Monday, June 18, 2012

2nd Teaser Video is up for 6th

So there is another date video....

its like 27 seconds so watch and be as confused as I am

I cant get the video to play directly so click the link


  1. He?she/It has a third eye. Third eyes in the 40k universe are possessed by the Navigators. The whole video is, I suppose, GWs attempt at getting us ready for all the new Psychic powers in 40k.

  2. Makes a little sense, and the idea of the third eye is earth lore for mystical psychic people as well.

    They are pretty vague in their "adds" so far. It's pretty ridiculous that this type of marketing actually works.

    1. It's not that it works, people are just gonna buy the shit no matter what ridiculous $5 power point ads they put up. I hope that 6th does tank sup that gw will learn some God damn good practices when it comes to business


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