Wednesday, May 9, 2012

6th Edition Chaos Space Marines - What do we think?

Its about that time of the year when shit is about to happen and rumors are flying like fecal matter in the chimp exhibit.

We have seen a grip of things posted and I have decided to put it all here and make my commentary on it all.

I will try to state my sources for these rumors, but hell if I know who "Broke" this stuff first, nor do I really care.

I know some people hate rumors so ill do it all after the break.

I will insert a random awesome 40k pic though!!

Magmatrax FTW!!!

With that aside,

Here is what we have heard so far....

From Blood of Kittens:
1. Troops choices will be Chaos Space Marines and Cultists 
2. All Cult Marines are Elites 
3. No new Special Characters 
4. Special Characters will unlock Cult Marines as troops (Kharn for Berserkers and so on) 
5. Typhus makes Cultists into Zombies 
6. Chaos Dreadnaught is removed and replaced with a new unit (like how pariahs were replaced with Lychguard) 
7. CSM now get a Flyer a Mechanical Chaos Dragon (model is done will be part of initial release) 
8. Lesser and Greater Demons are gone 
9. Spawn replaced by “Fell Beast” 

I feel like I am missing something… 

Oh yeah… 
Almost Forgot... 
10. Rules for Traitor Guard are in!

I added the numbers for commentary.
1. Ok, cultists could be like scouts, so they will probably suck. Hmmm
2. This is a giant step backwards. Having versatile troop selection has been what has kept Chaos playable all these years.
3. Boring and lame!!! Last edition added Huron, I suspect we will see at least 1 more.
4. While it fits in the direction GW is going. It almost feels cookie cutter and will need some revamping to the actual units if this is to be. An army of Khorne beserkers will struggle as the troops have no options. It conceivable to me that this can happen, but is this awesome? No.
5. Zombies? Weak... This has to be wrong. This would require a whole new kit... and they would suck, and... please let it be wrong.
6. Fixing the dreadnought seems like a thing they should do and if it is actually included in the starter with a new plastic model, it should be at least playable.
7. Sounds awesome. All of GW's new mega massive models have been great, so lets hope it gets a cool name and bad ass rules!!!
8. This is an interesting rumor. I mean it makes sense. They gave us 3 years to get used to the idea that they wanted to move away from Deamons in the Marine book and with the addition of cultist it fills the shitty ass troop slot. I can see this being real and it not making a huge impact.
9. Maybe a Fell Beast will be playable? Spawn sucked shit.
10. I don't see this being real. Really? A whole codex being added to a codex. Maybe guardsman... no, its too much cross referencing and Bullshit to do properly. If they do allow it. It will break the game. Mark these words. To further this: In terms of Traitor Guard apparently the idea for a full Traitor Guard Codex was put forward but was rejected.  Taken from here BOLS Rumor Page

On another BOLS Rumor page we have this:

1. The "flying dragon thingy" is coming.  It is a flyer and one of two entirely new units added to the codex.
2. The second new unit is said to be a Chaos answer to the Grey Knight Dreadknight.
3. The Chaos Dreadnought is indeed still there (take a breath people), but gets a new name, and a rules overhaul.
4. Hardcover book (just like Fantasy army books) 

1. Still cool. Lets hope....
2. WTF does that mean? A robo suit with a chaos terminator in it? We aren't missing anything in this size from the yester-years, so it must be something new from concept. I like the idea of the dreadknight, but it better not be a dreadknight with a spiky sprue. I will lose my shit over that!
3. Is the same as #6 above. Please fix the dread!
4. Alright. Not really a rumor, I guess? Does that Matter? Costs more.. but more color pages. CONTENT!!!! HELLO!!!!

