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40k RTT: Grey Knights ftw! Game 3 vs Eldar

Annnndddd Game 3!

This weekend, I finally proved that grey knights are the most overpowered book in a decade by beating up on a couple of out of date codexes and tying with Guard. Obviously, Grey knights are a powerhouse and no one can stand before them!

Bam! Pow! Baysplosions!!!
Saturday morning, I woke up early (as I had planned to just sleep the day away) and decided that I would go to the RTT. Vacation hadn't gone all that hot and I ended up getting a speeding ticket on the way home so I was feeling a bit down and needed to get out of the house. Having no idea what the missions were gonna be, I threw together a list on battlescribe and then for shits and giggles I threw in a land raider I had recently acquired from the bits bin. It has bad ass Inquisitorial forge world doors, how could I not get it???

Here's what I came up with
Grand master w/psykotroke, rad, blind, incinerator. (I went full cheese, sorry internet)

Vindicaire (Brought him out of retirement. He's still not quite worth 145 points imo)

Purifiers x 5 w/2 x psycannon, 3 halberds Razorback w/ heavy bolters, psybolt
Purifiers x 5 w/2 x psycannon, 3 halberds Razorback w/ heavy bolters, psybolt
Purifiers x 5 w/2 x psycannon, 3 halberds Razorback w/ heavy bolters, psybolt
Strike Squad x 5 w/psycannon
Purifiers x 8 w/warding staff, daemon hammer, 2 incinerators, 4 halberds, psybolt (worthless upgrade btw)

Dreadnought w/2xtwin-linked autocannon, psybolt
Land Raider! - godhammer pattern w/psybolt, awesome doors upgrade!

Not the most exciting or innovative grey knights list to ever come out of anyone's brain, but it was fairly effective at getting the job done. And I got to use the Grand Strategy for something other than scoring in 2 of the three games!

Game 3 - Dawn of War deployment, BAO mission

His list (sorta)
Striking scorpions x 6 w/exarch, biting blade, shadowstrike
Banshees x 9 w/exarch, executioner, war shout, wave serpent w/twin linked EML
Dire avengers x 5 w/exarch, bladestorm, diresword
Dire avengers x 6 w/exarch, bladestorm, defend, PW, shimmershield
Pathfinders x 6
Gaurdian jetbikes x 3 w. shuriken cannon
Guardians x 11 w/warlock, embolden, EML
Guardians x 11 w/warlock, embolden, EML
War Walkers x 3 w/double scatter
Wraithlord  w/bright lance, wraithsword
Falcon w/bright lance, holo-field, stones

That's a pretty close approximation at least. I didn't get his list down exactly. On to the game!

I roll my grand strategy and decide to make my dreads score since he has more troops than me. He gets the roll to go first and puts a full squad of guardians and Eldrad across the middle line to keep me away from him as well as the pathfinders. He outflanks his scorpions and reserves his bikes.  I start a Razorback with dudes and crowe on the board 18" away from him. I keep the assassin and the strike squad in real reserve to outflank and deep strike respectively. He then redeploys his guys into cover with divination. Tech!

His turn 1, all his stuff rolls on and he spots my razor with something or other and immobilizes it. There goes my searchlight plan. He takes up position in the ruins and hides his tanks from return fire. I roll all my stuff on turn 1 and try to spot, but nothing can see anything. The LR moves up 12 behind a ruin. The pruifiers get out of their immobilized ride to try and get shots, but they fail.

His turn 2, he moves up slightly and positions his guys to try to gunline me. Combined shooting on his turn kills a couple purifiers, crowe, and puts some damage on the razor back. His scorpions come in on my right hand side where my dreadnought and CnC objective are. They pistol his back (because I'm bad) and then assault him. The exarch gets a punch and a glance, but I only take a shaken and weapon destroyed. On my 2, I move the depleted purifiers to help out the dread, but they get a 1, 1 to move through terrain. The land raider moves up into his grill and pops smoke. I fire most everything at his falcon in an attempt to reduce his chance of killing it (as he hasn't moved the wraithlord into a threatening position yet.) and manage to stun it through the holo-field. The rest of my shooting goes into war walkers, but they make all there cover saves.

His 3, he gets his bikes in and they turbo up my right side to try and get my CnC objective. The wraithlord moves up to get a shot on the land raider, but I cover it with smoke. The guardians take out a razorback, exposing purifiers. The walkers then shoot the crap out of them. Killing a couple more. The scorpions get another glance on my dread and I do nothing to them. On my 3, I move the land raider fully up into his grill and the contents spill out in between eldrads squad and the wraithlord in a decent multi-assault pattern. My shooting is a bit reduced, but I kill all the guardians from Eldrads squad with fire! He fails his morale, but re-rolls with embolden and is cool. I get the multi-assault into terrain just barely and get crappy results on my psycho-troke grenades. I do end up getting hammerhand off and wrecking the wraithlords face and killing the warlock. Which forces Eldrad to make another morale test and he falls back! I can't chase since I have the Grand master, but I consolidate close enough that he will fall back again.

On his 4, we have a bit of a rules argument on whether eldrad can cast spells while falling back or not. I let him as it won't have too much of an impact, but if anyone knows for sure one way or the other, then let me know. But he dooms my purifiers from the raider and fortunes the other guardians and then falls back off the table. He bails his banshees, avengers and yriel out of their rides and then gets ready to lay the hurt on my boys. He shoots them up with most of his firepower and I lose all but the staff, hammer and two halberds. The GM takes a wound as well. He shoots down my purifiers on the left with his bikes and puts more pain into another unit with his walkers. He then charges in with both squads and I cast hammerhand, cleansing flame to kill some guys, oh and I roll a '2' for each charging unit... At this point, my opponent is pretty pissed as his huge counterattack just got ruined by my 15 point piece of wargear...  he gets his one attack per model and kills a halberd, but I end up wiping the banshees and the avengers+yriel fail moral and fall back. On my 4, I split the purifiers and GM. The strike squad comes in to threaten his other avengers/pathfinders and I move my other purifiers up to try and get on the objectives. The other dread moves to help out his buddy and shoots down the bikes. The strike squad kills a couple avengers, but they hold. The Grand master roasts a war walker and the purifiers kill a couple guardians. Then in assault, the GM runs into the walkers, the purfiers take out the guardians, and the dread finally kicks down a scorpion... And he fails morale!!! This was a back breaking turn for him!

On his 5, he doesn't have much left so he makes to contest the objectives as best he can. He rams my last razorback, but it just gets immobilized in front of the objective. The falcon tries to blast the purifiers down but misses. That pretty much seals the deal for him unless the game continues. I move some dudes around and kill some of his avengers in shooting and assault, and try to take down the serpent in case it goes to 6. But it doesn't! I win with all three victory conditions! Massacre!

When the dust settled, I ended up taking first overall since there was some funkiness on the other top table. soft scores helped me out a bit as the other top guys didn't really have painted armies. And they're dicks! Ha, take that Soldado! Flame war, on!

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