Thursday, June 28, 2012

6th psychic powers: Could be good?

The psychic powers list has been leaked and while it isn't complete... There's at least enough info to make snap judgements! The more I hear about 6th edition the more I wobble back and forth on if I will play it at all or not.

Well, I mean... I know I will... Because I am weak of will and like rules. However, if after no one else plays the game anymore, I'm not having any fun...

THEN, I might put it down until people play again :)

But until I actually get the rules in my hand, there will be speculation!

Here's a look at the powers themselves and the codexes that can use them.

Biomancy - Space Marines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Tyranids
Smite: R12" s4, AP2, Assault 4
Iron Arm: The psyker gets D3 str and toughness and eternal warrior
Enfeeble: A target unit get -1 str and toughness
Endurance: A target unit get FNP, it will not die, and relentless
Life Leech: Assault 2 str6 ap2. If it causes an unsaved wound, the caster heals one
Warp Speed: The Psyker get +d3 init and attacks as well as fleet
Haemorrhage: A target model makes toughness test or take 1 wound no save. If slain, it jumps to model with in 2' and make test. Continue until someone saves or no targets left.

Divination - Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Grey Knights, Eldar
Prescience: Friendly unit within 12" rerolls failed hit rolls(not sure if in combat or shooting or both)
Foreboding: The psyker and it's unit gain counter attack and get full BS for overwatch
Forewarning: A friendly unit gains 4+ invuln save
Misfortune: A target unit must reroll passed saving throws
Perfect Timing: The psyker and unit ignore cover
Precognition: The psyker rerolls failed failed hits, wounds and saving throws
Scrier's Gaze: The psyker may roll 3 dice and choose the result you want when rolling for reserves, outflank and mysterious terrain

Pyromancy - Space Marines, Dark Angels, Grey Knights, Chaos Space Marines, IG
Flame breath: Heavy flamer, Soul blaze
Fiery Form: The psyker gains 4+ invo, +2 str, cc attacks have soul blaze
Fire Shield: A target unit gains 4+ cover save against non-melta, non-soul blaze attacks. Any unit charging a fire shielded unit takes 2d6 str4 AP- hits
Inferno: R24", Assault 1 str4 ap5, soul blaze, blast, ignore cover
Spontaneous Combustion: R18". A target model takes 1 wound , no armor or cover save allowed. If the model is removed, place small blast template anyone hit takes a str 4 ap 5 hit that ignores cover
Sunburst: Nova, R6" Assault 2d6 str4 ap5, blind, ignore cover
Molten Beam: Beam, Str 8, ap 1 assault 1, melta

Telekinesis - Space Marines, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Grey Knights, Chaos Space Marines, IG, Tyranids
Assail: Primary - R18" Str 6 AP- Assault 1, Strikedown (halves init and target moves as if its dangerous terrain)
Crush: Roll 2d6 target takes hit equal to strength (11 or 12 auto-wound or auto-punch) ap - d6
Gate of infinity: Remove models from table, deepstrike within 24 inches of where they were
Objuration Mechanicum: A hostile unit must reroll to hit and to wound rolls of 6
Shockwave: R12", Str3, AP- Assault D6 pinning attack
Telekine Dome: Target unit within 12" get 5++ invuln save against shooting. Any successful save can be redirected to an enemy within 6"
Vortex of doom: R12", Str 10, heavy 1 blast

Telepathy - Space Marines Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Chaos Space Marines, Eldar, IG, Tyranids

Psychic Shriek: R12" Target a unit, roll 3d6 and subtract the units LD. The unit suffers wounds equal to the difference. Armor and cover saves cannot be taken
Dominate: R24". Target unit must pass a ld test every time they attempt to move, shoot, run or charge
Mental Fortitude: Target friendly within 24" stops falling back and gets fearless
Puppet Master: R24" A hostile model makes a shooting attack as if it owned by psyker

