Friday, June 15, 2012

1 year Anniversary!!! With a raffle!

Well readers,

It's been exactly 365 days since Dok, myself and our friends decided to rekindle the idea of blogging.

I had 2 posts here before that and now 250 posts with 37 followers and nearly 50,000 page views.

It has been quite a journey, but its not over yet.

We have give-aways galore on this day of festivities!

So here is what we want to do.

We are going to raffle off a $20.00 gift card from You might of heard of them, they sell everything including 40k stuff!!

All you have to do is follow the blog publicly if you don't already and send us an email saying "Contest Entry" in the title or comment on this entry, stating you want to enter. 1 entry per person. Also, as thank you for entering and reading, we mail you a 3forint sticker if you include a mailing address in your entry email. (While supplies last!!)

Pretty freaking simple.

We will do the raffle when we get up to 50 followers. If we get to 100 followers by the end of the month (June) we will also raffle off a Ork Bommer Kit!

What's better than an a Bommer? A FREE BOMMER!!

Now spread the word and lets make year 2 of 3forint as awesome as the first!!!

Free Stickers, Amazon Gift Cards, ORK BOMMERS!! What else can go right today?

Well for anyone that doesn't want to enter, I have this small gift for you.

Dok's Baby Picture!

Baby with a beard is HILLARIOUS!
Thank you all for making this all possible. There wouldn't be a blog if we had no readers and we really do appreciate all the feedback we get here on the site.

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