Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kingdom con Results, life, etc

The overall results from Kingdom con were finally posted! Check me out! 6th overall is not too shabby for my third GT. I'm movin on up!!! Also, not to toot my own awesome horn too much, but I made it onto the front page of rankingsHQ! That's a thing!!!

Me and Dave Key after he beat my ass

I finally got all my stuff moved in to my new place, now all that's left is the unpacking. The major project at work wrapped up as well, so it should be posting as normal for the foreseeable future! Let me tell you, moving sucks. Especially when you only have your girlfriend to help you. I'm all for female empowerment and all that, but saying you are women, you are strong does not mean you can carry a couch!

Also, I have some exciting news everyone! I may soon be doing a sweet interview on a popular 40k podcast! I have no idea why they would want to talk to me, but fuck it! I'm down to talk to people on the internet. That's what I do here!

There's been another swell of 6th edition rumors that I'll be talking about later in the week, but I wanted to talk a bit about the idea of "hull points". For those that don't know, these are supposed to be the number of times you can take a penetrating hit before you are wrecked outright. This seems like it could be very silly when playing against armies that can easily lay a number of penetrating hits on a vehicle. The damage chart is random for a reason and sometimes you get lucky and your opponent rolls a bunch of 1's. Imo, there's nothing wrong with that. It's even sillier if it counts glances against this total.

I know people will say that this removes some randomness from the game and reduces the frustration that people get when they keep rolling low on the chart, but do we really need this as a training wheel?  Good players will make sure the priority targets are destroyed.  This seems like a buff to an army that can put forth a large volume of fire and gives them almost mathematical certainty that X number of shots will absolutely bring a target down.

Seems like it would make the game less fun to me. That's all I'm sayin!

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