Saturday, April 14, 2012

On the Road to Kingdom con! (game recaps after the jump)

6am, up and at 'em! Time to take my happy ass down to San Diego and win me some warhammer games! Wish me luck! I'll see those of you who are going in a couple hours.

Here's my army, lined up and ready to rock. Don't let me down, Mephiston!

Ignore the dirty socks and assorted paints...

Damn... this is early...

Round 1 vs Blood Angels (Tom)
Tom was playing a similar list to mine with the exception of his heavy support slot. All Vindicators ftw!  Our dice failed us for the first three turns and then mine got hot on turn 4 and I went way up on kps. I ended up killing all his troops, claiming CnC, seize ground, and winning on KP.


Round 2 vs Grey knights (Ben)
Ben was playing a purifier list with a stormraven and a librarian.  I got first turn and he reserved out. He moved on turn two and killed my baals over the next couple turns. But I had boxed him into the corner pretty good and he wasn't able to really expand past his CnC objective. I win seize ground 2-0, and KP by a fair margin.


Round 3 vs Orks (Shane)

Shane was playing a green tide type list with tank bustas and the grottillery dudes.  I got some pretty good rolls right off the bat and killed most of his shooting. The furioso plopped down and killed a bunch and made the tank bustas charge him. I ended up wiping them all with blood talons. He just had too many guy and I kept failing morale in combat, so it ended up with me contesting his CnC, contesting the seize ground objective he had (with me having no troops left). And we tied on KP due to a late game KP run Shane went on.


Not bad for a first day, but not the 3 wins I was looking for. 3 rough games today and hopefully a couple good ones tomorrow. I am currently top Blood Angel, so I am heading towards that if nothing else. More on how I do tomorrow. Now it's time to drink a summer ale and kick back!

Round 4 vs necrons (Ben - Scarab farm w/lychguard character bomb)

Ugh, this was a terrible game for me. My dice boned me from turn one. It was dawn of war against an immotekh/scarab farm list so I kept all my guys off except for Meph and the scouts. He came on turn 1 with all his scarabs/spyders on my left and the lychguard and obyron, immo, and zandrekh on the right. I drop my furioso on right in front of his 3 man scarab squads before he has the chance to even spawn and it scatters 10" away.... I then spot light them with the furioso and I can't kill a damn scarab with my whole army shooting at them. From there my dice got down hill and I end up losing on KP with no troops left alive at the end of the game.


Round 5 vs Space Wolves (Maximized Grey hunter spam with 2 long fangs)

This was a tough game too. We went back and forth, but I managed to distract most of his army with my furioso and pull them away from the objectives. I ended up winning on KP and CnC.


Round 6 vs Grey Knights (big pally squad with coteaz and a GM)

My dice turned back on in this game and I took out his land raider with an assault cannon shot on turn two. That's pretty much how the game played out. His dice were cold and mine were hot. Also he kept his paladins in reserve and they didn't come on until turn 4. By then, the rest of his army was dead so they couldn't really do all that much,


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you sir, Flesh will be torn! Unless I'm playing necrons... haha

  2. Looking good so far Dok. Wish I could have made it, I finally figured out my GKs to the point where I think I would have had a decent run. We need to get a game in when you're back and recovered.

    1. Thanks John, it was a pretty fun tournament and every game was hard as hell. The level of competition was pretty intense.


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