These are from Warseer's Ghost 21:

  1. - i really really shouldnt but, ive only seen a dreadnaught of the two mentioned (regarding a previous report of new plastic Chaos Dread and Raptors)
  2. -To quickly add. will lesser chaos gods feture. yes n all of the fallen legions will be there
  3. -saw preliminary types for khonate chrono gladiators... and a really bizarre night lord assassin type thing...
  4. -oh im sure if people want a new abaddon.. i saw one but really it isnt much...
  5. -little horus on the other hand... now there's a wow figure
  6. -there was a little heated discussion weather alpha legion should be in this or the traitors dex... there in the legion dex
  7. -the new abaddon as really it just seems bigger n bulkier, like somebody 3d scanned it n made him larger
  8. -the minor chaos gods are already named, its like marks though, no daemons
  9. -i did see a dark mechanicus guy... not sure if he will make it though, a very creepy sculpt based on a john Blanche piece
  10. -this is really something to be taken with a grain of salt there may may be a 30k boxed set at some point, containing one of each of the legions characters
  11. -oh one last thing its ward 

1. Plastic dread is consistant with other rumors. Plastic Raptors. Seems like something that could and should be done in plastic. Also, neither are in Finecast to further support these. If they make Raptors better that would be awesome.
2. Lesser Gods? I smell shenanigans. WTF are lesser Gods?
3. These items sound awesome. Rumors without any context are just that.
4. Abbadon has had the same model since 2nd edition. Could use an update!!! (But what will i do with the 5 I already have!??!?!)
5. Little Horus I think references the "Answer to the dreadknight." no idea what it is though...
6. This rumor is exactly contrary to the rumor that there will be no traitor guard dex. Only one of them can be true. I don't think their will be a traitor guard codex. Seems like a bad idea for GW to split the IG crowd up like that, enough people play guard as traitors, and IG don't have the lifespan to not be the same as current guard. ( I know I am not explaining this right, but I got a lot of writing to do!)
7. #4 continued. Seems lame if that's the case though.
8. This is a stretch to me. I can't think of any place in the history of 40k where a lesser god of Chaos is mentioned. Feel free to prove me wrong.
9. Chaos techmarine makes sense, but starts to get very close to standard space marines. Plus, chaos rhinos fix themselves, DUH!
10. Noone cares!
11. I think the Matt Ward discussion was solved a while back, but thats fine with me. It would make more sense since Ward is a Fluff slayer, and all the shit in this batch is really off the wall. Ward makes very competitive codex's and I am down with my shit being bad ass.

More From BOLS

  1. - Codex is finished and should be leaving the printers shortly for warehousing ahead of distribution in the next couple of months.
  2. - Four waves of miniature releases planned. 
  3. - Mark-specific vehicle upgrades reminiscent of the 3.5 Chaos Marines Codex may appear, such as Poisoned flamers for Nurgle, higher strength/lower AP weapons for Tzeentch, Sonic weaponry for Slaanesh and "brutal blades" for Khorne.
  4. - New specific differences between Raptors and "Chaos Assault Marines". Raptors now a new cult for Night Lords Legion and "Chaos Assault Marines" being available to all Legions and markable.
  5. - HQ choicess will effect the types of units and marks available to your Army. Also noted that "IF 6th Edition returns to Percentages, the Codex will make more sense" 
  6. - Finally, word of Daemons being redone for 40K and Fantasy in 2013, with new Greater Daemon models.

1. I am pretty sure that Chaos Legions will be after 6th edition. It seems like a bad idea to leave a bunch of printed materials laying around for that long. Storage isn't free. There is no reason to print this soon.
2. ok.
3. This would be awesome, and would make flavorful armies. Although I am sure that certain marks will be better than others. See 3.5 codex, see FW Chaos Decimator.... LETS GO KHORNE!!!!!!
4. 2nd time I have heard that there will be 2 different assault marines. I like that. I think people are sort of carried away by the fluff from the various Black Library books that feature the night lords, but at the same time, it would be cool to see a new type of Cult Marine that wasn't particularly dedicated to a God, but a chapter. We added Oblit cults in 3rd so it stands to reason that Raptors could be developed that way also. Let's hope its a move to make them better.
5. This makes more sense than the special char. unlocking shit from above. % based system is another story.
6. Awesome news!!!!!

And even more from BOLS - These are older

1. The book should allow players to field Legion-specific armies that have a uniqueness similar to older Dex's whilst simultaneously allowing flexible mixed force builds.

2. HQ selections may change:
- what units "count as" (possibly FOC slots, or scoring status) 
- wargear upgrades for squads and vehicles
- access to Daemons
- unit sizes (maybe)

3. Many more flying options in this book such as:
- Chosen with Jump Packs (expensive)
- Possessed with Wings (kinda expensive)
- Chaos Assault Marines (average)
- Raptors

4. Cult troops could possibly get access to Jump Packs changing their FOC slot (maybe) but most most units are unable to move FOC slots.

