd(?) wave have leaked today. So far they are looking good and pretty much in line with the rest of the range. Check them out!

First up, is the tomb blade. Not a super exciting unit, and from the final pic it looks like these could be kitbashed from a CCB. The control guys look almost exactly like this already. Just strap on a gun and shove a flying base in there and you are good to go!

Next up, is the Triarch stalker. This thing is freakin boss! It stands at 4.5" high and has cool pincer legs. These will definitely fit in with a AV13 spam list. They should beable to take cover behind a ghost ark easily!
After that is the Canoptek Spyder. Rumor has it that these guys with be 20 British Pounds retail. Making the 9 you will need for your scarab swarm 180 british pounds or 290 USD!!!  Good lord, GW is not messing around with these new models. They definitely want their pound of flesh for their new armies.

And last, but definitely not least, the unit that most people have been anticipating... The canoptek Wraith!  These will definitely be selling like hot cakes. Because hot cakes sell fast, right??? That's a thing? Either way these look pretty cool and they will also fit in with the new necron theme.

What do you guys think of the new sculpts? I like the triarch stalker and the wraiths, but the spyders and the tomb blades are kinda meh. The only thing I really hope from this is that the wraiths can stand up on their own. The old metal wraiths do not like to stand up and they do like to break in the weak middle.

1 comment:

  1. I like them all.

    The Stalkers are convincing me to start necrons!

    Just what I need, another army!!


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