Tuesday, June 12, 2012

40k RTT: Grey Knights ftw! Game 1 vs Nids

This weekend, I finally proved that grey knights are the most overpowered book in a decade by beating up on a couple of out of date codexes and tying with Guard. Obviously, Grey knights are a powerhouse and no one can stand before them!

Bam! Pow! Baysplosions!!!
Saturday morning, I woke up early (as I had planned to just sleep the day away) and decided that I would go to the RTT. Vacation hadn't gone all that hot and I ended up getting a speeding ticket on the way home so I was feeling a bit down and needed to get out of the house. Having no idea what the missions were gonna be, I threw together a list on battlescribe and then for shits and giggles I threw in a land raider I had recently acquired from the bits bin. It has bad ass Inquisitorial forge world doors, how could I not get it???

Here's what I came up with
Grand master w/psykotroke, rad, blind, incinerator. (I went full cheese, sorry internet)

Vindicaire (Brought him out of retirement. He's still not quite worth 145 points imo)

Purifiers x 5 w/2 x psycannon, 3 halberds Razorback w/ heavy bolters, psybolt
Purifiers x 5 w/2 x psycannon, 3 halberds Razorback w/ heavy bolters, psybolt
Purifiers x 5 w/2 x psycannon, 3 halberds Razorback w/ heavy bolters, psybolt
Strike Squad x 5 w/psycannon
Purifiers x 8 w/warding staff, daemon hammer, 2 incinerators, 4 halberds, psybolt (worthless upgrade btw)

Dreadnought w/2xtwin-linked autocannon, psybolt
Land Raider! - godhammer pattern w/psybolt, awesome doors upgrade!

Not the most exciting or innovative grey knights list to ever come out of anyone's brain, but it was fairly effective at getting the job done. And I got to use the Grand Strategy for something other than scoring in 2 of the three games!

Game 1 vs Tony's 'Nids - Spearhead, BAO mission

Hive tyrant w/wings, 2 x devourers, paroxysm, leech essence
Hive tyrant w/wings, 2 x devourers, paroxysm, leech essence, hive commander

Ymgarls! x 9

Genestealers x 12 w/toxin sacs
Genestealers x 12 w/toxin sacs
Genestealers x 11 w/toxin sacs
Termigaunts x 10
Tervigon w/catalyst, toxin sacs

Trygon w/adrenal glands
Trygon w/adrenal glands

We end up on this insane table with really tall houses and impassible terrain everywhere. I win the roll to go first and deploy in a ruin with my strike squad taking center position to hold of any nid deep strike shenanigans. He deploys nothing regular and infiltrates two squads of genestealers. The other stealers outflank, as well as the tervigon. Both trygons deep strike and everything else comes in from the board edge.  I decide to give one of my purifier units in the razorback scout and they bone out up the side of the table towards his stealers. Then the assassin infiltrates in the non-deployment zone quarter.

On to the first turn! Oh wait, he decides to seize... And does... Damn! at least he didn't start with much on the table!  He moves both units of stealers up the middle. One assaults my razor, but I luckily escape with only a stun. On my turn, I bust the LR through the ruin I hid behind and it looks like his stealers got a bit too close to me. They get burninated by triple incinerators :) The other unit takes the brunt of my firepower and ends up with just one man left who fails morale. Other exciting occurances that turn include me casting warp quake (for maybe the third time ever), and me failing fortitude on my razorback!

On his second turn, everything comes in.the Ymgarls end up in the ruin I started in, the stealers and tervigon outflank to my left, the trygons deep strike to the right to threaten my land raider and assassin, and the tyrants fly onto the board edge to beat up my stunned razor and the squad that loved it. The gaunts end up camping his CnC objective. The trygon busts a lot of shots at the assassin, but to no avail. The Tyrants put a load of shots into the razor, but just immobilize it since they are AP-. The stealers and ymgarls both assault. The stealers into purifiers, and the ymgarls into strikes.  Both squads were in terrain, so I luckily got to go first in both. The purifiers did what they do and burn down some stealers and I win that combat by a couple. Then, somehow the strike squad wins combat by 1 against the ymgarls... and he fails both morale checks!!!  The stealers get swept, but the ymgarls run into the rear end of my LR. On my two, I move up to assault the trygon with my hammer squad and crowe. The scouting purifier squad moves to assault the tyrant, and the purifiers in the middle hang out. I put a couple wounds on the trygons with sniper fire and lascannons, he makes the rest of his saves. When we get to the assault phase, I get in with crowe, but I whiff with the hammer squad as they needed a 4 to get in! Uh-oh, crowe... That one goes as you would assume and crowe eats it, however... Crowe doesn't go down without a fight and takes the trygon with him with heroic sacrifice! The other squad puts a wound on the tyrant and tries to force weapon, but to no avail!

On his third, he moves the unengaged tyrant into synapse with the ymgarls and they auto-rally. The remaining trygon goes after my assassin and the ymgarls go back for more against my strike squad. He shoots down some purifiers with devourers and fleets the trygon. The ymgarls get into the strike squad and kill two more, but I also get a couple wounds, so we end up pushing. The Trygon goes through terrain to get my assassin, so he goes first... And puts three unsaved wounds on the trygon! Nice! The trygon then gets really pissed and turns my assassin into entrails, lol. On my three, I move to assault his tyrant with my hammer, move the remaining purifiers in the ruin up to help the strike squad, and move the LR to put lascannons into the wounded trygon. The other purifier squad hopped in a razorback and jammed to the far objective. I do some shooting and put some wounds on the tyrant and take out the other trygon. The tervigon never fails a save this game, haha. I assault the Ymgarls with the purifiers and take them out, but they take me down to the last man standing in the strike squad. The hammer squad  misses it's charge for the second time this game... Karma for bringing cheese grenades? Yes. His other tyrant kills the purifiers off and leaves with one wound remaining.

His turn 4 and he doesn't have much left, so he moves the tyrants to flank my hammer squad, but then does something weird and shoots the purifiers in the ruin with one and assaults the land raider with the other! The LR doesn't take any damage and I lose the purifiers, but he's got both his HQs right in my multi-charge range. I move to claim objectives and get one unit of purifiers on a seize ground, and the strike squad on my CnC out of LoS. I shoot one of the tyrants down and mow the other over in assault and then consolidate back towards the seize ground objective in the middle.

On his 5, all he has left is the tervigon, one genestealer and the gaunts. So he decides to spawn for the first time and pumps out 12. They come over to shoot my hammer squad and do no damage. On my turn, I cleanse that squad with fire and domy best to shoot the other gaunts off the table. I kill a bunch, but contrary to the rest of the game he makes his LD at 6. We roll to continue and the game ends!

Victory to the Grey Knights!


  1. Pics or it didn't happen!

    Just kidding I was there, none of this happened...

    1. The names and units have been changed to protect the innocent.


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