Friday, June 29, 2012

6th psychic powers: Could be good? Part 2

The psychic powers list has been leaked! I covered the loyalist Marine codexes in part 1, so here's the follow-up with the xenos scum and traitors! 
Don't drink the kool-aid!

Here are the powers again for easy reference.

Biomancy - Space Marines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Tyranids
Smite: R12" s4, AP2, Assault 4
Iron Arm: The psyker gets D3 str and toughness and eternal warrior
Enfeeble: A target unit get -1 str and toughness
Endurance: A target unit get FNP, it will not die, and relentless
Life Leech: Assault 2 str6 ap2. If it causes an unsaved wound, the caster heals one
Warp Speed: The Psyker get +d3 init and attacks as well as fleet
Haemorrhage: A target model makes toughness test or take 1 wound no save. If slain, it jumps to model with in 2' and make test. Continue until someone saves or no targets left.

Divination - Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Grey Knights, Eldar
Prescience: Friendly unit within 12" rerolls failed hit rolls(not sure if in combat or shooting or both)
Foreboding: The psyker and it's unit gain counter attack and get full BS for overwatch
Forewarning: A friendly unit gains 4+ invuln save
Misfortune: A target unit must reroll passed saving throws
Perfect Timing: The psyker and unit ignore cover
Precognition: The psyker rerolls failed failed hits, wounds and saving throws
Scrier's Gaze: The psyker may roll 3 dice and choose the result you want when rolling for reserves, outflank and mysterious terrain

Pyromancy - Space Marines, Dark Angels, Grey Knights, Chaos Space Marines, IG
Flame breath: Heavy flamer, Soul blaze
Fiery Form: The psyker gains 4+ invo, +2 str, cc attacks have soul blaze
Fire Shield: A target unit gains 4+ cover save against non-melta, non-soul blaze attacks. Any unit charging a fire shielded unit takes 2d6 str4 AP- hits
Inferno: R24", Assault 1 str4 ap5, soul blaze, blast, ignore cover
Spontaneous Combustion: R18". A target model takes 1 wound , no armor or cover save allowed. If the model is removed, place small blast template anyone hit takes a str 4 ap 5 hit that ignores cover
Sunburst: Nova, R6" Assault 2d6 str4 ap5, blind, ignore cover
Molten Beam: Beam, Str 8, ap 1 assault 1, melta

Telekinesis - Space Marines, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Grey Knights, Chaos Space Marines, IG, Tyranids
Assail: Primary - R18" Str 6 AP- Assault 1, Strikedown (halves init and target moves as if its dangerous terrain)
Crush: Roll 2d6 target takes hit equal to strength (11 or 12 auto-wound or auto-punch) ap - d6
Gate of infinity: Remove models from table, deepstrike within 24 inches of where they were
Objuration Mechanicum: A hostile unit must reroll to hit and to wound rolls of 6
Shockwave: R12", Str3, AP- Assault D6 pinning attack
Telekine Dome: Target unit within 12" get 5++ invuln save against shooting. Any successful save can be redirected to an enemy within 6"
Vortex of doom: R12", Str 10, heavy 1 blast

Telepathy - Space Marines Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Chaos Space Marines, Eldar, IG, Tyranids

Psychic Shriek: R12" Target a unit, roll 3d6 and subtract the units LD. The unit suffers wounds equal to the difference. Armor and cover saves cannot be taken
Dominate: R24". Target unit must pass a ld test every time they attempt to move, shoot, run or charge
Mental Fortitude: Target friendly within 24" stops falling back and gets fearless
Puppet Master: R24" A hostile model makes a shooting attack as if it owned by psyker

Terrify: Target hostile losses fearless and treats all units as fear causing. Unit takes a morale check
Invisibility: A unit within 24" gains shrouding and stealth. Hostiles charged by this unit lose counter attack and fight at WS 1
Hallucination: Target a unit within 24" and roll on table 1-2 unit pinned, 3-4 cannot run, shoot or stirke blows 5-6 attack own unit

Let's talk about these powers on a codex by codex basis
Tyranids - Genestealers with powers from biomancy are scary. They can already have FNP, but it will not die and the possibility of enfeeble and any sort of shooting makes this the broodlords power section of choice. Invisibility and objuration mechanicum are also quite good on that unit. 
The Hive tyrant might want to look into the shield power and protect his base. This is a huge buff for nid players who don't have easy access to invuln saves. The powers that the Tyrant can take are rarely cast, so getting something that isn't a shooting power will help him a lot. Speaking of the dome power, this is also really good on a Tervigon.