5. Chosen and Possessed could get the most significant overhaul in the codex. HQ characters may be able to take a unit of Chosen as a squad upgrade, thereby not taking up an Elites slot.

6. Possessed will lose their current "game costing randomness". Example given was Ogre Kingdoms Maneaters, who pick abilities from a list before the game. A particular character may allow one or more units of Possessed to be taken as Troops.

7. Berserkers Rage rule to return to a Ld test, suffering the Rage USR on a failure. He also said that 2 ideas for Chain Axes have been suggested: Rending, or +1S.

8. Alpha Legion may be able to grant Infiltration to their transports.

9. Lash of Submission nerfed to be inline with the version in Codex Chaos Daemons.

10.Sonic weapon options were tested for Dreadnoughts and Predators - including some heavier new sonic tankbusters.

11. Apocalypse sized releases for Chaos in the near future , an Autocannon-toting flyer was mentioned.

12. Finally word of the Havoc Launcher upgraded to two shots.

1. We have heard this alot and I think we are all confident that there will be some force org mechanics in the new book.
2. Everything seems on par, except the Daemons thing. I personally think they are gone.
3. Possessed with wings - Interesting. They do have wings in the kit, but the kit has never really dictated the codex before. Seems very iffy.
4.This seems to harken back to yesteryear. I am not thrilled with the idea of moving force org slots, but Berserkers with jump packs seems FUCKING AWESOME!!!!
5. Possessed need reworked. Veterans were reworked in all the Space Marine codex's I would like to see chosen like Wolf Guard. Hell yeah!
6. Less random seems to trend away from the other rumors, but at the same time, seems awesome, because possessed suck right now and need fixed.
7. Upgraded chainaxes is cool. RAGE USR is bad. I can see both of these thing coming true, but if bersekers get Rage, they really cant stand alone as a Cult Army.
8. Seems within reason, but I stand by Fluff comment above.
9. If they were going to nerf lash they would have did it along time ago. It will be different, for sure, but they will not make it the same as the Daemons abilitiy.
10. AWESOME! Make Noise Marines better please!!!
11. Meh... Apoc is Apoc.
12. This is very interesting, Havoc Launchers are almost playable in their current state. Making them heavy 2 or Str 4 would vastly improve them and make them useful. I would love to see a real useful upgrade for Chaos Vehicles other than Combi-Weapon or Possession. I would also like to see them make possession act like POTMS again!!! Wishlisting here I come!

This is the majority of it. If I missed anything, leave a comment and we will discuss this in the comments!

Thanks for reading my text wall!!!


  1. Wow, good job man, way to corral all that up. Blood for the Blood Angles!

  2. Good work B. However, Ghost21 came out that he was full of shit a while back, so his "off the wall" rumours aren't really rumours as much as lies. That being said, a lot of the rest of the stuff seems like a cool direction. We will have to see.

    1. To be honest, almost all of the rumours that have come out sound like bullshit wishlisting to me. Especially the 6th edition stuff. If half of that stuff is true, you may not find me at the warhammer tables any more.

  3. A lot of his rumors are reiterated through other people though in similar trains of though. I am sure some / most / a lot of this is false, but in the grim darkness of the work week, there are rumors to mill!!

  4. Whilst I really wouldn't put much stock to that Ghost guy's rumors, Little Horus is a character who was Abaddon's battle-brother. So that rumor sounds like he is considering a Little Horus (Aximand, his name is) as a Spec Ch. Sounds bullshit too.

  5. I think that there should be Chaos Land Speeders and Elite Chaos Marines that can have storm blotters and combo weapons kind of like the Space Marine Sternguard Veterans and Raptors should be like the elite assault marines kind of like how vanguard veterans are upgraded assault marines. Also, it would be cool to have New special characters and Land Raider Crusaders/Redeemers. Plus Abbadon should get better stats because, After all, he is Abbadon the Despoiler and Abaddon should have better ranged weapon like a twin linked heavy Bolter instead of a twin linked bolter and there should be demon eye bolts that u can give your Marines to like how you can give some space marines hell fire bolts.


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