Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6th Edition Orks - Battlewagons are better!!

With all the leaks and information on the net about how hull points will work, the new vehicle damage table, disembarking and the new charge rules it's time to look at how it will all affect our beloved Battlewagons.
Thats the part we care about right?
First and foremost, glancing doesn't roll on the damage chart anymore!! FUCK YA! I have lost too many Wagons too bolt pistols in the rear... so dumb.

We do know that disembarking will be out of the vehicle + movement, so everyone gets out up to 6 inches away. We also know that Fleet (on the Waagh!! turn) will let us re-roll the charge dice. The average of 2D6 with re-roll is 8. So we have effectively avoided any penalties associated with the "Assault Nerf 2012."

We will have 4 hull points, which is as many as a Landraider, so we should be pretty durable, but time will tell on how this change overall will affect vehicle durability. We do know that obscured is now a 5++ save so we did lose a little in regards to the KFF we usually have. But on the upside, it only takes 25% to become obscured, so we are now easier to hide!! I think this will bring the end of the 85 point KFF Mek tax of running Wagons and open that slot to other choices. (Possibly a warphead for MORE WAAAGHH!!!)

Overall I am very excited about the changes and I think that, over all Battlewagon's are better. I haven't seen anyone list any info on tank shocking, not enough orks in these Q&A sessions I guess.


  1. Well, if big meks can repair hull points, you will definitely still want one. But now you can take one with a shokk attack gun and snap fire that mofo!

  2. Dont forget also since tanks can go 12 in the movement and 6 if u dont want to shoot in the shooting phase... so that means that the battlewagon just got faster

  3. and don't forget the red paint!

  4. I wish someone would leak how tank shocking will work.

  5. Remember when I wrote this and I was wrong as fuck.



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