Wednesday, June 13, 2012

40k RTT: Grey Knights ftw! Game 2 vs IG

This weekend, I finally proved that grey knights are the most overpowered book in a decade by beating up on a couple of out of date codexes and tying with Guard. Obviously, Grey knights are a powerhouse and no one can stand before them!

Bam! Pow! Baysplosions!!!
Saturday morning, I woke up early (as I had planned to just sleep the day away) and decided that I would go to the RTT. Vacation hadn't gone all that hot and I ended up getting a speeding ticket on the way home so I was feeling a bit down and needed to get out of the house. Having no idea what the missions were gonna be, I threw together a list on battlescribe and then for shits and giggles I threw in a land raider I had recently acquired from the bits bin. It has bad ass Inquisitorial forge world doors, how could I not get it???

Here's what I came up with
Grand master w/psykotroke, rad, blind, incinerator. (I went full cheese, sorry internet)

Vindicaire (Brought him out of retirement. He's still not quite worth 145 points imo)

Purifiers x 5 w/2 x psycannon, 3 halberds Razorback w/ heavy bolters, psybolt
Purifiers x 5 w/2 x psycannon, 3 halberds Razorback w/ heavy bolters, psybolt
Purifiers x 5 w/2 x psycannon, 3 halberds Razorback w/ heavy bolters, psybolt
Strike Squad x 5 w/psycannon
Purifiers x 8 w/warding staff, daemon hammer, 2 incinerators, 4 halberds, psybolt (worthless upgrade btw)

Dreadnought w/2xtwin-linked autocannon, psybolt
Land Raider! - godhammer pattern w/psybolt, awesome doors upgrade!

Not the most exciting or innovative grey knights list to ever come out of anyone's brain, but it was fairly effective at getting the job done. And I got to use the Grand Strategy for something other than scoring in 2 of the three games!

Game 2 vs Eric's IG - Pitched battle deployment
CCS w/2 melta, banner, chimera

2 Stormtroopers w/melta, chimeras

4 melta vets w/chimeras
2 plasma vets w/chimeras

2 vendettas

2 manticores

This table was a complete polar opposite to the first game. There was one hill in the middle and a couple patches of area terrain.  Awesome, I love having no cover from guard! Eric won the roll to go first and took the side with cover, haha. He deployed centrally and chose the scout mission for his stormtroopers. I got a 2 for my grand strategy and sent a couple of my purifiers with their rides on an outflank mission. As well as the assassin. The strike squad deep struck and everyone else was gonna roll on from my table edge.

He did some scout moves up around the central hill and then took his first turn. It was intense! He totally moved stuff around for two turns! He ended up with a column of armour moving around the hill to my left and a less forward advance to my right. At the end of his 2, everything had either turbo'ed or popped smoke to get cover. On to the real game!

On the bottom of two, everything came in with the exception of one of the outflanking purifiers and the land raider with the GM and purifiers in it. Crowe and a unit of purifiers moved in on the right, the assassin, the strike squad, and the outflanking purifiers came in on his table edge on the left, and the dreads came in on my table edge left to try and stay away from his firepower.  All the purifiers disembarked and everything opened fire on what it could. I had to soften his return fire or I was boned. The dreads took down a vendetta, the purifiers and the razorback on my right did some damage to a chimera or two, and the other purifiers and their razor took out a chimera. Not too bad of a turn, but I wish the land raider would've come in.

On his 3, he shuffles slightly as guard do and goes to his shooting phase. He opens fire with multi-lasers on my units in the open and I fail every save I am required to make. luckily multi-lasers suck at hitting so I lose a total of 6 purifiers. He shoots the manticores at my razorback on the right and the shots scatter off the table! The other one gets some hits on my outflanking purifiers and they are toast. Not too bad. I managed to mitigate most of his fire and get lucky that some of it missed. on my 3, I roll for reserves and get the other outflankers in. they come in on my left as well to support those guys. The dreads shuffle and crowe moves up. I open fire and take out a chimera on the left and one on the right and kill a couple stormtroopers and vets. The stormtroopers end up in the open and I tear into them with the purifiers. Crowe assaults into the
vets and wipes them. I prolly should've just parryed and hung out in combat, but I am bad.

On his 4, he manticores the shit out of my razorbacks and purifiers on the left. I lose both to a combination of long range melta from vets and manticore shells. I also lose 3 purifiers to manticore/multi-laser shots. Crowe goes down to melta vets and the remaining purifiers on the right go down to plasma. He shoots the vendetta at the assassin and I go to ground and make my 2+. On my 4, I'm running out of stuff. The land raider still doesn't come in... so I have played this game down 700 points. Ah, the downfalls of reserving, haha. I move the dreads to try and get some more KPs and move the razorback on the right to get more shots. The strike squad makes a move on an objective. The Dreads take down another chimera or so and i kill some vets that come out since they are close to his home objective. I have an open shot on the back of his manticore with my razor on the right, but I don't get any punches. Wah wah.

On his 5, he moves the vets back to his home objective. He consolidates around the seize ground objectives in the middle table and moves his chimeras to screen my land raider from possibly contesting. He shoots down my strike squad with multi-lasers and a manticore and my assassin with a combination of a long range plasma gun and a heavy flamer. Luckily the other manticore doesn't do too much to my dreads. And he stuns my razor. On my 5, the land raider finally comes in and I have a tough decision to make. Go up the middle at his vets and chimeras and give up on CnC and hope for a turn 6/7 or take CnC with the squad inside and go for the tie on KP. I go for the tie as I would have to explode the chimera to get to the guys inside and get to the objective. I end up taking the lead on KP this turn and knocking a lascannon off his vendetta. If I could've exploded his chimera on the seize ground obj and had the squad fall back, I could've won on 5. But alas that did not happen.

Time is getting short, but I only have 4 models on the table so we decide to go for it. We roll to continue and we do! He moves more troops on to the seize ground objectives to make sure I can't shoot him off and he moves his CCS to the CnC objective to make use of his banner. He blows up my razor and bounces off my land raider putting us tied on KP. On my 6, I kill another chimera, which puts me back up.

We go on to 7 with a roll of 4 and he kills my remaining purifiers on the left, tying us back up on KP. On my turn, I manage to kill something and put myself back up. I get some shots on the vets on his objective, which is enough to force a leadership! And he rolls an 11!!! But Eric is a good player and has the banenr there for the re-roll and makes his second check no problem. :(

We tie CnC, I take KP, and he takes seize ground for an overall tie. I think I could've played a couple things better, but missing the land raider the whole game hurt a lot. This is also the second game where that big chunk didn't do much btw. Karma? Indeed!

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