Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hordes : Painting Progress! Painted Pig Pics.

As you noticed, there are lots of P's in the the title of this article and it won't stop there!!

Painted some Privateer Press Pigs and Purchases Paints as well... Here are a few Pics of the Progress.

Details on colors and stuff after the break

So this was my first attempt at airbrushing miniature and I am pleased with how it worked.

I approached these models with a want to do less. I have found myself trying to make each of my models a center piece model, which I am not good enough to do, and at the same time, takes forever. So after I put on the base of brown I told myself. There are 6 of these dudes. Just paint them like a trooper. The scheme is simple, and follows the theme of the rest of the pigs.

Brown Skin: Airbrushed Vallejo Beastly Brown and then a 2nd coat airbrushed 1:1 Beastly Brown : Dwarf Flesh. Washed with Secret Weapon Miniatures Flesh Wash.

Armor: Painted on Vallejo Bloody Red. Washed with Secret Weapon Miniatures Ruby. Highlight with Vallejo Bloody Red

Metals: Painted on GW Base: Leadbelcher. Washed with Secret Weapon Miniatures Sewer Water.

That's it.

I am going to hit the silver with Washed with Secret Weapon Miniatures Light Body Black and finish the bases and be done with my first squad for the Warmachine / Hordes Game System.

Also, I finished Brine of the Rorsh and Brine Duo (No Pic yet.) and I tried to weather up my Nurgle rhino that I posted a while back.

I wanted it to seem like the inside of the rhino was filled with shit / crap / nastiness. It looks pretty elementary and will take some practice. I also airbrushed on some dirt to the bottom of the hull and I am pleased with this effect. I will give it one more shot on the very bottom edge with a darker brown to progress the build up of color / dirt and I think I will feel comfortable with the effect.

I have a few more details on Epidemius's back place that was added to the back hatch and I think I will try to do a couple chip marks as well. With all of that, I will call this a wrap once I add the water slides.

I have also started working on Boss Snikrot. He is playable at this point, especially compared to the rest of my orks. I will be needing to re-paint my orks sooner than later.

Here is the list of things to come:

Finish: Carver, Rorsh, Snikrot, Plague Marine Rhino

Start: 2 Boxes of Farrow Brigands. (Last models in the Warband)

Assemble: 2 Dakkajets - Getting here as soon as they hit the shelves.

Paint: 2 Dakkajets. Airbrush the base and well see where that takes us.

By then we should have some direction as to where 6th will take us, and if I am going to focus on Chaos or start to redo the orks.

I have 100's of models that need work for both Chaos and Orks, so the release schedule of the year will have a large impact of where I am going with the hobby over the next few months.

I will have an article later today / this week on the secret weapon washes.... but a spoiler:
If you don't get. I like them.

Til Next time!


  1. You need a light box bro. Everything looks like table to me.

  2. It doesn't help that these dudes are the same color as my table.

    Good thing is, when I am finished painting the 100's minis I have I can just paint my table and it will look like new.


    Light box pics will replace those pics in the future. If I get around to changing the light bulbs and taking the pics. We shall see..


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