Thursday, May 31, 2012

Becoming a better painter, I hope!

Hello reader,
This article is a little information about how I "Hobby" and the steps I am taking to becoming a better painter /  hobbyist. Here is a little summary of what I am going to talk about in the following text wall. If this doesn't interest you, carry on. If it does, well awesome!!! Welcome to my painting geekout!!

  • What the fuck I am talking about.
  • AwesomePaintJob washes distributed by Secret Weapon Miniatures.
  • My Airbrush, and how all of this ties together.
Dok on the right, Blood Lord Soldado on the left!!
Just kidding, we would never wear Ultramarines...

Firstly, as we mentioned earlier this year, my painting has been an issue at tournaments. Soft Scores at the Bay Area Open cost Dok and I first place and it’s been eating at me for the last 6 months. Our goal was pretty clear going into this event. Kick ass and take names, and that we did!! Tabling 3 out of 3 opponents and not walking away with the top prize due to my crappy paint was a real wake up call. I have spent the last few months beefing up my hobby-ing and getting ready to take it all to the next level. Coupled with the idea of commissioning an army, I am doing what I can to never be the victim of soft scores again.

With that said, one of the people that I really look to for advice and guidance is Lester Bursley on He does amazing work with a combination of Airbrush and inks with brushed highlights. He recently released the recipe for making the washes he uses. I went and invested the hundred-ish dollars on the inks / flow aids / mediums / dropper bottles and created his inks / washes. Here is a link to the recipe page. I am very impressed with the way these washes work. I have used them on my Farrow army and I really like the effect and ease of use. I recommend that if you do not want to make them yourself, you get them from SecretWeaponMiniatures.

The colors I recommend to start:
·         Soft Body Black Wash
·         Armor Wash
·         Baby Poop Wash

These colors will work with any army, and really add a lot of depth to your colors.

For reds I love the Red Black Wash, and for greens the Green Black Wash. They are absolutely amazing.

Thirdly, from the bullet points above, my Airbrush and how I intend to tie this all together. Like I said in the beginning, I want to be able to go to an event and know that I have a chance at taking the top prize. I play well. I am not the best player, but I know I can win. What scares me from most events is soft scores and well, that is lame. The airbrush should be a huge step into getting more painting done in a very limited amount of time and coupled with the new washes, I should be able to achieve quality miniatures that will achieve me good to great scores in painting. I do not hope / plan to achieve best painted in any way. The time / skill required for conversions and details is something I don’t have. What I do have is a want to be “good enough” and I think that is where I am at now.

Here is how I approach “the hobby”:

  1.      Assemble and scrape (clean mold lines)
  2.       Prime
  3.      Airbrush Base
  4.     Airbrush Highlights
  5.      Base Coat details
  6.     Washes
  7.     Highlight build up
  8.     Base
  9.     Base Wash
  10.    Base Highlight
  11.   Finish X3

Is 11 steps a lot for a model? I don’t think so. A few of these steps just take a minute or 2. Basing is just glue and dip. Priming, aside from dry time, is less than a minute. Assembly is tricky for a few of my friends, but I get it, and build models very very quickly. Painting by brush is always the slowest part and as expected, is my slowest part as well. Highlights depend on the model type. Characters and bigger models get more work than troopers. I found myself trying to paint all my models like they are the leader and I have recently gotten away from that with my Farrow Slaughterhousers. I will be putting up finished pictures of them, with bases done in the next few days.

So my question to the readers of this is:
How do you do it? Links, Tips, Any comments are welcome.


  1. Wait, why am I the brown guy and you are the white guy with long hair? lol

  2. I really appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! I found this site on Google. It was excellent and very informative. I have read a few of the articles on your website now, It’s really a great and useful piece of info.

    1. Thanks for reading. You Just gave Soldado +1 to ego, haha


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