Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hordes: game 1! Legion vs Pigs

Me and Soldado got to play a bit of Horde on Horde action today!  We barely know the rules so some friendly onlookers gave us some rules tips and a bit of direction. We need to L2P! 

We played an odd number of points since I couldn't find my stat cards for my angelius or my shredders. L2findmyshit!
I played

Woo three models! They were the only cards I had on me so that's what I used. 2 big beasties and a buffer. 

Soldado played
Lord Carver
2 x war pigs
Farrow Slaughterhousers

That's a lot of bacon!

We set up some terrain that was vaguely reminiscent of what we had seen other people do in warma/hordes and rolled to go first. I got the initiative and chose the side I was sitting on due to me being a tactical genius. Oh, and lazy. That definitely has something to do with it.

I set up in a little block centrally on my side and Soldado set up across from me. His slaughterhousers got AD from his tier and set up a bit closer. On my turn, I ran both my beasties and moved Abby up. I put playing god on the carnivean and Forced evolution on the Proteus.

On soldado's turn, he cast "pigs go fast" and they all moved up towards me.

My turn, I moved my carnivean up and flamed down one of his 'housers and he was tough. I kept up my spells and moved around a bit. Not much to do when you only have 3 models!

On Soldado's turn, he tried to charge my carnivean with the 'housers, but he was just short and failed. The rest of the pigs went fast and were circling in.

On my turn, I charged the carnivean over to the edge of the 'housers and flamed two of them and the two big pigs. I killed one of the 'housers and the other was tough. I boosted damage at the war pig and got a little bit in. The proteus charged and killed another of the little guys and I spiky growthed both my guys with Abby.

On soldado's turn, he feated and his 'housers charged my proteus and did a bit of damage to him. One war pig charged my carnivean and wrecked his face with all sorts of extra dice shenanigans. The other war pig tried to charge my proteus, but he blocked himself out with his 'housers!

My turn, I tentacle drag his war pig to proteus and wreck his face with 3 or 4 attacks. I then max out on fury and kill a couple of the 'housers. Abby grows a pair of balls for 1 fury and smacks down the war pig. This unfortunately leaves me just in range of lord carver and he beats me down.

Victory to the pigs!

I could've done a couple things different to maybe keep myself in it a bit longer, but this was definitely a learning experience. It was awesome that we had some guys hanging around that could help us out. Big thanks to Davis, Josh, and Mike for providing us with all the stuff we didn't bring and for being patient with our dumb ass questions!

Next time, the bacon will be mine!

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