Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random Rambling: Counts as and third party models in 40k tournaments

An interesting idea occurred to me recently. With GW removing it's prize support from tournaments and the upcoming newest price hike, who are they to say what models we use in those tournaments?  All tournaments from here on (with the exception of the last throne of skulls) will be ran by third parties and therefore have nothing to do with Games Workshop.

So, what's to stop people from going to third party retailers(read, potentially cheaper) for replacement, potentially cheaper counts-as models? Nothing as far as I can see. Of course, clear all count's-as with your TO before-hand. If the wargear/model is not clearly identifiable.

That being said, this opens the floodgates wide for other company's to start producing lower price alternatives to existing GW items. IP infringement notwithstanding. (hint, hint third party company's!)  I say if GW isn't going to support it's players and wants to do it's best to drive up the prices, it's time for consumers to fight back in the only way we can. With our wallets.  There has to be a point where it's one price hike too many. I think I have reached that point.

Do I want to pay $80+ for a stormraven?


I didn't want to pay 60+ dollars for it!

I'm really getting interested in the lore of some of these other games.  So check them out. Give someone else your hard earned money.  Not blindly of course, always research your purchase and make sure you have someone to play with! If you're in the LA area, come find me! I'm down to try any kind of gaming at least once!

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