Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diablo 3 tells me to F myself

For anyone out there who is not sure if your machine will run Diablo 3, don't buy it! Try to get a hold of a guest pass or get the download from somewhere. I spent 3 hours trying to install Diablo last night (after the install wouldn't let me proceed past the EULA once and crashed the second time with a MPQ error...) and then after getting it installed and updated, I clicked play... Only to have the game tell me that my chipset isn't supported.

Thanks Blizzard. You couldn't put the compatibility check at the beginning of the install? I had doubts that my laptop would play the game well, but to be denied completely? And after the game was fully installed? That's just a fuckin slap to the face. I don't know why I expected anything else after having played WoW from the beta, but I expected Diablo to be pretty straight forward since it is a mostly one player game. 

As with most game launches now-a-days, there are a lot of bugs. Why is this acceptable? Why do companies get a second beta period with people that paid $60 for their product. It seems to me that PC software companies are just lazy and will do anything to make their marketing deadlines. Quality be damned!

 I dunno, I'm mostly pissed because I want to be cool and play with my friends. And while I paid money to do so, I cannot due to a hardware restriction. But even if my laptop would let me play...
Error 37 is the new black

The sheer number of known issues is staggering for a game that has been released. I'm sure some people will sympathize and say "it's a big, complicated world". I say bullshit. If it's anything like other Diablo games, it's a linear story with pre-defined monsters and dungeons. Everything is going to be located in the same place everytime. The only difference is going to be the number and type of monster.

Don't apologize for Blizzard, they are a rich company with many available resources. As with most companies, I'm sure development was delayed, thus cutting into QA time. QA time is not factored into the release date so whatever time was left over between those two dates is what they get.


  1. Yah, I got home from work, spent an hour to install, then found I couldn't connect to the b-net servers and had to sit around for 3 hours while Blizzard got their shit together. So even if you had a computer that was capable of playing you couldn't really. I only ended up getting to play for about 30 minutes.

  2. My nvidia m310 chipset isnt supported and I got an error from the game after the install. It still let me play though, and it runs great.

    1. Ya, unfortunately my card is at the very top of the unsupported - will not start list When I try to play, all I get is a message stating that the game can not be played with my chipset. Wah wah :(

  3. "If it's anything like other Diablo games, it's a linear story with pre-defined monsters and dungeons"

    Randomly generated.

    1. Randomly generated what? The acts are randomly generated?

  4. Woo, a workaround!

  5. The maps, monsters and interactible environment is all randomly generated... No two play throughs will ever be the same... The quest will be the same (except the 30% that are randomly generated) but that is the only "linear part" in diablo 3.

    When 12million+ people try to log in simultaneously there is bound to be problems. After the first day there has been almost no crashes or bugs.

    Stop having a temper tantrum and grow up.

    I don't have Internet at home so I am forced to go to a Internet cafe to play a single player campaign... It sucks to have to do this; but the game is more than fun enough for it to be worth it.

    1. Asking Dok to stop complaining and to grow up is like asking the sun to stop rising!! lol!!

    2. @ anonymous
      A couple things
      1. That's cool. I'll have to check that out
      2. Blizzard makes World of warcraft. That has far more people logging in all the time. If they can't prepare for another 12 million then obviously they are fucking up.
      3. Sub points!
      3a This is my blog, I will cry if I want to.
      3b Grow up? Grow up and play video games? Grow up and post on my 40k blog? You've come to the wrong place to tell people to grow up! Haha!
      4. That's unfortunate but I'm glad you're enjoying the game!

      I work in software QA. I know how it goes, so from a professional standpoint I know that their QA was most likely bogged to shit and the rest of the company didn't care. So that was more a rant against the company itself than the QA dept. Go QA!



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