Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hordes: Pork Painting Progess. Big Pigs underway

So with a week under my belt, I was able to slather a few more layers of paint on the Golden Horde.

I decided to get the 2 War Boars out of the way first since they are biggest of the items I have aside from Rorsh and Brine.

The models I got from eBay had a conversion, which I thought was interesting and gives my Boars a little bit of a difference which I can appreciate. The one has the plastic hands from the Khador Heavy Jack Kit instead of his standard hands and axes which looks right, but at the same time different and a but unique.

I also decided to differentiate them even more I would go with a brown pig and a grey / black pig.

I will go into details on these after the break!

So in looking at the Beebop picture I posted before, I was all about the Brown Pig with Green Mohawk idea so I ran with it.

The pics I took are missing the right arm, but that arm is at about the same stage as the rest of the model.

Here I have built up the Red on the fists, butt cloak and anus armor. I used the Mercharite Red foundation and layered it up with Vallejo Blood Red

The metal is the new GW Base Leadbelcher with a Badab Black wash and  Vallejo Silver Highlights

Mohawk is Vellejo Dark Green built up to GW Scorpion Green

The skin is a little oranger than I wanted. This is very odd mix of various Velljo browns, Washed with Devlan Mud,  built up with an old ass pot of Snakebite leather and glazed with GW Gryphon Sepia mixed 2:1 with Vallejo Glaze Medium. I am pleased with it, aside from the mis-hue.

I am just staring a few of the other details but there are still like a million things to put paint on.

The Grey / Black pig is also a little different than I envisioned, but I know when I went wrong from the start.
Codex Grey is bluer than I wanted. I should have when with Vallejo Cold Grey.

The skin is simple, Blue ass Codex Grey, Washed with Badab Black, built up with Vallejo Somber Grey. Overall its about 10% lighter than I wanted the pig to be, but at the same time it looks pretty good, so I cant complain.  

Red is built up the same way as the Brown Pig. I added the Golden plate to the  smoke stack on his back to break up the dark metallic from the dark flesh. This is Vellejo Polished Gold with some Gryphon Sepia wash.

The mohawk is black with a few layers downward with various amounts of white mixed into the black and then washed over with Badab black to make it ... Blacker... This sound stupid. lol.

So this is as far I have made it. There are a few mold lines I missed which really bothers me. I did plug a lot of hole with my nifty new can of liquid green stuff so at least I got like 50% of the modeling part right.

I did finish up the Gun Boar, making him the first official model done in my Farrow collection.

Is that gun barrel drilled out? Hell yes it is! Power tools and mutant pigs!!!

I think my base sucks ass, but I got bigger fish to fry!

I made a shitty light box. I need whiter lights, but I think its better than my painting table pics.

Man, that base sucks.
I have also started on my Warlock. Lord Carver!

Red and Gold are done in the same steps as above. I washed his face and areas I was confused on with a watered down black ink so I could decide on what I want to do next.

I think the cloak came out great, but there is some practice that needs the be done here. The layers get worse from left to right. Slaughterhousers in the background are a sneak peak at whats next for the Golden Horde!
So, that is my progress so far. I hope you all enjoyed.

Please feel free to comment as you will, as all comments and criticism is welcome and wanted!

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  1. Those look pretty decent so far. Those $15 brushes that you "acquired" are doing well for you!


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