Terrify: Target hostile losses fearless and treats all units as fear causing. Unit takes a morale check
Invisibility: A unit within 24" gains shrouding and stealth. Hostiles charged by this unit lose counter attack and fight at WS 1
Hallucination: Target a unit within 24" and roll on table 1-2 unit pinned, 3-4 cannot run, shoot or stirke blows 5-6 attack own unit

Let's talk about these powers on a codex by codex basis
Space Marines - Space marine Libs aren't exactly known as CC beasts and none of these powers will really change that with maybe the exception of fiery form. The SM lib will most likely still want to take null zone, so another shooting power or buff to complement this would be ideal. You will probably want to focus on telepathy or telekinesis as they provide buffs that suit the SM style of play. You may want to take a pyro lib if you are playing a Vulkan List, but that seems like a niche.
The real thing to consider here is, do you take the epistolary upgrade? Some of the higher powers are pretty good and the ability to lay down a null zone and a terrify (for example) could be clutch when facing purifiers, daemons, or Deathwing termies (Which will be making a huge comeback IMO).

Speaking of which...
Dark Angels (Deathwing)- Dark Angels libs start at a lower LD which is kinda crappy. But they also come with a board wide hood atm, so their defense is unmatched. The DA lib will be receiving a huge buff with these powers because their current powers are so terrible. Ezekial especially can benefit from the pyro tree. He has a good amount of CC potential and is buffed by being attached to a deathwing command squad. Divination also gives them a bit of a combat buff with the potential to re-roll hits and have the enemy re-roll saves. The more units your termies are mowing through, the better for you!

Space Wolves - Space wolves have all the powers they need. F them :)

Blood Angels - Two words. 
Half the powers in biomancy make Mephiston even more of a beast. FNP, it will not die, EW, life leach? Sounds like something I want on my Meph. BA libs are more combat oriented, but I'm not sure you would want to exchange any of their powers for the ones here. Maybe invisibility as that's a huge buff for an assault squad.  I am also kind of excited to possibly take telekine dome on my lib dreads. That is quite a bit better than shield of sanguinus and could potentially reflect melta guns.

Grey Knights -Some of the buffs could be good for the Lib, but the powers that they can buy are already pretty ridiculous so I'm not sure who's going to be swapping out. Gate of infinity is actually pretty awesome with the summoning in a paladin list. That helps you get around the mobility limitation those lists have. Foreboding also makes charging a pally unit even scarier. 
I see most of these powers helping out the paladin and terminator builds and as we know 2+ armor got a pretty big buff. So expect to see a lot of silver terminator bodies on the table. As well as a lot of Justicar Thawn. His ML 2 is now going to let you have three powers in the terminator squads. That's nuts. 

I'm gonna cover 'nids, Eldar, IG and Chaos tomorrow afternoon, so make sure to check back in!


  1. Note, from what I understand of the new Psychic powers, if you want to use any of them you need to forgo ALL of your book powers. So no mix/match. This is on a per model basis however, so you could double up (or quad up! at 2k+) and swap only 1/2 your powers that way.

    I am excited to take a new look at Ezekiel. While it lack of invulnerable save is still going to be a liability, he can now discount normal power weapons (thanks to 2+ armor) and play a much larger force multiplier role (To go with his board wide Ld10 PH). Real excite, might even get me back into 40k.

  2. Fiery form puts him nearly on par with Mephiston. And gives him an invuln. That's hot. (see what i did therrr)

  3. I'm not sure about the all or nothing nature of swapping. In the new WD battle report, the Daemon Prince has both Bolt of Change (codex power) and Molten Beam (new power). Also, it specifically says (albeit perhaps wrongly, as apparently WD has been wrong before) that for the GK, only Librarians and Inquisitors can swap their existing powers for new ones.

  4. just wondering still if this is going to limit say, gk libbies to two random powers out of their book or they're just still going to be able to buy them at 5 points a pop as many as the can afford.


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