Eldar - I'm not sure if warlocks can trade powers, but if they can then they may be receiving quite a buff. A warlock with Embolden is 30 points. 30 points to toss around hallucination, embolden, or misfortune is quite a threat. I don't think any of these are going to replace fortune, guide or doom but Eldrad can take up to 4 powers, so that leaves him with a good replacement for eldritch storm. I'm kind of disappointed that Eldar only get access to the two schools.  They are supposed to be the most psychic race ever and they can't use pyro? Even though they already have a power that's the same as the primary power in that tree? I dunno, seems weird that they get the least of the races that can get powers.

IG -I'm not really sure if any of this is going to make a difference in any IG lists. I've never seen anyone play a primaris psyker, but if psychic battle squads can get these powers, then you may see people taking multiple PBS's and combining terrify and weaken resolve. This can be a pretty effective way to dislodge trouble units.

Chaos Space Marines -Are any of these powers better than Lash? No, not really. But some of them are better than bolt of change, so you might see people running some of these powers in thousand sons squads. Gate of infinity could be pretty boss and all of the fire powers are good. I think with overwatch, 1kSons are pretty scary to charge at with anything MEQ or above. There might be a resurgence of Tzeentch Daemon Princes as well. The ability to cast multiple of these powers and potentially get invisibility on a squad of khorne berserkers or chosen with the mark of Khorn is pretty key. 

All in all, I think these powers will provide a much needed buff to some of the older codexes.  The newer ones already come with pretty good powers so I'm not sure how much switching is going to go on there.  I think of all the codexes, Tyranids, Dark Angels, and possibly Blood Angels get the most here. Most of the codexes where psykers are common have staple powers and none of these are immediately obvious replacements. 

Don't get me wrong, they are good. I just don't see anyone taking any of these over null zone, doom, guide, fortune, Lash of submission, wings of sanguinus, or unleash rage.


  1. Thanks for the good read Dok, but if I am not mistaken the WD made is sound like you could either keep your powers or trade them all in for the new ones but you can mix the new powers. If doesn't sound like you can mix new and old powers on the same caster. IE: Eldrad will either have only the old powers or only new powers.

    What is your take on it?

    1. If that's the case, then there's no reason to take the powers on Eldrad. The powers above are just a worse variation of doom, fortune, and guide. It might be worth it to take a second farseer to get some of the other support powers depending on what kind of list you are fielding.

      The Eldar powers are just too strong to give up imo.

  2. Great point about broodlords. I never used them in the past, but now I think I will give them a shot. I am thinking biomancy would give the best boosts for the Genestealers.

    1. Teleporting genestealers are pretty scary. Also, so is a teleporting swarmlord!

  3. In the new WD, it specifically says only Farseers (and Eldrad) can take the new powers - no swapping for Warlocks. But I agree, I'm excited for Tyranids in the new edition. Zoeanthropes in particular will be more useful now, since they'll almost certainly be better at support (especially with telepathy) than they were with their so-so gun. I wonder if they'll get two powers (since the gun had two forms which had unique names) or just one.

    1. Yeah, according to the rulebook, they are mastery level 0. That's sad news.

  4. I think the big deal here is going to be as allies. Eldar are battle brothers with Tau, I think I could use Tau that have Overwatch at full BS. Add some rerolling to hit, the 5 up cover save, and firewarriors might be good.

    1. The battle brothers Allies are going to be clutch. especially since some of the older choices have the potential to be updated soon. It adds a whole other dimension to codex releases.


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