Thursday, May 17, 2012

San Diego GT: To Grey Knight or to Blood Angel?

The first weekend of June, the San Diego branch of Game Empire is throwing a huge 1500 point GT!  Painting is 20% of the score, so that leaves me with really only two choices of army to play. Grey Knight Purifiers, or mech BA.

Check out these sweet trophies Dave (Of Dave Fay fame) had made for the tournament! 

Alas poor Khorne, I knew ye well
I definitely need one of those, so I need to bring my A game!

Lately, I've been playing my BA a lot lately in both tournaments and the local masters league. I feel they are strong, but in the last tournament I played in I experienced a lot of fatigue going into the third game and tanked it accordingly. So it may be time to hang up the BA hat for a bit and return to my Grey Knights for a bit.

Check out my potential lists after the jump

Grey Knights
Inquisitor w/psyko-troke, psyker upgrade/hammerhand
10 man purifier squad w/ 4 psycannons, psybolt ammo, daemon hammer, 5 halberds in a razorback w/psybolt, searchlight
5 man purifier w/2 psycannons, 3 halberds in a razorback w/psybolt, searchlight
5 man purifier w/2 incinerators, 3 halberds in a razorback w/psybolt, searchlight
5 man strike squad w/psycannon

2 x Dreadnought w/2x twin linked autocannons, psybolt
Dreadknight w/heavy incinerator

This list has a lot of medium strength firepower as well as a good melee compliment. It also has 5 scoring units(with combat squading) which will help out in the BAO style mission. I don't think the melee area is quite as strong as it it in the BA list, but it will be able to hold down most units in CC. I should stay away from TH/SS temies, but everything else should be ok. 
The only problems I see with this list are the lack of real mobility, and the lack of low AP shooting. Killing MEQs and TEQs has always been problematic for this list. 

Blood Angels

Librarian w/shield+fear

Furioso w/talons, heavy flamer, extra armor, searchlight in a pod

5 man assault squad w/melta, melta bombs in a las/plas
5 man assault squad w/melta, melta bombs in a rhino w/searchlight
5 man scout squad w/camo cloaks, Sniper rifles, Heavy Bolter

2 Baals w/Heavy Bolters, searchlight, Asscan

2 Predators w/auto/las

Pretty standard av13 list, but kind of light on troops for the BAO style mission. I do have a lot of hard targets though, so I may be able to overwhelm the opponents with firepower and resilience.  And there's always Mephiston!  The thing I like most about this list is it's mobility. Fast Rhino Chassis' let me get where I need to be!

Comparatively the lists stack up on firepower like this
str 4 - 23 ap5
str 5 - 10 ap 5
str 6 - 3 ap4 flamer, 9 ap 4 twin-linked
str 7 - 12 assault, rending or 24 heavy, rending
str 8 - 8 twin-linked, ap4

str - - 4 sniper
str 4 - 13 ap5

str 5 - 9 ap 4, 1 ap 4 flamer
str 6 - 8 ap 4 twin-linked, rending

str 7 - 3 ap2 at 12" (2 twin-linked), 1 ap2 twin-linked past 12", 4 ap 4

str 8 - 3 ap 1 melta
str 9 - 5 ap 2

The GK list has more lower end shooting, so it has a definite advantage against hordes. The BA list has a higher range of shots with better AP, but less reliability of hits.  At this point, I'm still undecided. Both list have merit and I'm familiar with how both play. Hopefully I can make up my mind before June 1st!


  1. I would play BA just because GK are sooooo over played right now and its pretty lame. I know you got your shit and aren't really bandwagoning, but it's overwhelmingly lame how many people play GK.

    1. Word, I think the BA is a bit more versatile. And I love me some Mephiston. I'm just worried about the number of troops and the fuckin Necrons. I think I have a good shot against armies that aren't full of bullshit.


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